Thursday, May 24, 2007

ANTIs Comprised of Strange Bedfellows

ANTIs are compromised of very strange bedfellows. They were born from Tanton´s rallying cry, his groups carrying their message across the AM Radio dial. ANTIs range from Elitists who want to chase "3rd worlders" out of their neighborhoods, to "Tanton environmentalists" who cite Mass Immigration concerns, to Construction Contractors who lose money by holding to their principles and not hiring illegal immigrants, to nativists who had their hearts broken in marriage scams. They include legal immigrants who are slighted because others may not have to wait in line and they include some kkk, aryan nation and stormfronters. Unfortunately the Tanton crowd, with their deep pockets, zealot DJs, free faxes and form letters have successfully influenced the media and Congress.

Many people are extremely impressionable when they are afraid. They become easy to enlist in the name of almost any agenda. In the current post 9/11 environment, the Tanton crowd has worked to instill more Fear in the American Public. They have successfully raised the level of fear regarding Immigrants (both legal and illegal) in this country so we are in the agitated state about Immigration we are in today.

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