Friday, May 25, 2007

ANTIs are in a FRENZY over CIR

The ANTIs are in a frenzy and are rallying their troops. They are in fear that Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) will pass. Go to any of their websites. Listen to any of their radio shows. (Wait, I´ll save you the effort and I will do it so you won´t have to!)

They are on a tirade. One site I frequent is on a particular surge. Here is what they are saying:

Here are the traitors: (list of Senators who support CIR) THESE SENATORS ARE NOW ON RECORD AS FAVORING AMNESTY AND REWARDS FOR 12-20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS. If your state is on this list, you have your work cut out for you. Please do not let any of the Senators off the hook. They voted NO on the Vitter amendment.
“We all must email or call the xxx Republican Party and let them know how we feel about Sellout Senator xxx

The members respond like Sheep:
. Done !!
. I just spoke with them and the lady who answered
. Its done!

. Yes, thanks for the list. I will forward to everyone I can think of. I have never felt such intense anger and resolve. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!
. Do we need to keep calling senators that are not there and don't care? Do we need to continue to fax people who will not be there and could care less? Please tell us where we really need to focus over the next two weeks!!
. Through this next week while the snakes are on Memorial Day break, please try to go your local Senator's offices or find out about townhall meetings with them in your area and attend. If you can not do either, call local office. There are several threads with suggestions as to how to handle conversations on the Discussion Forum.

You have to give the ANTIs one thing. They are good at rallying their troops. They are good at finding people who can be blindly led. They are a small group of very angry people. Yet they are very vocal. Each member makes hundreds of calls, faxes hundreds of form letters and sends hundreds of form emails. Each member posts the links to Immigration polls and urges their counterparts to submit their ANTI votes hundreds of times. They instruct their members how to do this.

The politicians and media have caught on to this. They know these small groups are trying to overwhelm the discussion with their deluge of bogus emails and faxes.

They don´t have a solution. Their solution is Mass Deportation or remain status quo. Their leaders know the former will never happen and the latter will keep their groups in place. Their leaders seek power and attention and as long as the status quo continues, they will have it.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is wanted and needed in our Country. The vast majority of the American Public knows and understand this. It is time that we let our voices be heard. Let´s resolve this issue and stand united!

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