Monday, December 15, 2008

Why I Do Not Support Caroline Kennedy for the Senate Seat in New York

Being in politics is like being a Gladiator in the Coliseums. Think of Kirk Douglas or Jack Palance. Both aggressive Gladiators fighting each other, Lions with swords, head to head, spear to spear, mace to shield.
In each political seat, we need our Gladiators, fighting the fight. Championing the cause.
I, for one, cannot see Caroline Kennedy, totally untested, put in the Senatorial position in one of the most high profile, toughest states in the nation. Compare her to the woman she would be replacing, Hillary Clinton. Who on this planet doubts Hillary´s intelligence or her ability to be tough?!
Hillary is Brilliant! She can go head to head with any challenger. We ALL saw here in the debates. She is knowledgeable, well informed and respected by all. We need someone of Hillary´s stature to replace her.
We are NOT the Republicans. We DO NOT believe Any Woman will do! We want our politicians to be Brilliant, Caring! And Tough! They have to have the ability to go toe to toe against anyone who panders to the political PACs, Lobbyists and the Status Quo!
I know Caroline is a nice lady and comes from a very nice family. I have no doubt she is intelligent. I realize she gives some political pundits, like Chris Matthews, that tingle up his leg as Obama did, but we are in a fight to the finish in our country. We cannot allow the likes of Cheney or Bush to run our administration again! Ever!! For that reason, I DO NOT SUPPORT an inexperienced, soft-spoken, light-weight like Caroline Kennedy, to be Hillary’s replacement as junior Senator from New York! We need someone who can hit the ground running and then WIN the Senatorial re-election in 2010! Let her run for City Council or Mayor of Manhattancilla. Get her feet wet and let’s see if the people support her and we will see what she can do first.


Dee said...

I posted this same write up on Daily Kos. I already received over 100+ comments. Looks like most people are on the fence about CK. It is as I thought. The only people pushing her are her friends in the MSM.

Dee said...

As I said, I like her as a person. But can she fight against the sharks and handle the barracudas in Congress that are sure to come after her. She is untested in politics.
I fear the right wingers are ready to pounce. Gingrich is ready to come back. Their side is already talking about it.
We cannot afford to lose any seats in 2010.
Say what you will about the Clintons, but the best way to keep this seat is to put Bill in Hillary´s place.

Anonymous said...

Right wingers are ready to pounce on what? New York? It's as blue a state as there is. No, we're going to come with Bobby Jindahl in '12. Keep your eyes trained on that guy. Newt's not going to run again.

Dee said...

Piyush "Bobby" Jindahl would be an interesting Republican candidate for Prez. As a 1st generation American-Middle Easterner, he certainly would diversify the face of the Republican party.
I am surprised your side is supporting him since your side may consider him an "Anchor Baby" and he is Hindu-Catholic.

He is more of a "Powell Republican." He did an excellent job in protecting Louisiana during Hurrican Gustav this year.
I would not vote for him because he is too too conservative, but he might bring in new voters since he is so intelligent and has been successful in many areas including Economy, Healthcare and in staying true to himself and what he believes in.
I liked how he said No to McCain re:VP and stayed focused on protecting LA during the hurricane vs trying to get attention for himself during the Convention.
ps: anyone who names himself after "Bobby Brady" is my kinda guy!

Dee said...

There are many that believe Newt Gingrich will save the party. Read what Robert Novak said:

"In serious conversations among Republicans since their election debacle Tuesday, what name is mentioned most often as the Moses, or Reagan, who could lead them out of the wilderness before 40 years?
To the consternation of many Republicans, it is none other than Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House.

Gingrich is far from a unanimous or even a consensus choice to run for president in 2012, but there is a strong feeling in Republican ranks that he is the ONLY leader of their party who has shown the skill and energy to attempt a comeback quickly.

Even one of his strongest supporters for president in 2012 admits it is a "very risky choice." But Republicans are in a desperate mood after the fiasco of John McCain's seemingly safe candidacy. Republicans appear chastened by the failure of seeking moderate, independent and even Democratic votes. They are ready to try going back to the "old-time religion."

One Republican critic of Gingrich concedes that he has an "unlimited" energy flow and a constant stream of ideas, an important commodity in a party that appears to have run short of ideas during the Bush years. But there is widespread concern about what is described in the party as Gingrich's deep "character flaws" that would be difficult to overcome in a presidential campaign. Nobody in Republican ranks, however, matches Gingrich's dynamism.
The consternation among Republicans is concentrated on McCain's failure to capitalize on Democratic flaws.
It would be a rocky road for Gingrich to the nomination, much less the presidency, but there are no other serious candidates inside the party at the moment

Anonymous said...

Was Jindah born from illegal alien parents? If not, then he isn't an anchor baby. Since when aren't any Republicans, Catholics?

Dee said...

Actually, I do not have documentation to confirm either way. Jindah´s parents were from India. They immigrated here (legally or illegally). They were Hindu. He was born here and educated here. And at the age of 8, decided he wanted to be called Bobby after Bobby Brady.
He is very intelligent.
His politics are very, very conservative.
He is a real maverick, much more so than McCain. He dissed McCain by turning down the VP candidacy AND he stayed focused on helping the people of LA vs focusing on himself getting attention at the GOP Convention.
I agree.
He may be a good candidate.

Let´s see if your side nominates him.
Let him share his stance on a multi ethnic diverse nation.
Then Latino Americans will decide IF they support him.

Dee said...

The question is, will the conservative RIGHT support him.
Something tells me they won´t.

Anonymous said...

Who is "our" side? I don't know of hardly any politicians or citizens who object to citizens of any ethnic group as long as they love and are loyal to this country. I haven't a clue what you are talking about.

Dee said...

As I said, "The question is, will the conservative RIGHT support him."

Anonymous said...

Why would the conservative right support him?

100% pro life
pro gun rights
voted for patriot act
fiscal conservative
against gay marriage
voted for Real ID
successful congressman
successful governor

Of course they will support him

Dee said...

Knowing how the Conservative Right attacks people for their ethnicity, as they did Obama, it will be anyone´s guess if they support Piyush.
I can see the other Republican candidates´s attack ads against Piyush now:
. Anchor Baby
. Piyush Hussein Jindahl
. Brown Skin
. Hindu
. Middle Easterner

Imagine what Tancredo would say?!?

Anonymous said...

So you are claiming that the "majority" of conservative rights didn't vote for Obama because of his race? It had nothing to do with the fact that he was a Democrat and conservative rights are Republicans? It had nothing to do with Obama policies opposed to McCain policies? Wow, thats incredible! Of course you have proof of your allegations, right?

The Arizonian said...

Dee blasphmaied:
"Knowing how the Conservative Right attacks people for their ethnicity, as they did Obama, it will be anyone´s guess if they support Piyush."

I never heard the "and did I mention he was black?" comment from anyone but Obama......

Totally out of context.....
And how dare you hide behind 'race'....

"As a 1st generation American-Middle Easterner, he certainly would diversify the face of the Republican party."

Obviously, you haven't taken a good hard look at the the party.....
Although I believe they have gone astray......

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