Saturday, June 9, 2007

IMMIGRATION Games: Bill Fails, ANTIs Rejoice!

Now that the Comprehensive Immigration Bill appears dead, I´ve been thinking about “What is next.”

I´ve visited the ANTI websites. They are rejoicing. They believe they were responsible for stopping the bill. They believe their clogging up the emails, faxes and phone lines of Congress and the Media with their form letters and scripted calls defeated the bill.

Frankly, I agree with them.

This small minority of Americans, those with specific agendas, those looking for power, and those with hidden agendas are responsible for this bill´s failure, not the vast majority of the American public. Dobbs was their guy, as well as a few other AM Radio shock jocks.

I visit the ANTI sites and now they are saying “now that we beat the bill, what next?” Their fearless leader is saying the ANTIs are going on the offensive now. They are going to bash Congress with their chain emails, faxes, etc again. This time they are going to try to force Mass Deportation. They are going to try to force jailing employers. They are going to force challenging the 14th amendment. They are going to try to force stopping of all services to the 12M. Their fearless leaders are saying they are tired of being on the defense.

Their fearless leaders want power, and hate and anger.

Now that they believe they have a little power, we will see what these zealots will do next.

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