Saturday, February 18, 2012

Republican Romney's AZ Campaign Co-Chair Sheriff Babeu (Arpaio's Friend) Resigns Amidst Gay Scandal with "Illeegal"

Arpaio's friend, Anti-Immmigration Reform zealot Sheriff Paul Babeu, has been Outed! His former lover Jose, a Mexican Immigrant, provided pictures as proof of his affair with Babeu. Jose and Babeu were lovers for year but they had a bad break up. Jose only went to the newspapers (Phoenix News Times) because he said Babeu's lawyer had threatened to deport him AND his brother.

Today, in a press conference, Babeu admitted the affair, though he denied the threats. He also announced he was stepping down as Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney's, Campaign co-chairman.

Babeau is known for his strong stance AGAINST Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He is an avid defender of Sheriff Arpaio and his racial profiling tactics. He supports sb1070 and has advocated for strict enforcement which results in mass deportation. You also might remember him as the guy in John McCain’s ‘danged fence’ commercial in 2010.

As co-chair of the Romney campaign in Arizona, he strongly supports Republican views against the Dream Act, against Gay Marriage and against Women's Contraceptive rights.

I always find it interesting that Republicans who support the rigid homophobic agenda of the conservative/tea party right are often outed as flamboyant gays. (eg: posting these types of pictures on gay websites). Babeu is also running for Congress as a Republican. I wonder how long he will stay in the running.


Ashleigh said...

Dee, We're so glad to see your blog and would love to talk to you about a Dream Act television spot we've produced at

Felix Jaure said...

Sheriff Babeu's name came up in our conversation. My friends, and I, debated on the how his deputy, engaged in a 45 minute fire fight with illegal aliens, armed with A K 47 assault rifles. Yet, not one shell casing was ever recovered in the area. I suggested, that perhaps they policed up the grounds, before making their great escape out into the desert. Well at least that's what we were all led to believe, by Pinal county Sheriff, Babeu, department's investigation into the matter.

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