Monday, May 28, 2007

"Majority-Minority" Status and the ANTIs Last Stand

In 2007, the census bureau announced the US population at 300M with 100M consisting of minorities, Hispanic (44M), Black (40M), Asian (15M), Other minorities (5M). Four states and the District of Columbia are “majority-minority.” Hawaii leads (75%), District of Columbia (68%), New Mexico (57%), California (57%) and Texas (42%).

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts in 2050 America will become a “majority-minority” nation.

Numerous ANTI Immigration groups have formed. These groups are fearful, others angry, by the change in demographics in our nation. They say the population shift is caused by public policy. They are particularly upset by the Immigration Act of 1965 and what they term “the collapse of law enforcement against illegal immigration.” They say this has resulted in the destabilization of the U.S. demographic balance. Their statisticians report in 2005 the white population grew by .26%. The minority population grew by 2.42%. They project the “majority-minority” will occur in 2038.

These groups are particularly angry with the rate of Hispanic immigration. Combined with the 12M illegal immigrants said to be in this country, they fear the take-over will occur prior to 2038.

Their sites across the internet are screaming “Stop Immigration Now!” They theorize, if immigration were completely cut off, the date at which minorities would become the U.S. majority would be post-poned to the 22nd century. They also speculate if immigrant birthrates begin to decline to the white rate, the “majority-minority” may never occur at all. That is their hope.

These groups are against any Comprehensive Immigration Reform other than Mass Deportation, for obvious reasons. They are standing hard and strong against it. Many feel this is their last stand.

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