Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teaparty Racists Scream Violence, Guns and Mass Deportation at John McCain's Town Hall Meeting

At John McCain's Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, the teaparty right wing came out of the closet and spewed their hateful racist attacks against the 11M here. One Wild Haired wacko screamed, "Why don't the army stop them.. because the only thing that stops them... is a GUN!" Another skin-headed Anti-Latino extremist shouted, "Cut off their welfare and all their STUFF and they'll go back!"

I think we all knew it was only a matter of time before the Republican teaparty base would rebel against Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It is just as I predicted. Republicans are coming out of their closets and speaking out against Immigration Reform that includes any type of legalization for the 11M here, including for the Dreamers.

Initially, right after the election, Republicans were in SHOCK. Their Leaders, wailing about Romney's loss, shook their heads when they saw how dramatically they lost the minority vote, particularly the largest and fastest growing minority, Hispanics. Republican pundits were all over cable news channels and Talk Radio saying, "We need to do something to get the Hispanic Vote! They are the largest growing minority. We need them." Pundit after pundit said, "We need to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and we will get their vote back." They lifted up their token Latino onto their shoulders and said, "We will make Marco Rubio our Savior and he will lead the charge in passing Immigration Reform." Talk Radio came on board. Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, Michael Medved and others started joining the chorus, urging Rubio on as their token leader in putting together their version of Immigration Reform. Racist callers on Talk Radio starting calling in, demanding "Racial Profiling" BORDER SECURITY be the 1st step. The next thing you know, the Talk Radio pundits start talking about "Border Security 1st." Then their Golden Boy Rubio starts demanding "Border Security" first. We ALL KNOW that Border Security 1st = RACIAL PROFILING.

Now, the HATERS are starting to headline Talk Radio. Yesterday, I heard Mark Krikorian on Bill Bennett's radio show. Krikorian is an Infamous Right Wing Racist Extremist who often talks about Mass Deportation and "Rule of Law." Bennett and Krikorian were talking about Latinos being "born takers" and most wouldn't vote for Republicans anyway (just as stated in the National Review Op-Ed). He warned that another "amnesty" would destroy America.

Latinos. What we are seeing is Republicans in a war against themselves, against their own racist base which is actually 37% of their base. This base drove much of the Teaparty agenda.

I almost feel sorry for Republicans. They are a party against themselves. The teapartiers are motivated by the KKK of the past. They are motivated by the White Supremists of the previous century. They have nowhere to go but to face their own demise. They neither want to know nor do they want to understand that our Country is EVOLVING into a Beautiful Multicultural Society.

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VIDEO : Rick Perry's Dog Life : after his Memory lapses in the Republican Primaries he is now chastened, persecuted, followed by an army of hecklers and disgruntled Texan Mothers that want Medicaid Expansion - Perry is now a red fox in a British hunt

Mitt Romney found his Waterloo in a fundraiser in Boca Raton Florida, and Rick Perry is having a horrible time in a Houston Fundraiser. Republicans, beware of Bad Surprises in Fundraisers
A Lady : "Te vamos a perseguir Rick, donde tu vayas" ... "We are going to follow you Rick, wherever you go !"

Perry No Care Comes to Washington 2-22-13

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Soundbites in order of appearance 1 Deyadria Trevino/ Houston Mother No Healthcare 2. Latoya White Houston Mother with Sickle Cell - No Healthcare 3.Durrell Douglas Texas Organizing Project 4. Yvonne Monterro Mother of Four Washington DC 5 Jordan Estevao - National Peoples Action

Texas, nick named "The Lone Star State," now stands true to its namesake as the last state refusing to accept billions of lifesaving Medicaid Expansion dollars from the federal government. Just one day after Florida Governor Rick Scott accepted funds that will cover poor, uninsured in his state, Texans are following Perry to a fundraiser to tell him to accept the federal dollars.

Hard working, uninsured Texans from Houston and Dallas will protest and rally outside The National Republican Capitol Hill Club where a fundraising breakfast sponsored by the Texas State Society honoring Perry will take place.

Perry No Care Comes to Washington 2-22-13


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