Monday, May 28, 2007

"Majority-Minority" Status and the ANTIs Last Stand

In 2007, the census bureau announced the US population at 300M with 100M consisting of minorities, Hispanic (44M), Black (40M), Asian (15M), Other minorities (5M). Four states and the District of Columbia are “majority-minority.” Hawaii leads (75%), District of Columbia (68%), New Mexico (57%), California (57%) and Texas (42%).

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts in 2050 America will become a “majority-minority” nation.

Numerous ANTI Immigration groups have formed. These groups are fearful, others angry, by the change in demographics in our nation. They say the population shift is caused by public policy. They are particularly upset by the Immigration Act of 1965 and what they term “the collapse of law enforcement against illegal immigration.” They say this has resulted in the destabilization of the U.S. demographic balance. Their statisticians report in 2005 the white population grew by .26%. The minority population grew by 2.42%. They project the “majority-minority” will occur in 2038.

These groups are particularly angry with the rate of Hispanic immigration. Combined with the 12M illegal immigrants said to be in this country, they fear the take-over will occur prior to 2038.

Their sites across the internet are screaming “Stop Immigration Now!” They theorize, if immigration were completely cut off, the date at which minorities would become the U.S. majority would be post-poned to the 22nd century. They also speculate if immigrant birthrates begin to decline to the white rate, the “majority-minority” may never occur at all. That is their hope.

These groups are against any Comprehensive Immigration Reform other than Mass Deportation, for obvious reasons. They are standing hard and strong against it. Many feel this is their last stand.

Friday, May 25, 2007

ANTIs are in a FRENZY over CIR

The ANTIs are in a frenzy and are rallying their troops. They are in fear that Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) will pass. Go to any of their websites. Listen to any of their radio shows. (Wait, I´ll save you the effort and I will do it so you won´t have to!)

They are on a tirade. One site I frequent is on a particular surge. Here is what they are saying:

Here are the traitors: (list of Senators who support CIR) THESE SENATORS ARE NOW ON RECORD AS FAVORING AMNESTY AND REWARDS FOR 12-20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS. If your state is on this list, you have your work cut out for you. Please do not let any of the Senators off the hook. They voted NO on the Vitter amendment.
“We all must email or call the xxx Republican Party and let them know how we feel about Sellout Senator xxx

The members respond like Sheep:
. Done !!
. I just spoke with them and the lady who answered
. Its done!

. Yes, thanks for the list. I will forward to everyone I can think of. I have never felt such intense anger and resolve. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!
. Do we need to keep calling senators that are not there and don't care? Do we need to continue to fax people who will not be there and could care less? Please tell us where we really need to focus over the next two weeks!!
. Through this next week while the snakes are on Memorial Day break, please try to go your local Senator's offices or find out about townhall meetings with them in your area and attend. If you can not do either, call local office. There are several threads with suggestions as to how to handle conversations on the Discussion Forum.

You have to give the ANTIs one thing. They are good at rallying their troops. They are good at finding people who can be blindly led. They are a small group of very angry people. Yet they are very vocal. Each member makes hundreds of calls, faxes hundreds of form letters and sends hundreds of form emails. Each member posts the links to Immigration polls and urges their counterparts to submit their ANTI votes hundreds of times. They instruct their members how to do this.

The politicians and media have caught on to this. They know these small groups are trying to overwhelm the discussion with their deluge of bogus emails and faxes.

They don´t have a solution. Their solution is Mass Deportation or remain status quo. Their leaders know the former will never happen and the latter will keep their groups in place. Their leaders seek power and attention and as long as the status quo continues, they will have it.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is wanted and needed in our Country. The vast majority of the American Public knows and understand this. It is time that we let our voices be heard. Let´s resolve this issue and stand united!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ANTIs Comprised of Strange Bedfellows

ANTIs are compromised of very strange bedfellows. They were born from Tanton´s rallying cry, his groups carrying their message across the AM Radio dial. ANTIs range from Elitists who want to chase "3rd worlders" out of their neighborhoods, to "Tanton environmentalists" who cite Mass Immigration concerns, to Construction Contractors who lose money by holding to their principles and not hiring illegal immigrants, to nativists who had their hearts broken in marriage scams. They include legal immigrants who are slighted because others may not have to wait in line and they include some kkk, aryan nation and stormfronters. Unfortunately the Tanton crowd, with their deep pockets, zealot DJs, free faxes and form letters have successfully influenced the media and Congress.

Many people are extremely impressionable when they are afraid. They become easy to enlist in the name of almost any agenda. In the current post 9/11 environment, the Tanton crowd has worked to instill more Fear in the American Public. They have successfully raised the level of fear regarding Immigrants (both legal and illegal) in this country so we are in the agitated state about Immigration we are in today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ANTI IMMIGRATION Godfather John Tanton

John Tanton is the godfather of the ANTIs. He has been credited for creating the modern ANTI-immigration, English-only and Nativist political movements in the United States. Over the past 30 years, he has managed to create a network of think tanks, advocacy groups and fund raising organizations that not only shape public opinion, but public policy. His experts testify before Congress. He formed F.A.I.R., NumbersUSA, ProAmericanPAC,etc.

Non peer reviewed reports and studies by his various groups are used to formulate legislation. His pundits appear in all forms of media to pontificate and propagandize. (ex: Ira Mehlman is a frequent pundit on Lou Dobbs or Tucker Carlson shows.) His websites provide their members Free FAX Services and Form Letters to Congress & the Media. By his own admission he says, "I would certainly have no reservations about claiming credit for being the guy secretly manipulating U.S. immigration policy."

John H. Tanton, M.D. is a retired eye surgeon from Petoskey, Michigan, the founder of U.S. English, the founding chairman of ProEnglish, and publisher of The Social Contract Press, serving as editor for its first eight years. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and University of Michigan Medical School.

Tanton considers himself an ardent conservationist and advocate for the environment. His belief that continued human population growth was a large part of world environmental problems led him to chair the National Sierra Club Population Committee (1971-1974), and to the national board of Zero Population Growth (1973-1978, including a term as president, 1975-1977). In 1979, as immigration became the primary source of U.S. population growth, Tanton organized the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) based in Washington, D.C. Tanton also founded, along with a few other FAIR board members, a group called WITAN -- short for the Old English term "witenagemot," meaning "council of wise men."

In 1986, Tanton signed a memo that went to WITAN members that some believed went too far in its characterization of Hispanics saying Latin American immigrants brought a culture of political corruption with them to the United States, and that they were unlikely to involve themselves in civil life. He raised the alarm that they could become the majority group in U.S. society. He asked: "Can homo contraceptivus compete with homo progenativa?"

According to Tanton, "In California 2030, the non-Hispanic Whites and Asians will own the property, have the good jobs and education, speak one language and be mostly Protestant and 'other.' The Blacks and Hispanics will have the poor jobs, will lack education, own little property, speak another language and will be mainly Catholic.“

Furthermore, Tanton raised concerns about the "educability" of Hispanics. In 1988, the media published this Tanton memo, which caused a number of former supporters of U.S. English to cut ties with the organization, including Walter Cronkite and eventually its director Linda Chavez, who went on to become an analyst with the Center for Equal Opportunity. John Tanton would also resign from U.S. English over the controversy.

Hispanic Citizen Boom contributes to ANTI´s Immigration Fears

One of the reasons ANTIs are nervous is the Hispanic citizen population boom in our country. Last week the Census Bureau reported Hispanics are the nation's largest minority with 44M citizens. They also said Hispanics account for almost half the growth of the US population. This rate of growth is expected to continue over the next several decades as the "white" population, with the aging Boomers, will be much less.

I post frequently on an ANTI-PRO discussion board. One of the members shared her concern about this when we were discussing a Ruben Navarette article titled: Immigration Anxiety is cultural.

The ANTIs wrote they fear Hispanic citizens will not assimilate and they will continue to speak Spanish.

Here is my response:
We have 44M Hispanic citizens in this country, all citizens. That is what the census bureau is reporting and that is the topic of Ruben´s column. We have every right to be here as does every other citizen in this great country of ours. This is not about illegal immigration although some of the ANTIs try to bring this into the equation. Thank you Marjorie, for telling us the truth. It is about the Citizens who are Hispanic, particularly those of us who have ancestors who were from Mexico.

As far back as I can remember, and much before that, Anglos have called us Mexican or Mexican Americans. When I was younger, I often questioned this, "Mommy, why can´t we be Americans too?" Growing up, people always asked me, "What are you?" I would say "American." But they would keep asking "what are you? what are you?" They would continue until I finally said "Mexican or Mexican American."

You cannot deny racism exists in this country. Thank Heavens for the Civil Rights movement. Otherwise we still could not eat in the same restaurants, stay at the same hotels, drink from the same water fountains or use the same restrooms, as my Father suffered. We didn´t separate ourselves. The Anglos separated us out and wanted us to serve as indentured servants. That is why you see so many Mexican Americans in the service industry, working in Hotels, Restaurants, and landscaping, serving the man. When the majority of us were serving you, you didn´t care if we spoke Spanish, as long as we stayed subservient. This country condoned this separatism from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo until the new millenium.

The census bureau has been saying for decades the rate of Hispanic citizens was growing and by the new millenium, we would be the largest minority. Tanton, the ANTI godfather (Tanton´s famous quote: Hispanics are uneducatable) has been preaching this since the 60´s. That´s why he formed FAIR, NumbersUSA and his other groups, to stop this growth. His groups initially rallied to stop the Hispanic citizen growth. His groups gained momentum when the Immigration bureau told us the rate of illegal immigrants was at the 11M level. His groups raised their rallying cry after the May Marches of 2006. Tanton´s groups have jumped on the illegal immigration issue and captured the attention of the American Public as a backdoor way of getting more members to support their cause.

I believe the issue to resolve IS NOT how to stop the rate of Hispanic citizens in this country. The issue IS, how do WE help all of our citizens obtain Education, Careers and Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We need to stop checking those census ethnicity boxes as we all become more multi cultural and just plain Americans.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gullible Tucker Carlson Knows Nothing About Immigration Issues

The majority of PROs support:
. Secure Borders
. Employer Sanctions
. A viable Guest Worker program that supports our Country’s needs, especially since we are in the midst of a severe labor shortage.
. An earned path to citizenship for the 11M to bring them out of the shadows, especially since most have been productive in this country for 5+ years.

What the majority of PROs DO NOT support:
. Illegal Immigration
. Amnesty

The ANTIs often misrepresent the PRO´s viewpoint with their Ad Hominem attacks.

What bothers me is the Media. Today on Tucker Carlson´s show he was bantering with an ANTI spokesman. They were conjecturing about Mexican Americans. They were rolling the same 1970´s video footage of mulleted illegal immigrants wearing striped and flowered shirts hopping the border fence.

The ANTI said, “There are many Mexican American citizens that are on our side on this Tucker.” Tucker responded, “Of course there are. Who would be for Illegal Immigration?” Neither of these yahoos had a clue about the Immigration issues. This is what the American Public sees. This is what they hear to form their opinions. Pitiful!!

The ANTI-Immigration (legal, illegal) Glossary

Have you ever read an ANTI blog? Have you ever listened to "ANTI Speak" on the radio or on the Cable News Channels? Try listening for a while. Hear their words. Then ask yourself, “Are ANTIs Racists and Xenophobes?”

ANTI Glossary:

3rd World Country: Any neighborhood with a high rate of Hispanics. (legal or illegal)

3rd World Invasion: Immigrants (legal or illegal) coming from any non European Country is considered 3rd world.

14th Ammendment: ANTIs say Mexicans misuse this amendment for their anchor babies (see term below). They want the amendment changed to say citizenship is only granted to the children of citizens, not illegal immigrants who birth their children here. ANTIs say this ammendment was originally established for African Americans, not Mexicans.

Amnesty: Anything short of Deportation (mass or self, as long as the 12M leave the country)

Anchor Babies: ANTIs say Mexican pregnant women run across the American border to deliver babies so the babies become their Anchor. ANTIs believe Mexicans will then use the babies to sponsor them for citizenship, therefore the term “Anchor Baby.”

Assimilation: English with NO Accent. Adopting middle class, northern European tendencies.

Deterioration of US Culture: ANTIs often reminisce about their childhoods and their lives in Mayberry, USA. They say we are not a multi cultural society. We should be a melting pot and all should assimilate to the Northern European model. They say the influx of immigrants from 3rd world countries will destroy our US Culture. Many ANTIs believe this is their last chance to “take their country back.” That is why they are fighting so hard for No Amnesty & Rule of Law. Their only solution is Deportation.

John Tanton: credited for single-handedly creating the modern anti-immigration, English-only and Nativist political movements in the United States. Over the past thirty years, he has managed to create a network of think tanks, advocacy groups and fund raising organizations that not only shape public opinion, but public policy. Groups include FAIR, NumbersUSA, ProAmericaPAC, etc. His experts testify before Congress. Bias Reports and studies by his various groups are used to formulate legislation. His websites provide their members Free FAX Services and Form Letters to Congress & to the Media. By his own admission he says, "I would certainly have no reservations about claiming credit for being the guy secretly manipulating U.S. immigration policy." Tanton is well known for his infamous quote, “Hispanics are uneducatable.”

Gumball Theory: Opposition to Mass Immigration is an ANTI leading argument. This argument indicates the MASS IMMIGRATION of immigrants (legal or illegal) will result in the US population growing to 400M by 2050 with a majority of Hispanics. This will have severe impacts on the environment, land availability and deterioration of US Culture. NumbersUSA posted a video on You Tube titled “the Gumball theory” which illustrates the ANTI view of the negative impacts of Mass Immigration.

Michelle Malkin: a right wing media pundit who has defended internment of Japanese-Americans (and other ethnic minorities) during World War II; defended racial profiling today, has several factual inaccuracies, distortions, and misstatements in her books and is a gaining attention for herself by championing the ANTI cause.

Messyco: Derogatory term for Mexico. The key to this word is “Messy.” ANTIs view Mexicans and Mexican Americans as dirty, illiterate 3rd Worlders.

Mexifornia: California with a majority of Hispanics (legal and illegal). They are starting to use Mexas for Texas. Same reason.

Reconquista: The false ANTI notion to scare the American Public into thinking Hispanics (legal or illegal) want to reclaim the American Southwest to Mexico.

Rule of Law: ANTIs leading argument is “rule of law.” They believe all illegal immigrants are guilty of felonies vs civil violations. This is because many ANTIs do not know nor do they understand Immigration Law.

Traitors: Any citizen that is not an ANTI. (The PROs)

Traitor Politicians: Any politican that supports comprehensive immigration reform or any solution other than mass deportation.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My 1st Immigration Blog: ANTI vs PRO

Immigration, immigration, immigration. Go to any cable news channel and it’s their first topic. The pundits are babbling. Words are flying in several directions. Across the screen, they replay the same old file footage of illegal immigrants crossing the border fence. By the looks of it, the footage appears to be from the 1970´s. I say this because of the mullet haircuts and the striped and flowered shirts they wear. On my last trip to a border town, the couture of the natives was much more fashionable and up-to-date than mine. No one would be caught hopping a fence wearing such do’s or old-fashioned wardrobe nowadays.

The pundits´ burble catches your attention again. From Lou to Tucker to O´Reilly, there is nary a Pro anywhere in sight. The American public only hears the blathering of a very few ANTI guests like Pat Buchanan, busy pushing his latest book. You can see the dollar signs in his pupils as he vehemently spits his spew on poor Chris Matthews. No wonder the American public is tilting towards the ANTI view.

I find the ANTI and PRO perspectives very interesting.

ANTI Profile: American. The majority are Anglos. (Anglos = white, Northern European ethnicity). Viewpoint: The majority advocate Deportation (mass or self) of the illegal immigrants in this country. Anything short of Deportation is termed Amnesty by the ANTIs. Many call for a 2000 mile southern border fence. There are a few legal immigrants and minorities within their groups, but not many. There are a few politicians that support them, not many. There are hundreds of ANTI websites across the internet. There are hundreds of ANTI radio shows across the country. ANTIs tend to be very angry. They try their darndest to get African Americans to join forces with them citing their uncorroborated claim the 12M drag down the minimum wage. The ANTIs tend to forget the deep alliances between the two ethnic groups which were forged over the previous four decades when they marched together for civil rights. Some of the Worst Terms the ANTIs use: 3rd World Country, Mexifornia, return to American Values.

Pro Profile: There are many, many PRO groups. Each group has a different motivation and they rarely rally together. The largest group is Hispanic Americans. The ethnicities vary and include: Mexican, Central and South American, Cuban, Puerto Rican and more. The majority of PROs who post on the internet are from this group. Other Minority groups include Asian, Southern European, Middle Eastern, African. I only see their posts when I search the international sites. Other PRO groups who also rarely post include: Churches and Humanitarian groups, Businesses that prosper from sales to the 12M (e.g. Banks, Insurance Companies, Retail, etc.) Businesses experiencing Labor Shortages that hire the 12M (e.g. Farming, IT, Construction, Contractors, Retail, etc), Politicians with reasons to support the 12M (e.g. enhance Globalization, running for office, etc). And, of course, the illegal immigrants themselves. The majority of PROs who do post tend to have the following views: They advocate secure borders, sanctioning employers and comprehensive immigration reform (because the current program is broken). The biggest difference between the ANTIs and the PROs is, the PROs advocate a path to citizenship for the 12M, particularly since most of the 12M have worked and contributed to this country for +5 – 20 years.

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