Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The ANTI-Immigration (legal, illegal) Glossary

Have you ever read an ANTI blog? Have you ever listened to "ANTI Speak" on the radio or on the Cable News Channels? Try listening for a while. Hear their words. Then ask yourself, “Are ANTIs Racists and Xenophobes?”

ANTI Glossary:

3rd World Country: Any neighborhood with a high rate of Hispanics. (legal or illegal)

3rd World Invasion: Immigrants (legal or illegal) coming from any non European Country is considered 3rd world.

14th Ammendment: ANTIs say Mexicans misuse this amendment for their anchor babies (see term below). They want the amendment changed to say citizenship is only granted to the children of citizens, not illegal immigrants who birth their children here. ANTIs say this ammendment was originally established for African Americans, not Mexicans.

Amnesty: Anything short of Deportation (mass or self, as long as the 12M leave the country)

Anchor Babies: ANTIs say Mexican pregnant women run across the American border to deliver babies so the babies become their Anchor. ANTIs believe Mexicans will then use the babies to sponsor them for citizenship, therefore the term “Anchor Baby.”

Assimilation: English with NO Accent. Adopting middle class, northern European tendencies.

Deterioration of US Culture: ANTIs often reminisce about their childhoods and their lives in Mayberry, USA. They say we are not a multi cultural society. We should be a melting pot and all should assimilate to the Northern European model. They say the influx of immigrants from 3rd world countries will destroy our US Culture. Many ANTIs believe this is their last chance to “take their country back.” That is why they are fighting so hard for No Amnesty & Rule of Law. Their only solution is Deportation.

John Tanton: credited for single-handedly creating the modern anti-immigration, English-only and Nativist political movements in the United States. Over the past thirty years, he has managed to create a network of think tanks, advocacy groups and fund raising organizations that not only shape public opinion, but public policy. Groups include FAIR, NumbersUSA, ProAmericaPAC, etc. His experts testify before Congress. Bias Reports and studies by his various groups are used to formulate legislation. His websites provide their members Free FAX Services and Form Letters to Congress & to the Media. By his own admission he says, "I would certainly have no reservations about claiming credit for being the guy secretly manipulating U.S. immigration policy." Tanton is well known for his infamous quote, “Hispanics are uneducatable.”

Gumball Theory: Opposition to Mass Immigration is an ANTI leading argument. This argument indicates the MASS IMMIGRATION of immigrants (legal or illegal) will result in the US population growing to 400M by 2050 with a majority of Hispanics. This will have severe impacts on the environment, land availability and deterioration of US Culture. NumbersUSA posted a video on You Tube titled “the Gumball theory” which illustrates the ANTI view of the negative impacts of Mass Immigration.

Michelle Malkin: a right wing media pundit who has defended internment of Japanese-Americans (and other ethnic minorities) during World War II; defended racial profiling today, has several factual inaccuracies, distortions, and misstatements in her books and is a gaining attention for herself by championing the ANTI cause.

Messyco: Derogatory term for Mexico. The key to this word is “Messy.” ANTIs view Mexicans and Mexican Americans as dirty, illiterate 3rd Worlders.

Mexifornia: California with a majority of Hispanics (legal and illegal). They are starting to use Mexas for Texas. Same reason.

Reconquista: The false ANTI notion to scare the American Public into thinking Hispanics (legal or illegal) want to reclaim the American Southwest to Mexico.

Rule of Law: ANTIs leading argument is “rule of law.” They believe all illegal immigrants are guilty of felonies vs civil violations. This is because many ANTIs do not know nor do they understand Immigration Law. http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/ts_search.pl?title=8&sec=1325

Traitors: Any citizen that is not an ANTI. (The PROs)

Traitor Politicians: Any politican that supports comprehensive immigration reform or any solution other than mass deportation.

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