Monday, May 21, 2007

My 1st Immigration Blog: ANTI vs PRO

Immigration, immigration, immigration. Go to any cable news channel and it’s their first topic. The pundits are babbling. Words are flying in several directions. Across the screen, they replay the same old file footage of illegal immigrants crossing the border fence. By the looks of it, the footage appears to be from the 1970´s. I say this because of the mullet haircuts and the striped and flowered shirts they wear. On my last trip to a border town, the couture of the natives was much more fashionable and up-to-date than mine. No one would be caught hopping a fence wearing such do’s or old-fashioned wardrobe nowadays.

The pundits´ burble catches your attention again. From Lou to Tucker to O´Reilly, there is nary a Pro anywhere in sight. The American public only hears the blathering of a very few ANTI guests like Pat Buchanan, busy pushing his latest book. You can see the dollar signs in his pupils as he vehemently spits his spew on poor Chris Matthews. No wonder the American public is tilting towards the ANTI view.

I find the ANTI and PRO perspectives very interesting.

ANTI Profile: American. The majority are Anglos. (Anglos = white, Northern European ethnicity). Viewpoint: The majority advocate Deportation (mass or self) of the illegal immigrants in this country. Anything short of Deportation is termed Amnesty by the ANTIs. Many call for a 2000 mile southern border fence. There are a few legal immigrants and minorities within their groups, but not many. There are a few politicians that support them, not many. There are hundreds of ANTI websites across the internet. There are hundreds of ANTI radio shows across the country. ANTIs tend to be very angry. They try their darndest to get African Americans to join forces with them citing their uncorroborated claim the 12M drag down the minimum wage. The ANTIs tend to forget the deep alliances between the two ethnic groups which were forged over the previous four decades when they marched together for civil rights. Some of the Worst Terms the ANTIs use: 3rd World Country, Mexifornia, return to American Values.

Pro Profile: There are many, many PRO groups. Each group has a different motivation and they rarely rally together. The largest group is Hispanic Americans. The ethnicities vary and include: Mexican, Central and South American, Cuban, Puerto Rican and more. The majority of PROs who post on the internet are from this group. Other Minority groups include Asian, Southern European, Middle Eastern, African. I only see their posts when I search the international sites. Other PRO groups who also rarely post include: Churches and Humanitarian groups, Businesses that prosper from sales to the 12M (e.g. Banks, Insurance Companies, Retail, etc.) Businesses experiencing Labor Shortages that hire the 12M (e.g. Farming, IT, Construction, Contractors, Retail, etc), Politicians with reasons to support the 12M (e.g. enhance Globalization, running for office, etc). And, of course, the illegal immigrants themselves. The majority of PROs who do post tend to have the following views: They advocate secure borders, sanctioning employers and comprehensive immigration reform (because the current program is broken). The biggest difference between the ANTIs and the PROs is, the PROs advocate a path to citizenship for the 12M, particularly since most of the 12M have worked and contributed to this country for +5 – 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Anti's see Pro's as basically disloyal because they appear to support foreign interests instead of domestic labor.

Anonymous said...

You sound so defensive. I too am Mexican AMERICAN and you do not speak for me. This country will become Mexico Norte if the influx
of illegals is allowed to continue.
You sound like you are more loyal to Mexico than the United States.

Anonymous said...

You don't speak for me. I am a Mexican American who unlike you thinks of the United States as my country, not Mexico.

Anonymous said...

You two didn't even bother to read the blog or have failed to comprehend it.

ultima said...

I thought you said your mother was born in Mexico.

ultima said...

ultima said...

Dee said, "Anything short of Deportation is termed Amnesty by the ANTIs. "

And so it is by at least one definition. This begs the question of whether amnesty should be granted under certain circumstances to a limited number of illegals rather than indulging in mass legalization. So let's call amnesty with conditions , the primary one being demonstrated need by employers who have made a good faith effort to hire citizens to no avail.

Anonymous said...

I am an American hispanic and will VOTE 100% against this invasion of ILLEGAL ALIENS!

You are a stupid idiot if you think most American Hispanics support illegal aliens JUST because they are hispanic. They are destroying our lives, country, schools and cities.


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