Thursday, January 31, 2013

National Review's RACIST ATTACK against Latinos and My Response to Them!

The Editors of the National Review wrote an Op-Ed about the proposed Immigration bills being proposed. Their editorial was AWFUL. Here's the LINK, but don't get too angry.
In a nutshell, they said about Latinos, "While many are in business for themselves, they express hostile attitudes toward free enterprise in polls. They are disproportionately low-income and disproportionately likely to receive some form of government support. More than half of Hispanic births are out of wedlock. Take away the Spanish surname and Latino voters look a great deal like many other Democratic constituencies. Low-income households headed by single mothers and dependent upon some form of welfare are not looking for an excuse to join forces with Paul Ryan and Pat Toomey. Given the growing size of the Hispanic vote, it would help Republicans significantly to lose it by smaller margins than they have recently. But the idea that an amnesty is going to put Latinos squarely in the GOP tent is a fantasy."
Please don't get too angry.
Here is my response to the National Review. I wonder if they have the GUTS to print it:

Dear Editors,

Your analysis in this op-ed regarding why Latinos did not vote Republican is ludicrous.
I am a Mexican American. My family has lived here over 200 years. I am a business woman. I have worked over 40 years of my life. So much for your "takers" theory.

Your editorial proves you have no clue as to why Americans of Hispanic Descent, such as me, are in support of Immigration Reform and why I voted for President Obama.

We Latino Citizens are over 55 million strong, yet people like you demagogue us.

I support CIR because I am tired of people like you, people like Sheriff Arpaio and Gov. Brewer and FAIR, NumbersUSA, Kris Kobach, John Tanton and others treat us like second class citizens.

Your vision of "Rule of Law" is to allow rogue law enforcement like Arpaio, to treat us like 2nd class citizens. You cheer him as he raids sleepy towns like Guadalupe AZ, allowing his ski masked volunteer posse to conduct "Suppression Sweeps" to Latino children in a Confirmation Mass.

Jan Brewer said, "I don't know what an Illeegal looks like." Sharon Angle told a class of Latino students, "You all look Asian to me."

When we say we oppose racial profiling bills like sb1070, your supporters say "If you were truly American, you would accept all of this racial profiling because YOU FIT THE PROFILE." Even one of your icons, Bill Bennett said this. (plus Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.)

When an undocumented Latino is involved in a DUI, you indict us all. We are ALL Guilty.

We are continually demonized by your cohorts. FAIR, Numbers USA, the Heritage Foundation, CIS, National Review, Alipac and so many other right wing groups and websites.

Yet, my community has been quiet. We are hard working. We are Christian. We are humble. When you attack us, we remain humble. We accepted your chastisement. In the past, your groups weren't so obvious about your extremism and targeting against Latinos.

However, last election, your GOP Candidates decided to take a stand. It was obvious. You decided this was a crossroads election. You knew that our country's demographics were changing. We are rapidly evolving to a multi cultural society (Roy Beck's Gumball theory).

We are at a crossroads. Will America allow this change and accept that ALL are created equal? Or will we, from your perspective, RIGHT the Course and put minorities in their place. Will we limit Immigration to solely those with advanced degrees in Science, Math and Technology.

Your candidates, Romney, Santorum, Perry, all proudly spoke of their vision, along with their beliefs on wedge issues. They laid their agenda out there for everyone to see. Mass Deportation, Rule of Racial Profiling Law, etc. etc., everything you laid out here in your Op-Ed.

And guess what? The vast majority of Americans, and especially the Vast Majority of all minority Americans of EVERY ethnicity. SAID NO. In fact they said HELL NO! We don't support your right wing extremist, NON multi cultural Agenda!

We said, "Obama isn't perfect, but we sure as HELL do NOT support Racial Profiling, MASS Deportation, your ANTI Women, ANTI Gay agenda."

Now about your editorial here. You Doubled Down.

Do you really think we are all "illegals"? All 55M voter citizens? And why do you call people "illegals" anyway?? Why do YOU say we are "disproportionately
low-income and disproportionately likely to receive some form of government
support." I would ponder to say that I have a much higher income than many of your editorial bloviaters. As Robert DeNiro said, "Are you talkin' to me?"

I'm going to lay it on the line, right here for you, so that you and your young Editorial writers understand.

1. STOP your Damn Racial Profiling laws like sb1070. You yahoos call it "Border Enforcement." We call it what it is, RACIAL PROFILING. Just Stop It! This is the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE. WE ARE ALL EQUAL DAMN IT! (And put that racial profiler Arpaio and his hooded volunteer posse in Jail!)

2. ACCEPT the fact that we in the USA are becoming a Beautiful, Multi Cultural Society!

3. Understand that these Immigration Laws are restrictionist and based on the very first Immigration Law in America - the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Immigration Act of 1924. They are New to the 20th century and have NOT been in place since Columbus.

4. STOP using your "Rule of Law" rhetoric to impose restrictionist, racial profiling laws.

5. And one more thing. One of your most irritating lines in your op-ed was: "While many are in business for themselves, they express hostile attitudes toward free enterprise in polls," Let me ask, HOW OLD ARE YOUR EDITORS? or in other words "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" You are DEMONIZING an entire demographic. You make me shake just thinking about it!

We Latinos are like every other American in America. We work hard. We love our Families. We want to achieve the American Dream. AND, we will VOTE for whomever supports our rights as Americans!!

You Got It Now?

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American


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