Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will Our Medical Inventors Develop a Solution?

I have a recommendation for all of our Technology Gurus. Invent this:

Abortion Solution.
Let's look at Abortion.
A female wants an Abortion.
Why does she want an Abortion:
1. She was raped
2. She is under-aged.
3. She has no means of support
4. She is Ill and will Die if she has the Baby
5. She is broke. She has no husband. She has no way to support the Baby.

New Innovation: Develop a means for the fetus to be removed from the mother, incubated in an outside, artificial womb, then, when born, the child is put up for adoption.

In this way, the Mother is removed from the dilemma.
The child is born.
A child-less couple is able to Adopt the child.

I challenge all Medical Inventors to develop this Solution.

I don't believe this is too far fetched.
We may be close to a Solution.

Maybe we should ask our Medical Inventors to Develop this Solution.

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