Sunday, October 28, 2007

Minutemen Coincidences Adding Up?

While various postings on the net lead us to believe John Alfred Rund ($750,000 bond), Anthony Riperti ($1,000,000 Bond) and Russell Lane Daves (killed by police) may have connections to the MMs and other ANTI extremist groups, there are some odd coincidences regarding the Latino Arson suspects.

. Catalino Pineda (only $75,000 bond) is well known to the police (and in the country legally). Some may term him a local street person wacko who "makes excessive emergency calls to the police." Could this be an MM set up?

Now for a very odd coincidence:

The name of the teenage arson suspect arrested near the SDMM headquarters in Oceanside (just 7 miles away) was named: Gorgonio NAVA (19). An anonymous caller contacted the sheriff’s office reporting the suspects' names and where they lived.

Now guess what the name of the suspect Schwilk angrily talks about in his ominous letter? Jesus NAVA.

Could they be related? Could this be another MM setup? Finding out any information regarding Gorgonio will be difficult. He has been spirited away to a Detention Center. As we all know, contacting anyone in a Detention Center is next to impossible.
As we learn more about what is happening in Southern California, one can only scratch their heads and quote Alice, "Curiouser and curiouser!"


Dee said...

The real issue is why the ANTIs do not comment on the Arsons in CA started by the Minutemen. The Minutemen are busy pointing their finger, now at children to deflect anyone from finding out the real perpetrators, themselves!

patriot said...

Thats because it hasn't been proven that any MM started them!!! I have already posted that they arrested at least two white males and shot another. You are so god dammned determined to link any of these arsons to the MM organization. Get over your obssession. You are acting like a 3 year old!

If any MM were involved, law enforcement will find out. Why don't you just STF up and let the investigation take place before you start making accusation?

I noticed how you tried to play down any fires start by Hispanics too. That has already been proven that they did. They were caught in the act. What a hypocrite you are!

Dee said...

Of course it has. They are minimizing it now. They are trying to blame children or anyone else with anonymous phone calls.

The facts are, Rund, Riperti and Daves were all Minutemen. The facts will be out soon enough.

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