Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Study the Immigration Issues and Know the Facts

I encourage everyone to study the Immigration issues and visit the Immigration websites.

For some of you that have responded, please go to the ANTI websites and view their rhetoric for yourselves. Then come back and discuss them with me.

Share with me how you feel it is more American to be ANTI and please leave your email so we can dialogue.

Read about the Minutemen:

Try Stormfront at their website

Try YouTube



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention:


Anonymous said...

The radical fringe elements on neither side had much effect on the outcome of the cloture vote. It was the reasonable, loyal, moderate citizens that carried the day with congress. Why is it so hard for you to admit this rather than trotting out all the radical organizations that no one pays any attenion to? It is called bias.

Anonymous said...

Your Minuteman web link is to a liberal watch group who seeks to spin and make everything ANTI's are doing and/or saying into spin for their benefit. Stormfront, a white pride group. YouTube has many choices to choose from on both sides of the lines. VDare is an op-ed website now.

You call these the ANTI sites.... my, my, my....

Should ANTIs then compare you PRO's to www.mexica-movement.com, or how about the Aztlanists on the www.chicanoforums.com, etc.

What about your pathetic rhetoric? Talk about someone having an agenda.

I suggest you study the issues and the impacts of "illegal Immigrants" from all races, and locations in the USA.

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