Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gullible Tucker Carlson Knows Nothing About Immigration Issues

The majority of PROs support:
. Secure Borders
. Employer Sanctions
. A viable Guest Worker program that supports our Country’s needs, especially since we are in the midst of a severe labor shortage.
. An earned path to citizenship for the 11M to bring them out of the shadows, especially since most have been productive in this country for 5+ years.

What the majority of PROs DO NOT support:
. Illegal Immigration
. Amnesty

The ANTIs often misrepresent the PRO´s viewpoint with their Ad Hominem attacks.

What bothers me is the Media. Today on Tucker Carlson´s show he was bantering with an ANTI spokesman. They were conjecturing about Mexican Americans. They were rolling the same 1970´s video footage of mulleted illegal immigrants wearing striped and flowered shirts hopping the border fence.

The ANTI said, “There are many Mexican American citizens that are on our side on this Tucker.” Tucker responded, “Of course there are. Who would be for Illegal Immigration?” Neither of these yahoos had a clue about the Immigration issues. This is what the American Public sees. This is what they hear to form their opinions. Pitiful!!

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