Saturday, January 19, 2013

Republicans Using BAIT & SWITCH Policy to FOOL Latinos into Supporting Their Immigration Reform Plan!

The Republican Party is facing a self- imposed crisis. Their core base is comprised of extremists. They hate our President. They call him a Muslim. They call him a Kenyan. They call him a Socialist.  They don't acknowledge him as our President.

The political views of their constituents are extreme and often irrational – since many of them utilize the very programs they say they oppose. The say they want to privatize Medicare and Social Security.  They say they oppose Women’s Healthcare, including coverage of Birth Control products. They are Anti-Gay. They are PRO Assault Weapons and Large Ammo Clips. They are PRO War and Pro Torture. They watch Fox News and Glenn Beck. They are ANTI Comprehensive Immigration Reform and have frequently advocated Mass Deportation, Changing the 14th Amendment (Birthright Citizenship), Demand English Only and advocate stringent Enforcement Measures, including ICE Raids, Detention in Private Prisons and sb1070 racial profiling laws  -- similar to Arizona’s sb1070. They demand that Latinos accept these Racial Profiling measures and call Latinos Un American if we don’t support them.
Actually, NONE of their views are new. They’ve been around for centuries. They are the views of the Rich, Non-Minority Elitists. These viewpoints have been around since the Civil War. They’ve been around since the Chinese Exclusion Act.  They’ve been around since “Operation Wetback.” They’ve been around since Roosevelt and Johnson passed Social Security and Medicare. They’ve been around since Jim Crow.
The vast majority of Americans don’t feel this way. This was proven in the Last Election. The majority of Americans voted for President Obama. The majority of Americans know our President is American. They support Social Security and Medicare as they are and support Universal Healthcare. They demand Peace in our World. They are ANTI Assault Weapons and Ammo Clips. They support Gay Rights and Women’s Rights. They demand the END of Racial Profiling and want Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Republican Leaders are SAYING they need to change, so are their Think Tanks. However, WE MUST BE VERY LEARY OF THEIR INTENTIONS!
We Latinos have to be very careful right now. Are Republicans actually modifying their ideology? Or are they actually “Playing” us?  We can find the answer by going to the website for the Republican Party’s THINK TANK.

The Republican Party’s THINK TANK in Washington DC is called “The Heritage Foundation.”  The Mission of the Heritage Foundation is to: formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”
The Heritage Foundation has a very clear directive regarding Immigration Reform. Their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is the EXACT FORMULA of Marco Rubio’s Plan. They are opposed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform package and instead DEMAND a piece meal approach… ONE BILL AT A TIME. AND, it starts with Border Security which equals State “Racial Profiling” bills, ICE Raids and expanded eVerify.  It asks for STREAMLINING Immigration Reform for “Highly Skilled Workers.”  The only difference is, they demand MASS Deportation and don’t tip toe around any type of path for legal status, no matter how vague Rubio’s Bogus “Pathway to Legal Status” Plan is.

Let’s be Very Clear. Here is the Heritage Foundation’s recommendation for Immigration Reform. You can find it on their website:
Recommended Bills:
What they Really Mean:
Mass Deport. NO PATH to CITIZENSHIP EVER; change the 14th Amendment (No More Anchor Babies); English Only
Reform the legal immigration system
Increase the number of visas for "highly-skilled" workers from Northern European Countries.
Make immigration more responsive to the needs of the economy
Guest Worker Programs for Farm Workers and they will Never receive Citizenship or Legal Status (EVER)
Enhance border security efforts
Border Walls, Cameras, Border Security
Reinvigorate interior enforcement measures
e-Verify; ICE Raids; Racial Profiling; "Secure Communities" program; Detention Centers for Families
Recognize state and local authorities as responsible partners
Arpaio Suppression Sweeps, 287(g) programs; "Secure Communities" program

I ask for ALL LATINOS to go to the Heritage Foundation website and see their TRUE AGENDA for themselves.
There are NO PLANS for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In fact, they will NOT SUPPORT IT. Instead, they are USING Marco Rubio as a Stooge! An Uncle Tom! He is presenting his Piece Meal Immigration bill as a HOAX! To Blind Side Us! To make it SEEM as if they are supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform when they are NOT!

GO TO THEIR WEBSITE and see their True Agenda for Yourselves!
Their PLAN:
1.       BAIT & SWITCH: Pretend they support Comprehensive Immigration Reform when they actually are pushing a Piece Meal Mass Deportation and ICE Raid Worksite Enforcement Policy

2.       HINO Rubio and Cruz: Use Latino Incumbents to Push their Plans

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