Monday, November 26, 2007

Tough New Laws Drive Businesses Out of Business

I am receiving several reports that businessess in locations that have imposed tough Immigration Laws are going out of business. Here are some examples:

Oklahoma: From

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Maxine Grider knows all too well how much her grocery store in south Oklahoma City relies on the area's Latino community to stay in the black. Since a state law that targets illegal immigrants went into effect almost one month ago, business at Grider's Discount Foods has been off between $50,000 and $75,000 a week. Retailers and employers whose success depends on Latino business and workers have felt the pinch since Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigrant law went into effect. Some undocumented immigrants have left the state and others are reluctant to venture outside of their homes. The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association says homebuilders have lost an estimated 10% of their work force. Business groups say changes are needed in the law to counteract its negative economic consequences.

Riverside NJ from the New York Times:

RIVERSIDE, N.J., Sept. 25 — A little more than a year ago, the Township Committee in this faded factory town became the first municipality in New Jersey to enact legislation penalizing anyone who employed or rented to an illegal immigrant. Angelina Guedes has owned a hair and nail salon in Riverside, N.J., for two years. It was nearly empty on a recent afternoon.
Within months, hundreds, if not thousands, of recent immigrants from Brazil and other Latin American countries had fled. The noise, crowding and traffic that had accompanied their arrival over the past decade abated. The law had worked. Perhaps, some said, too well. With the departure of so many people, the local economy suffered. Hair salons, restaurants and corner shops that catered to the immigrants saw business plummet; several closed. Once-boarded-up storefronts downtown were boarded up again.

In September, the town rescinded the ordinance, joining a small but growing list of municipalities nationwide that have begun rethinking such laws as their legal and economic consequences have become clearer. “I don’t think people knew there would be such an economic burden,” said Mayor George Conard, who voted for the original ordinance. “A lot of people did not look three years out.”


Do you think these tough new laws drive businesses out of business?


patriot said...

Just as I have been saying all along, illegal immigration is creating these businesses and driving this unecessary huge economy. Now it is coming to roost, and rightly so. Better to have a smaller economy that fits a smaller citizen or legal immigrant population. We would be better off in so many ways, especially down the road if our population doubles and triples because of illegal aliens and their high birthrates with no middle class left.

Dee said...

All uncorroborated generalities.

Where is your proof?

patriot said...

Much of it has to do with common sense of which you are sorely lacking. Ultima has provided some good points on this.

dianne said...

Employers caused this problem and employers will now pay the price. The costs of goods will only rise to the level at which they are not sustainable. With the housing downturn, for example, there are people out of work all over the country. I seriously doubt contractors will raise their prices in such a climate. In fact, the opposite is true.

Dee said...

Pat, There is proof and corroborating statements for the abuse in the Detention centers and the scams performed by the Minutemen regarding the fence. You say you don´t believe it until they are found guilty in court.

Now you say all you need is your assumptions and "common sense" to make these false accusations about the impact to the economy.

Most economists say they are a positive net impact to the economy and when they leave, this is what happens. Businesses are shut down and the economy is devastatingly impacted in those areas.

Dee said...

I agree with your statement "Employers caused this problem and employers will now pay the price." I also believe entire cities will be negatively impacted as these businesses go out of business and shut down.

Bernanke said Immigrants (legal and illegal) were a positive net impact to our economy and saved us from a recession.

If the majority of Americans want all 12M people to leave, they have to understand the implications, impact to our economy, look forward 3 years and not cry about it later when we are in the midst of a Recession or Depression.

Anonymous said...

There is going to be a recession and it has nothing to do with the illegals being deported or leaving
on their own.

patriot said...

No, dee you misunderstand me once again. It is true I won't believe anyone's guilt until proven in court. What I meant by common sense for example is what uncontrolled population growth is doing and will do to our country.

The economy isn't a priority to me, the above is. Illegal immigration via cheap labor has driven our over bloated economy. We don't need that. We will do just fine with a smaller economy that fits a citizen/legal immigrant population after the dust settles. Short term loss equals long term gain.

patriot said...

By the way, having undisputable facts along with common sense is what should drive our views.

Dee said...

I agree there will be a recession.
However, driving out the 12M and the reduction of new workers has had an impact on our economy.

Ask any of the impacted areas. Ask OK. Ask NJ. They are all in severe circumstances due to these laws. That is why they are rescinding these laws in NJ.

patriot said...

Yes, it will have an impact on our economy. We taxpayers won't have to foot the bill for illegal alien healthcare, education, etc. Therefore we will have lower taxes and more spendable income.

Any legitamate employer can hire Americans for a fair wage or legal immigrants for the vacated jobs. If they would rather have cheap illegal alien labor then let them go out of business. We don't need them.

Are you suggesting that these employers should be able to continue down the road of immorality and lawlessness so they can stay open?

Bob said...

Good for Oklahoma City and Riverside. If the feds won't enforce the law its up to the citizens to clean up our own communities.

Incidentally, around here American stores and American workers have almost zero unemployment and a boom economy.

Bob said...

Of course, without 20 million illegals we will get our housing back at fair prices, and won't have our other products being bid up and up. The housing market is already slowing as massive increasing population stops demanding more homes. It's a good thing. Send them all home where they belong.

Vote for Ron Paul.

tired said...

The way to put a end to this is simple. Cut all benefits to the illeagle immigrant, like welfare,housing,social security and medicare.This is costing tax payers about 333 Billion dollars a year,and buy law they shoulded be receving them. Fine all employers that hire them. When there is nothing left to keep them here illeagle they will go home on there own.

Dee said...

Will you check out the latest post ""It´s not Illegal Immigration, It´s the Economy ...! The Global Economy!"

I would be interested in your perspective of this post.

Anonymous said...

The comment attributed to Grider: the actual amount is grossly inflated - prove me wrong. I'm a family member who has talked to people that run the store. It's a bullshit quote from a very old store owner who was pissed off because she never wants to lose a single customer - illegal or otherwise. Greed, plain and simple.

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