Tuesday, October 2, 2007

America Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Several media outlets and groups are recognizing "Hispanic Heritage Month" - Sept 15 - Oct 15.

CNN´s coverage is particularly nice, with the focus on Families.

Former AG Alberto Gonzales wrote a touching article about his family. His comment, "The most admired values of the Hispanic community are the same values that sustain our nation's greatness: sacrifice, hard work, personal initiative, dedication to family, and perseverance in the face of adversity" was very meaningful to me. I too can say "I saw these values every day in the life of my Father."

As I frequently say on my blog, Hispanics are proud Americans. We have strong Christian and Family values. We have a strong work ethic. The CNN link also says the most important issues for Hispanics, besides Immigration are:

1. Education 2. Economic Opportunity 3. Discrimination

Ruben Navarette says there are Mixed Messages being sent out about Hispanics. Ruben says, "despite efforts by nativists to keep out both legal and illegal immigrants in a desperate attempt to turn back the demographic clock, Hispanics aren't going anywhere. Why should we? In many cases, we were here first.

In Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, you'll find families whose roots go back five or six generations. These people never crossed a border, and yet many of them are treated as if they came across last week because of skin color or the language they speak.

Ah, language. The great divider. More than three-fourths of Hispanics speak English or both English and Spanish, and less than a quarter speak only Spanish. Yet some Americans see a Spanish-language billboard and assume that Hispanics aren't assimilating. Or they accuse Hispanics of sending mixed messages by claiming to value English while maintaining Spanish. And they're convinced that the reason we have bilingual-this and bilingual-that is because Hispanics are demanding the accommodation.
They're not. If only there wa$ $ome way to explain what the$e outreach effort$ are really about. The Hispanic Century is upon us -- and influencing everything from food to fashion, politics to pop culture."
Ruben is so wise!


Liquidmicro said...

This again... who was here first... how far do we go back... the Ice Age when the cavemen who came over (Anglo's), the Chinese who discovered N. California in 498 A.D., the Vikings in 1200's A.D., The Spanish who claimed the area of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and a little further north. The 30K or so people inhabiting the mentioned areas during the time of the Spanish rule and subsequent Mexican rule, what right did Spain or Mexico have to claim the lands??, peoples were given their land grants through the Treaty of Guadulupe Hidalgo, the US later purchased more under the Gadsden purchase.

You Dee again are talking about naturalized American Citizens, such as your family that you claim to have been here during the Spanish Rule and Mexican Rule, that does not give every Mexican in Mexico the same right as what you have to claim to be an American Citizen or to cross the border and claim the border crossed them. The Mexican Nationals have no claim to any lands north of the existing border, the lands are not theirs at all.

You are turning this into a race issue with Naverettes statements of Hispanics aren't going anywhere. Why should we? In many cases, we were here first!, and your statements of, yet many of them are treated as if they came across last week because of skin color or the language they speak.

You $ issue is about business making a profit off the 25% or so people who do not speak English, and if business is doing that, it usually means they are trying to improve their profits, they don't care about who they pander to, they only want good numbers on the stock exchange and even better $$$ in their pockets.

Dee said...

Happy HH Month Liquid. All of the above in quotes attributed to Ruben are his comments. I do agree with them, but they are his.

I see more and more dialogue on the internet from the PRO side, especially this month.

I love the Human Interest, Family History stories on CNN right now. Those are the best.

patriot said...

When are we going to have a White Heritage month? I won't hold my breath on that one. We aren't even allowed to have our language as official in our own country according to Hispanics.

These signs in Spanish are for illegal alien Spanish speakers not Hispanic citizens. As you said most Hispanic citizens can speak English so it is not for them. That I object too.

Hispanic citizens may not be going anywhere but the illegals are going, like it or not.

ultima said...

Why didn't Ruben just print MEChA's founding principles: "In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal gringo invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny...Aztlan belongs to those who plant seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans...For La Raza to do, Fuera de la Raza nada." Sounds exactly like what Ruben is saying, doesn't it? Before Dee goes into denial again maybe she could use her great powers of research to find out what the total membership past and present is. It is interesting that the Mechanistas say the land belongs to those who plant the seeds (like American farmers), water the fields and gather the crops and yet they are all college students who have no intention of doing any of that.

ultima said...

Hell, I don't just want a white heritage month, I want a German American heritage month, an Italian American Heritage month, a Danish American Heritage month, a Norwegian American Heritage month, a Swedish American Heritage month, a Swiss American Heritage month, a Rumanian American Heritage month, a Slovak American Heritage month, a Polish American Heritage month, a Czech American Heritage month, a Slovenian American Heritage month, an Irish American Heritage month, a French American Heritage month. Get the picture?

Dee said...

Ultima, We already have those Heritage months. Have you never attended a St Patrick´s Day parade? Italian Day? Do you live such a sheltered life?

When I lived in Chicago, I remember the grand "Taste of..." Festivals. They were the Best!! Celebrating each ethnicity, the food, the music, the culture, the beer, the dancing, the fun!!

Dee said...

I remember one Oktoberfest in Michigan. Polkas all night long!! Everyone was Polish!!

Dee said...

Let´s not forget Black History month!! Music, Food, Fun, Celebration!!

Dee said...

Ulty, I think all of us should have a grand meeting in Chicago during their next "Taste of..." festival and dance and sing and taste the foods all night long!!

patriot said...

St. Patrick's Day is one day, not a whole month and neither are those others that you mentioned. I can't believe you said that!

Hispanics are comprised many countries, the Irish are only from one country and that is why we need a White Heritage MONTH to celebrate all of the whites from all countries.

ultima said...

Sometimes I think that Dee, Ruben and others want us to quit satisfied tht nothing in this world can be done about the Hispanic takeover of America and its conversion to Mexico North, what's the use, that's just the way it is, get over it, etc.

That, of course, is also the permanent policy of the people who own this country have for the rest of the population.

There are a handful of people who own the country and who stay in power by teaching everyone else that all striving is fruitless, that there is no use fighting it -- no way-- that's what's the only helpful permanent attitude to have in life. These folks are now aided and abetted by the Hispanic and immigration lobbies. They think they can continue in control -- they can't because the Hispanics will want a piece of the action and won't settle for half a loaf.

Who is it that trying to teach us futility? Dee? Ruben? The oligarchs? Who?

ultima said...

"Have you never attended a St Patrick´s Day parade? Italian Day?"

You must be a few cards short of a full deck if you think a day is more than 29 days short of a month. Ha!

Anonymous said...

There should be a newspaper called "The Race" geared toward
white people just like "La Raza"
is geared toward hispanic people.
Remember "La Raza" means literally "THE RACE". How nazi sounding is that?
There should be a month dedicated
to white people. Would you celebrate your husband and your children dee? Are you sons married to hispanic or just plain white people? If their wives are white, your grandchildren are 3/4 white dee. Wouldn't that be a reason to celebrate "white month"? Sure celebrate hispanic whatever, but a whole month?


Dee said...

Ulty, You didn´t answer my question. Have you been to a "Taste of..." festival, dance, parade?

Had fun?

Dee said...

Actually, My husband, kids and I always celebrated Cinco de Mayo or HH Month by going out to dinner or to a festival.

We also celebrated many a St Patricks day, probably more revelrous than any Cinco de Mayo.

I remember one year my husband painted his face and hair green. I wore shamrock stickers on my face and we went to the parade with all our friends, danced, ate corned beef and cabbage and drank green beer until we ALL turned green. Whew! Quite a celebration!! But so much fun!!

Relax and celebrate!! It is fun!

patriot said...

Nice dodge of the question, dee. Is one day for St. Patrick's equivilant to a whole month for Hispanics? Why do Hispanics need a whole month? How about just one day as in St. Patrick's Day? You won't answer that though will you? Why don't you raise a stink that your husband only gets one day (that is only if he is Irish) but you and yours get a whole month?

Dee said...

Well Pat, We also have Black History month. It could be due to the size of the group. For Hispanics, I have heard there are many festivals, including Puerto Rican day. In Chicago, the Taste of Festivals include many Latin Countries.

There is also Oktoberfest for the German ethnicities. In Michigan, we celebrated Oktoberfest from mid Sept through October. Giant tents downtown and by the riverfronts celebrated in style. I loved the Polkas. Everyone was German during Oktoberfest.

ultima said...

"lty, You didn´t answer my question. Have you been to a "Taste of..." festival, dance, parade?

Had fun?"

I didn't know that was a serious question but the answer is yes.

Dee said...

Ulty, I love these festivals. Americans celebrating their ethnicity or that of the ancestors of their friends and relatives. The Music, Dancing, Fun, Food. So much to celebrate. That is how I view HH month too.

mirrorism said...

I really hate to do this, but I just want to make a couple of points...

As a reactionary you can whine about the need for "white heritage month," but you would look stupid, because "hispanic" isn't a "race" as "white" supposedly is.

These things aren't important to me at all, but if they were I think I would agree with Ultima's idea more than Pat's.

If you want a heritage month for the light skinned peoples of America it would have to be specific--for Germans, Italians, Norwegians, etc.--or it would have to be European which would cover everyone.

However, that will never happen, because there are no more NEW Europeans in America to push for that idea.

Most descendants of non-English speaking Europeans have, over time, tried to distance themselves from their pasts.

Surnames, for example, have been "Americanized"; the Herrmanns, Beckers, Schafers, Schmidts, and Eiseinhauers, are now the Hermans, Bakers, Shaffers, Smiths, and Eisenhowers.

The same things have happened to Irish, French, and Slavic surnames--especially Slavic for some reason.

So, what, exactly, would they be celebrating? How would they know that what they are celebrating is actually German, Italian, Russian, French, etc. if they are generations removed from those cultures?

I know Mexicans who laugh at Americans, "hispanics," celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Meaning that even as little as one generation removed from Mexico--and so close to Mexico--they don't even know what Mexican history and heritage is. I mean, some may think of Cinco de Mayo as they think of Fourth of July.

The Muslim population in the United States is growing; would you guys support a Muslim heritage month? Nigerian heritage month?

Anyway, just something to think about.

patriot said...

Dee, size of the group? What larger group is there in this country, than Whites?

patriot said...

I actually don't support heritage months for any group, including Whites. But what is fair is fair, right?

I think the government shouldn't be proclaiming such things on a national level either. We can all have our own private celebrations if we wish of our ethnic heritages or in ethnic business neighborhoods.

Dee said...

I think Mirror answered this. This is for ethnicity celebration. We do celebrate these ethnicities: Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, German (Oktoberfest), etc.

Dee said...

I remember a wonderful Oktoberfest weeks long celebration in a town in Michigan. We danced polkas. We ate Bratwurst. We partied in Beer Tents. Rides for the kids. The whole town celebrated for several weekends straight. It was so much fun!!

Dee said...

Pat, there are many Oktoberfests going on now.



GrandRapids, MIMinnesota

patriot said...

You just don't get it, do you? There is no whole month dedicated to just White people on the natonal level. Quit trying to throw crumbs at White people as in Octoberfest celebrations. It isn't the same.

mirrorism said...

Pat, you're ironically condescending.

Basically, you want something simply because someone else has it. That's childish. Actually, you don't even want it, you just don't want anyone else to have it. That's also childish.

patriot said...

No, I just like fairness. Is that being childish? I don't think so. I already stated that I would rather we didn't have whole months dedicated to any particular race or ethnic group on the national level but since we do, Whites should have equal time. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Are you Hispanic so you just don't care?

Dee said...

Pat, It is about Heritage. There is no BROWN heritage month. It is Hispanic History month. It is cultural. As is Irish, German, Italian, etc. weeks and Oktoberfest is a MONTH!!

Dee said...

BTW, My grandmother on my father´s side was 1/2 German.

mirrorism said...

Exactly Dee, that is what Pat doesn't get. Which is why he keeps harping on "White" when there are light skinned peoples all over the world--many of which are from Latin American countries--that wouldn't identify in the least with his idea of "White."

patriot said...

Ok, I guess I have to spell it out for you two. It isn't really about skin color, it is about genetics and culture. Hispanic is a culture attributed to those who speak Spanish for one thing. It is also a common term used to describe those whose roots are from Mexico and other Latin American countries. So Hispanic Heritage month encompasses all those who fit that description.

How about a month for all Non-Hispanic citizens who also are not Black as they already have their month. Maybe those of Asian ancestry should have their month too? Or maybe they already do since we seem to be hell bent on honoring minorities' heritages in this country.

How about we call it the "Native English Speaking Non-Hispanic Heritage Month"? Yessssssssssss! We would be honoring the majority of Americans, I like it!

Anonymous said...

La Raza means "The Race"--Which race does this organization refer to? Is this not an organization that emcompasses all "hispanics".
Hispanic heritage month celebrates
hispanics from many different countries. It is celebrated in the U.S. There can be a "white month" that celebrates all white people living in the United States. It doesn't matter if your ancestors came from England, Germany or any other country. To feel a real part of this, the only requirement is that you be white. Just like hispanic heritage month celebrates hispanics from every country living in the U.S.


Dee said...

Pat and Anon, At your WH Month celebrations, will you have Polkas and Green Beer? I will go to the fests with my husband. We will dance the polka til dawn.

mirrorism said...

Pat, try again, you're still being ironically condescending.

Not about skin color? No kidding! It took you a while to understand your own argument.

Now, you have done a 180 on your month from exclusively white to inclusive to every "Native English Speakers", save for "hispanics", even though there are millions of "hispanics" in the US that don't speak--nor have they ever spoken--a lick of Spanish!

Nor do they have any idea what the culture of any Latin American country is truly like. Much like anyone who claims to be 1/8 Russian, or Czech, or Italian, Cherokee have any idea what those cultures are/were like.

You who constantly whines about America's "multiculturalism" can't look past it and see that it truly doesn't exist. You carry on the myth... You're chasing windmills...

BTW, yes, Asians do have their month. I think it's in March or April...

Anonymous said...

a question for dee and mirror-

"La Raza" means "The Race". What race does it refer to?


Anonymous said...

dee is someone asks you what you are and American for some reason doesn't suffice as you have mentioned in the past. Just say my mother or my great-great so and so were from Mexico. What's wrong with that? So many families go way back to Jamestown and they are still asked but what nationality they are. Most people answer American with ancestry from England or where ever. You should identify yourself as an American with ancestry from Mexico.


Dee said...

When people ask me, I say American. Then I say my father his and his were born here. Then, since they are still looking at me, I say Hispanic, centuries back from Mexico. Then I turn to them and say, ok now you go back 200 years. By then we are best friends or they are running away. LOL

Dee said...

Here is what wiki says:
La Raza.. is a Mexican Spanish phrase which literally translated as "The Race". It is used to denote the people of Latin America and the Hispanic world, who share the cultural and political legacies of Spanish colonialism, including the Spanish language and culture. The term La Raza is mostly used by patriotic Mexicans and Mexican Americans. The term may also refer to a racial significance associated with mestizo (mixed race).

The term originated in the book La Raza Cósmica written by a Mexican writer, José Vasconcelos. He described La Raza Cosmica as the product of racial mixing over time that was already in progress in the Hispanic world. Vasconcelos believed that eventually all of the people within the Spanish Empire would completely mixed into a new race that had the best attributes of all the cultures; armies of these people would then go forth around the world professing their knowledge and initiating the "universal era of humanity".

Anonymous said...

dee help me out here-What race does "La Raza" refer to? I really want to know.


Anonymous said...

from your answer, I would think Hispanic heritage month should be celebrated in Mexico by people proud to be Mexican. You and yours are Americans.


patriot said...

mirror, you wouldn't allow a White Heritage month in our debate because you said there wasn't a Brown Heritage month, thus my remarks about this not being about skin color but genetics and culture. If there was a 180 degree turn it is because you wouldn't have it any other way.

I wanted to exclude Hispanics from our month because they already have their month. That is why I called it "Native English Speaking Non-Hispanic Heritage Month". I am well aware that some Hispanics don't speak Spanish but my month still excudes them because it says, "Non-Hispanic" in my month. Do you get it now? Or are you just that adamant about Non-Hispanic Whites not getting their month?

Dee said...

Anon, I think, based on the definition, mixed into a new race that had the best attributes of all the cultures; armies of these people would then go forth around the world professing their knowledge and initiating the "universal era of humanity" we could call this new race American (Americana).

It was created to depict the true spirit of multiculturalism.

Dee said...

Pat, You are missing one thing about the celebration. They are all inclusive.

When we celebrate, we ALL become Irish or German or Hispanic or African American. We dance, taste the dishes, sing the songs, drink green beer, eat corned beef and cabbage, dance polkas, drink margaritas, pasta, and on and on.

No one celebrating is excluded.

patriot said...

No country wants to lose its basic identity through multi-culterism. You are living a pipe dream. Not the U.S., not Mexico, not France, not Italy, and the list goes on. What is the point to every country losing its uniquiness? No reason to travel and see the world then. Might as well stay home.

A heritage month is only inclusive as to allowing all to join in the celebration but it is an exclusive celebration for that particular heritage. You still don't get the difference, do you? I am not going to feel honored going to a Hispanic Heritage celebration. It isn't a celebration of my heritage. That isn't to say that I wouldn't enjoy the ethnic food, etc. but you are mixing apples with oranges here.

ultima said...

"Vasconcelos believed that eventually all of the people within the Spanish Empire would completely mixed into a new race that had the best attributes of all the cultures;"

Perhaps he should spend a little more time studying genetics. The result could just as well be a new race with all of the worst attributes of all of the cultures -- a recessive gene gone amok!

ultima said...

"I love the Human Interest, Family History stories on CNN right now. Those are the best."

The stories of the ten most wanted in Los Angeles County, the gangs in LA and San Diego, number of addicts in California, the flood of illegals and their impact on border properties and citizens, etc. would be human interest stories that would get my attention. That's part of the Hispanic Heritage, isn't it?

ultima said...

"Oktoberfest is a MONTH!!"

Where are the German history, culture, etc. celebrated in week or month long TV programs, especially on PBS? The major brewers like Miller, Budweiser, Schlitz, Blatz, Meister Brau are enough for a whole week by themselves. The material is there but our so-called multicultural society is too focused on giving the minorities their due rather than recognizing the real heritage of our country.

There should be one festival day for each group if we are going to have any. I'll accept the Oktoberfest as the German one, St. Pat's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Columbus Day, etc. but enough is enough. We don't need a month for any group.

mirrorism said...

Oh my, genetics? Is it 1859 in here? Lol...

patriot said...

You make a lot of sense, Ultima but you can't reason with minorities who resent any recognition of mainstream USA.

mirrorism said...

Pat, missed your post earlier...

When did I ever say I wanted a Brown Heritage month? What does that even mean?

Since when is culture passed on genetically?

Look man, if I had it my way there wouldn't be any of these celebrations. All they do is encourage the separation of Americans that have everything in common with each other and nothing in common with their great-great-great grandparents who lived in far-away times and lands.

So you would exclude black native English speaking Americans because they have their month too?

Recognition of mainstream America? What kind of nonsense is that? Lol... I'm sure all of your Hispanics drive home to the voice of Vicente Fernández and watch novelas instead of listening to hip-hop and watching American Idol.

What you guys are doing is covering up the sun with one finger ignoring that most of your Hispanics in America are in tune with American culture not that of their long lost ancestors.

In this way you wash your hands of their poverty, crime, and lack of education. That is their culture, you say, American culture knows not what poverty, crime, and lack of education is. This is so bad that it extends down to those Americans--your Americans--who are actually poor, criminals, and uneducated themselves.

Wuteva... This is my stop... Catch you guys some other time.

patriot said...

mirror, you didn't say that we had a Brown heritage month, you said that since we don't have one, we shouldn't have a White heritage month either. You implied I was justifying a White heritage month based on skin color. I wasn't.

Of course culture isn't passed genetically. But culture is taught by one's parents initially.

I totally agree with you on objecting to any kind of heritage month and for the same reasons you just stated.

Yes, I would exclude Blacks from my heritage month. They already have one and I am not Black. Why is that a problem?

There is no nonsense about there being mainstream Americans. We are bound together by a common language and a common culture. Any diversion from that is not mainstream. I disagree with your remarks about most Hispanics. They have a different culture than us and a different native language. Of course living in America they do adopt some of mainstream culture but many still retain the culture and language of their ancestors.

I haven't said anything about Hispanic poverty or Hispanic crime rates if you are referring to Hispanic citizens. Even the high school drop out rates I believe we can mostly attribute to the illegal ones or maybe the children of the illegal ones.

I am well aware that we have our own poor, uneducated and criminals. I never said we didn't.

Dee said...

Ulty, I talked of the Human Interest stories. I went down to SA for a multi family reunion. Instead of our usual, from my Father down, we had a larger one from his grandfather down. It was wonderful. There were so many people. Generations were represented from the 11 children of my great grandparents. We occupied a very large park. There were so many children. There were many games including softball, tug of war, pinatas, karaoke, the newlywed game and an evening dance. The food was delicious. It was a very nice day. These events far outnumber what you say. Families thriving, working, contributing. We have so many of our current generation young men serving in the military. All of us are so patriotic. These are the types of events the media should publicize just so everyone can understand the true lives.

patriot said...

Sounds just like my family reunion about a month ago and every other family reunion of every ethnicity in this country. Nothing new here.

Dee said...

I see where you are having trouble with the definition of culture since it means something different to so many people.

Wiki says: "Culture has been called "the way of life for an entire society." As such, it includes codes of manners, dress, language, religion, rituals, norms of behavior such as law and morality, and systems of belief."

From this definition, we are all Americans.

patriot said...

I don't think that culture means something different to many people. It is as you described and I can't imagine who would think otherwise.

As I stated on another topic in here. Culture and nationality are related. They don't mean the same thing but there are certain identifying things about each nation that ties the two together.

ultima said...

Dee needs to study the flag episodes on the MATT today and then re-think her position on the 12-20 million fifth columnists in this country. Mexico Norte is becoming a reality little by little in flag display, parades, riots, etc. What is the proper classification of the supporters of these illegals? Food for thought, Dee!!

Dee said...

Ulty, Actually, I saw that video clip on several ANTI blogs. As you know I try to stay current by going to the Google Blogger Search, then I do a search on immigration. This provides me the latest news.

For the particular flag incident, a local AM radio shock jock embroiled his listeners and encouraged listeners to become angry. The man in the clip carried a machete to take down the flag and by the tremor in his voice, you could feel his anger.

It is a good thing the store owner did not respond to him. The guy would have probably cut his head off.

There are so many media outlets that try to incite violence and anger to increase ratings and I think what the shock jock did was shameful. I also think the guy who said he was a veteran was lucky he was neither charged nor acted on his violent tendencies.

I also think if the shock jock wanted to "do good" and "do no harm" he would have called the local deputy to talk to the store owner. It was obvious the store owner did not know he was doing anything wrong.

Dee said...

I am curious about ANTIs solutions equating to anger or violence. These are clearly not the answer.

If the ANTIs are so up in arms against any flags flown other than the American flag, and IF it is against the law, then anyone who sees a violation can call local law enforcement to talk to any perceived violators.

patriot said...

My my, dee the mind reader and truth spinner is at it again. The vet cut the flag down with a knife not a machette.

She also reads into the minds of news commentators that they have no vested interest or opinion about a story, they only care about ratings. They are just zombies without feelings or opinions. Could you also tell me if I am going to win the lottery tonight?

Oh but it gets even better doesn't it, dee? The vet has now gone from cutting down the flat to a violent homicidal mindset, Al Quada style.

Yes, the vet might have called the law about the flag but we all know that law enforcement wouldn't have come over that incident. I saw anger and rightly so. Must be nice to never feel anger. There was no violence however. That is a lie.

I have seen plenty of anger on the other side. Have you seen those videos, dee?

Dee said...

I am predicting you will not win the lottery tonight.

Marco said...

Hispanic Heritage reaches across many cultural areas. Not all traditions center on Mexico but account for many other traditions. Ours is Spanish Penticostal or Evanglical traditions of family, work ethics and faith. The blending of cultures in New Mexico includes the Native American and Anglo relationships before it became a State, meaning NewMexico. Why its an issue for many states has been relivant in our state for centuries. Go on and have your Cinco de Mayo or celebrations. Ours remains New Mexicans who are proud Americans, which is the Fourth of July.

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