Monday, November 19, 2007

Heinous Minutemen Leaders´ True Agenda

CNN reports former Minutemen Leaders are accusing Chris Simcox, Minuteman National Board Chairman, of fraud and grand theft. They charge Simcox has not accounted for millions of dollars of donations collected from Minutemen members for the High Tech Border fence he promised to build with donations. Simcox´ mental stability has also come under question and according to the Tucson Weekly he has a troubled past.
On her Nov. 11, 2007 blog, Christie Czajkowski, former girlfriend of San Diego Minuteman Chief Jeff Schwilk, supported the allegations about Simcox and extends them to Schwilk and Minuteman Leader Jim Gilchrist. She charges they "are professional money launderers, some have even already done time...I believe many more will when the truth comes out about the Gilchrist scandal."

Czajkowski said, "I was disgusted the lack of interest the leadership had showed in the many volunteers that had travelled so many miles."
Czajkowski continues with more serious allegations, "what I have come to see in many of these groups is that they have simply found a way to profit off the problem, not solve the problem. Many groups continue to encourage violence while screaming at people on the streets that can't change the laws, or even shooting at people and dogs on more than one occasion, even chasing people in Mexico and shooting them!" (Note: These three provide the Access (not axis) to all that is Evil!)
She is talking about MURDER!! We have all heard about the numerous dead (murdered) migrants on the border.
Christie continues: "Gee, I wonder if there was a reason these leaders wanted their sheeple to stay away from me...? Yes, there was a reason, but not the ones they made up. Moral of the nice to your vidoegrapher!"
Obviously Christie has videotapes. That is why Schwilk and others are demonizing her now!
As you read and understand all the allegations former Minutemen Leaders are making about Simcox, Gilchrist and Schwilk, keep in mind, there are several open allegations regarding their involvement in the California Fires. I wrote about them here and here. It is particularly important to study the Fire Map. How closely are the Minutemen leaders connected to John Alfred Rund? Remember, the fires happened during the Minutemen´s month long Operation Secure America rallies. Christie says she has implicating videos. Beyond the murders of the border crossers, does she also have video of Rund?
I ask all readers to read and study this information and Christie´s allegations. If you have any additional information, come forward with any documentation you may have regarding:

1. the "Gilchrist Scandal"

2. any videos showing illegal activity by these Minutemen Leaders or any minutemen.

3. any documentation or proof you may have regarding the Minutemen involvement in Border Murders.

4. any documentation or proof to John Alfred Rund and/or the California fires.

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Additional Articles about the MM Misdeeds:
At the time, the founder and president of MCDC, Chris Simcox, refused Al-Jazeera request to interview and film the Minuteman patrols on the border. “I’ll have no part in aiding and abetting the enemy, and will continue to work to protect our country from terrorists who are clearly looking at our unsecured borders as the pathway to destroy America,” he said in a June 2005 interview. “Would we allow Japanese or German television to film the unsecured border during World War II?” Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair added. “These people broadcast to the enemies of America. It’s not a news story, it’s recon.” But Al-Jazeera did not abandon the project, and finally negotiated an agreement with Simcox.


patriot said...

MM rescuing illegal aliens in the desert. Hope this link works.

Dee said...

Hal Turner promoted a survey on his website that asked, "What method of 'communication' would be best understood by members of the United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate so they know not to give ILLEGAL ALIENS Amnesty?"

The response options included, "Pull a fire alarm in the U.S. Capitol and Machine gun them to death as they evacuate?" (earning 22 percent of more than 1,000 votes, according to Turner); "Fire Bomb their District Offices as a warning; then their private homes if they go ahead with the plan?" (31 percent); and "Park several Timothy McVeigh type truck bombs next to the House and Senate Office Buildings and Detonate them?" (13 percent).

Members of the California-based, anti-immigration hate group Save Our State added their voices to the bloodthirsty chorus. "I see people with vans driving by, gunning them down on street corners, and leaving them to feed the buzzards and worms," wrote Save Our State activist "Cazamigrante" ("Migrant hunter"). Another Save Our State member posted, "Just a friendly reminder: There is no Brady Bill on bow and arrow. There is also no report or muzzle flash to give away position."

Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the "citizens border patrol" Minuteman Project, stopped just short of calling for his followers to pick up their guns.

"I'm not going to promote insurrection, but if it happens, it will be on the conscience of the members of Congress who are doing this," he told the Orange County Register ."I will not promote violence in resolving this, but I will not stop others who might pursue that."

Liquidmicro said...

You are arguing a 'Guilty by Association' against the members of the MM. Only the founders are to blame for the allegations of profiting off the problem. Although I do condemn the leaders, I DO NOT condemn the members, or the organization and its original intent.

Anonymous said...

can you respond to the Following post please?

Specifically, can you put yourself in the shoes of the following person - his grandparents were born in Mexico and moved to the USA legally. His parents were born in the USA. Then he was born in the USA.

He went to high school in Phoenix. Worked hard in high school. Followed all the rules.
He just didn't have the academic ability to go to college. Got out of high school and looked for a job in construction.

This person cares most about earning a living. He's not too political.

So today he sees a massive exodus of undocumented people from Arizona. He finds that there are hundreds of jobs competing for his attention. He finds wages for unskilled folks like himself going up.

He can afford to buy a house and raise a family on an unskilled worker's wages (not the nicest newest house, but a decent 4 bedroom place)

He finds that the public schools, which were previously overcrowded are now less crowded since so many undocumented people have left the state.

Dee, my question for you is, would this hardworking young man be happy that the undocumented workers are gone, or would he wish for them to return?

I guess what i am asking is, if you asked them in the privacy of their own homes, in an environment in which they could be honest with you, how many third generation Americans of Mexican descent would be thrilled with the law passed in Arizona?

Let me put it this way - many US citizens of Mexican descent that i know are uncommonly loyal to the USA - they serve in the military, the work for the police department, they work for the border patrol.

So my question to you, Dee, is, how much higher do you think the wages of the unskilled US citizen we are talking about here are? How much more in take home pay is he getting due to the Arizona law?

If we combine this increased pay with loyalty to the US, is that enough to win many people of Mexican descent over to the anti side?

ultima said...

I am severely disappointed in the leadership of the MM. Obviously they should have had a better system of financial control so that any funds collected were used for the intended purpose. As a bare minimum all checks should have required two signatures or all of the funds deposited in a trust fund with a bank as the trustee.

I am also disappointed that the MM have not rejected the white supremacists who have embraced their movement. Allowing Nazi flags to be displayed at any meeting seriously undermines the legitimate efforts of the MM to call attention to our porous borders and to assist in apprehending border violators to the extend they are permitted to do so.

MM should accept as members only those who agree to be peaceful and law abiding and to never take the law into their own hands. They must vigorously reject any form of vigilantism and defend themselves against such accusations.

The MM can be a force for good but they must rid themselves of the bad apples in their midst and refuse to be seen with white supremacists or Nazi flags. They must reject any support from that quarter. They need to get their act together and work a little harder on their image and their actions in support of th at image.

patriot said...

Ultima, the MM can't help if white supremists try to attach themselves to them. The MM do denouce such people. Yes, they have had some leadership problems but the overall group of people are patriotic Americans.

I have never known the MM to allow Nazi flags at their meetings or rallies. Sometimes these people just force their way into the crowd.

It really wouldn't matter to the pro-illegals how hard the MM tried to put up a good image, just because they are opposed to illegal immigration they would still be called racists.

Dee said...

Thank you for this acknowledgement.

In kind, I do respond.

I am severely disappointed in any PRO who speaks negatively of our country. I am severely disappointed in any PRO who disparages our US flag.

I am severely disappointed in anyone (even though they may be extremely few) who advocates cessation of our nation to a new Aztlanist state.

The KKK, Nazis and NSMs should be excluded from any discussion. I will not speak for the MM Leaders, but for the PROs only.

PROs should only support those who believe in and support the USA!

Liquidmicro said...

Dee says:
I am severely disappointed in any PRO who speaks negatively of our country. I am severely disappointed in any PRO who disparages our US flag.

I am severely disappointed in anyone (even though they may be extremely few) who advocates cessation of our nation to a new Aztlanist state.

Yet you have a pieced together video, you claim as racist, on your home page, made by MexicaMovement, which is an Aztlanist group. How about you remove the video altogether from your site.

patriot said...

Good point, liquid. Don't hold your breath though. I thought dee claimed these groups didn't exist and yet she puts a video on her site about them? lol.

Dee said...

The video shows some good footage of actual events.

However I am removing it tonight.
Just for you Liquid.

Liquidmicro said...

The video shows cut and paste phrases, taken mostly out of context, to fit MexicaMovements agenda. Anybody can make something into something else by doing this, I could even do it to your words and phrases and turn you into an open borders loon.

At least post the whole conversation of any racist remark to be able to verify what is being talked about, no more paraphrasing to reach an agenda. This will go a long way in the discussions here.

Dee said...

I took down the video Liquid. Just for you!

TruthBrigade said...

God article! If you are still looking for the truth about the minutemen leadership, please go to TruthBrigadeRadio.Com as there are many videos that will show you what they have been up to.
Another new site to read and post is


TruthBrigade said...

Here's some more...

Dee said...

Thank you for the updates. We followed your story last year as you were going through your fights with Schwilk. You are lucky you got away from him!
If you can tell us of any connection Schwilk had with Alfred Rund or if Rund was a MM, we will publish your article under your name.


Anonymous said...

Carl Braun of the BPAUX is the man behind the scam in California.

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