Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Due to Sequestration, ICE Frees Hundreds of Non-Felonious Detainees in a Budget-Saving Move!

We can thank Republicans for the Sequester on Friday. This started in 2011 when they refused to raise the debt ceiling. Even though raising the debt ceiling "for funds we already spent" was never held hostage before, Republicans insisted on a guarantee of payment – this resulted in the Sequester recommendation. Now that the Sequester is here, some Republicans are attempting to blame the President for this recommendation. They must think that WE THE PEOPLE have short memories.  The President and Senate Democrats have proposed a balanced approach to resolving this crisis, but once again, Republicans REFUSE to even consider it.
The debt ceiling arguments in mid-2011 caused a HUGE DROP in the stock market. We can expect the same with Sequestration on Friday.

While some Republicans bellyache about cuts to the over-bloated Military Budget, Sequestration will have a particularly harmful effect on Minorities, the Elderly, Children and the Middle to Lower Income Americans.
The first to be impacted will be:

1.       The Unemployed: Those who have been on unemployment benefits for over six months may lose some or all of their continuing benefits. Additionally, Workforce Development programs will be reduced or cut.  Jobs Creation and Infrastructure Rebuilding Programs: Funds may be cut. Programs stopped.

2.       The Poor: Housing Programs: Section 8 programs cut. Home Energy Assistance, including winter heat bills programs cut. Cuts to WIC, Food Stamps, Nutrition Programs for Children Cut.

3.      Middle to Lower Income Employees: Federal, State, City Jobs -- Expect Teachers, Firefighters, Policemen and Border Security layoffs.

4.       Education: Student Loans programs cut. Financial Aid programs cut. School Programs from Head Start to College Mentoring programs cut.

In addition to these cuts, in preparation of the impending Sequestration, starting last Thursday, Federal Immigration officials have released hundreds of non-felonious criminal detainees from immigration detention centers around the country. The move has been put in place to save money as automatic budget cuts loom in Washington. (One positive  aspect to the Sequestration that Republicans will surely hate!)


Anonymous said...

Since when did you care about unemployed Americans? You big phoney! If you really cared about them your would advocate for the removal of illegal aliens from our country so that Americans could have their jobs back!

These detainees may not have committed a felony but they are still lawbreakers and yet you are applauding their release?

Our national security should be a priority with any president but instead Obama tells us that our borders will be less secured if he doesn't get his way with the sequester? Never should our budget be cut that jeapardizes the security of our nation yet you idolize a president who would do such a thing just to get his way?

Anonymous said...

So these lawbreakser are just little Dora the Explorers? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama has the flexibility and leeway to make targeted cuts but doesn't want the responsibility for making those choices. So, he's blaming the Republicans, who sent two bills for recommended cuts to the Senate and both were rejected, with no counter recommendations coming from the Democrats. There IS a lot of waste that could be cut, and there's a lot of overlap between various agencies where extra money is sitting around. Plus, don't forget we still reportedly have some $200B in stimulus money that hasn't been used. (Or has it, and we haven't been told? Maybe that went the way of Social Security funds from that famous "lockbox".)

John Boehner says White House 'trying to play games' - Kevin Cirilli - POLITICO.com

I think this administration is so out of control that they want to hurt us all so badly that we will accept anything and everything they want. Releasing prisoners ahead of Sequestration is just one example. I wouldn't be surprised if all the things Obama threatened were on his secret "things-to-do-if-I-don't-get-my-way list".

Dee said...

Yes. They are Doras and Diegos. They are non-felonious detainees. They've never been charged for any crimes. They are held in these vermin infested detention centers, many for years and years.
Now the Doras and Diegos will be Fee at Last to await CIR.

Dee said...

I wonder what you would do if your mother or wife was "detained" without charges for YEARS in an unknown, vermin infested location with no contact with family, for a Civil Violation like not have her Car Insurance papers with her. Doesn't your Mom have to abide by "Rule of Law?"

Dee said...

The President (who You disrespect) has made several proposals, however you and yours continue to protect the Rich 1%.
I don't understand why you continue to support the rich 1% agenda when most of you are on social security and medicare -- you're socialists and don't know it and you are against your own basic needs!

Vicente Duque said...

Dee said :

"I wonder what you would do if your mother or wife was "detained" without charges for YEARS"

That is a very intelligent idea Dee, we have to evolve to Empathy and Sympathy to other human beings that are suffering.

Many prosecutors try to wake up the Juries : "What if the victim of rape or murder was your daughter, sister, wife, mother ??"

Only when people think of what they love can they wake up to feelings for the distant "The Other" and "The Otherness".


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