Thursday, January 3, 2013

HINO Ted Cruz - Right Wing Tea Party Nut Job!

I've been reading a number of right wing websites proclaiming Ted Cruz as the next Tea Party champion. They believe that just because he has a Hispanic surname that Hispanics will support him


Cruz is a HINO -- Hispanic in Name Only. He supports sb1070, which is the racial profiling bill in AZ. He supports Mass Deportation. He supports every ANTI Latino bill. He is against Healthcare and Medicare. He is the worst of the worst. NO LATINO will EVER, EVER vote for him. So all of you far right wing extremists are just fooling yourselves when you believe he is your Saving Grace for Latinos. It is truly Sad that you believe that.


Anonymous said...

Barely into the New Year and the hate-filled, insulting blogger continues. You're beyond hope.

Anonymous said...

Think about this the next time you have to resort to childish insults in your blog topics:

This is a common tactic - and a very dishonest one.

If someone expresses an opinion that a liberal disagrees with - they will invariably post something along the lines that the holder of that opinion "hates" something.

Since hatred is universally held as an ugly and negative emotion - the only motive for the use of this word could be to shut down debate - instead of arguing something based on its merits.

The tactic is dishonest, mean-spirited, patheitc, fallacial, and almost exclusively used by liberals.

Why do liberals seem so afraid to engage in a discussion and instead use hyperbole and mischaracterization to frame the argument?

Anonymous said...

And this, you might learn something from it but I doubt it:

I have noticed the word "hate" being used quite frequently by the radical left to denigrate and silence opposition. While both sides spew insults and behave like children, I think the hate accusation is becoming the exclusive domain of the far, far left. To them, opposition to gay marriage automatically = homophobe, bigot, hater. Opposition to illegal immigration automatically = xenophobe, racist, nativist, Nazi. Opposition to abortion automatically = war on women, misogynist.

It's sad that civil discourse has become taboo. What happened to "we are all entitled to an opinion?" What happened to "let's agree to disagree?" I don't know if this gutter dialogue can be attributed to the dumbing down of America, immaturity, media influence, or what. While I hold strong views on some issues, such as illegal immigration, on most issues I am more moderate. But, regardless of my stance on the issues, I don't believe it is necessary to call my opponents nasty, childish names to support my position. I certainly wouldn't call anyone a "hater". How does simply holding an opposing view qualify a person for such a loathsome designation?

I used to enjoy debating issues. However, now, the mere act of disagreeing with the left routinely results in vile personal attacks and character assassination. It's pathetic. C'mon, are we adults debating issues, or kindergarteners playing in the sandbox, fighting over buckets and shovels?

Anonymous said...

The constant demonization of those who disagree with the Left agenda as evil, ignorant, bad, hateful stifles communication, compromise and progress.

Any ideology that stifles opposing views by whatever means is the seed of a dictatorship.
The impetus is already in place with laws which criminalize discussion of certain topics as 'hate' speech.

This country will never be brought down by a foreign nation, it will be brought down from within.

The Left breed hate against those who don't agree with them.
The Left slanders those who don't agree with them.

This is not a conspiracy - it is simply a wrong-headed tactic that only can destroy, not build, not create.

Anonymous said...

What are these racial profiling, anti-Latino bills that you speak of? Never heard of them. I do know that under sb1070 racial profiling is not allowed. Making false claims doesn't count.

Not all Hispanics are ethnocentric, racists such as you are and they do respect our immigration laws. You should try it some time.

Anonymous said...

Why do you lie so much? Show me one Republican who is against healthcare or Medicare. They may not like Obamacare and know that Medicare may need revamping to keep it solvent but to claim that they are against Healthcare itself and Medicare is nothing but a bald faced lie. Typical of you!

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