Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The President Provides a Few Details about his Impending Proposal for CIR

President Obama briefly spoke about Immigration Reform before a group of students in Las Vegas today.

The President didn't go into detail. He barely touched on the subject.
While I was hoping for more detail, here are the topics he touched upon.

The President's major point: If the bipartisan committee doesn't move forward quickly with their plan, he will quickly advance his own proposal, particular Directly to the American Public:

1.        Border Security
Boots on ground southern border. Stay focused
2.        Enforcement Efforts
Deportations at all time low
3.        Dreamer Policy
1.        Pathway to Citizenship
a.        Background checks
b.        Pay taxes & penalty
c.        Learn English
d.        Go to back of line ; not quick but fair
2.        Improve/update Immigration Process
a.        Streamline immigration
b.        Reduce backlog
c.        Fast track for best and brightest

Over the days ahead, I will provide a gentle comparison between the President's and the Group of 8's plan. All of the Latino Community is hoping they will work together and pass a workable CIR solution.

However my BIG ARTICLE later this week will be to provide you with the Far Right Extremists' strategy to attack BOTH Plans! These extremists have already laid out their devious course. ALSO, the KEY ARCHITECTS for their  heinous plans have already revealed themselves. Their cast of characters is long and deep. You already know who they are. Their strategy, however, is a bit unique and many in the media are unaware. It will be VERY FUN EXPOSING these FAR RIGHT Zealots,.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe it's gonna be a change for the persons married to American Citizens but having a " permanent bar" and not going through the consular process because they would be facing the 10 year ban ???

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