Sunday, February 5, 2012

HINO Marco Rubio and Republicans Campaign Against Women!

I was listening to Talk Radio this week. One of the reasons I listen to their rants is because I want to stay informed of their various strategies so that I can share them with you.
This week these Republican talking heads have been bashing Women's Rights. They are aiming their anger over a Healthcare policy which includes Birth Control coverage.

In a nutshell, this policy asks insurance companies to include birth control pills in the list of prescriptions they cover. Most insurance companies already do this. However, some don't. This leaves some women, particularly poor women, without coverage for their Birth Control.
This bill does NOT Force Anyone to BUY Birth Control pills. It does NOT Force healthcare providers to PRESCRIBE Birth Control pills. It ONLY says that Insurance Companies INCLUDE Birth Control in their list of covered prescriptions (what they term their "formulary").
The bill clearly explains any Catholic Church or Religious institution are EXEMPT. This bill merely states that those that provide Insurance/Healthcare must include Birth Control as an option in their Formulary.

Now, HINO (Hispanic in Name Only) and Vice Presidential candidate wannabe Marco Rubio is pushing a bill to STOP this policy from happening. He (and many Republicans) are advocating Birth Control be taken away from these women which will result in their becoming barefoot and pregnant!

So back to Republican Talk Radio:
In Dallas, the Republican radio station is KSKY (Case Guy). All shows are hosted by Republican Conservative extremists, even Saturday's show hosted by Chiropractors. You should have heard them.
These Republicans were discussing Birth Control and how they cause Womens' Mood Swings. They said Birth Control distorts Womens' perception. They talked about women on Birth Control choosing the wrong man and then marrying him and then when they were off the pill realizing they married the wrong man and the marriage resulting in divorce. They somehow tied all this in to the discussion regarding Healthcare providers having Birth Control on their Formulary. These Republican wackos blamed President Obama for RUINING MARRIAGES and FORCING CATHOLICS TO USE BIRTH CONTROL. (All Lies!) Not only are they campaigning against our President, they are also advocating THE END OF BIRTH CONTROL.
One of their speakers said women should never use Birth Control. They should stay home, raise children and take care of the house. (Bare-foot and Pregnant.)
These people are AGAINST WOMEN'S RIGHTS and THESE ARE THE AGENDAS THEY ARE PROMOTING. It is clear, Republicans are campaigning against the Women of Today!


Vicente Duque said...

Women can propel Obama to Victory in November, using Elizabeth Warren's ideas and campaign example - Nearly 10 million more female than male voters in the 2008 Presidential. - Women’s vote in 2008 : 56% for Obama to 43% for McCain, thereby sealing Obama’s election.

The New Republic
How to Win Female Votes: What Obama Can Learn From Elizabeth Warren
February 3, 2012

By Paul Starobin
Paul Starobin, author of After America: Narratives for the Next Global Age, lives in Massachusetts.

Some excerpts :

Elizabeth Warren is poised to thrash Scott Brown in their marquee U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, and the reason is simple: Women voters love her. In the most recent poll, in December, Warren and Brown were virtually tied amongst men, but Warren led by 13 percentage points, 51 percent to 38 percent, amongst women.

Women not only outnumber men among registered voters—66.6 million to 63.5 million in 2010—but also are increasingly more likely to turn out to vote. In fact, the ‘turnout gap’ between women and men has grown in every election since 1980—so that in 2008, 60.4 percent of eligible women voters went to the polls, against 55.7 percent of eligible male voters, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers. As a result, there were nearly 10 million more female than male voters in 2008, with women comprising 53 percent of the electorate. The women’s vote that year split 56 percent for Obama to 43 percent for McCain, thereby sealing Obama’s election.

Polls have shown Obama's job approval rating among women dipping below 50 percent. Women are currently more supportive of him than men, but if the President can’t reignite genuine enthusiasm among them, he stands to lose the election.

The adoption of Warren’s unabashed communitarian message could perhaps help Obama rally women to his side. It would be a smooth segue from his campaign persona of four years ago: Her variation on the theme of economic togetherness could add a bass note to his own 2008 signature call for a civic inclusiveness—for a melting away of Red America and a Blue America into a united America. That was Obama at his most inspiring, and there are plenty of Americans (women especially) who would be eager to hear him offer a refurbished and more nurturing version of that idealistic appeal, one tailored to our weary economic times.

He made a good start at channeling Warren (and their Progressive heir, Theodore Roosevelt) with his speech in December at Osawatomie, Kansas that explicitly repudiated “rugged individualism” (even while acknowledging that this sentiment is “in America’s DNA”) in favor of a society in which business titans (nearly all of whom are male) are tethered to a “broader obligation.”

But it was only a start. Communitarianism is not only about ideals, but about practical action. Obama needs to talk more about his particular policy proposals and how they link up with America’s “underlying social contract,” in Warren’s phrase. That’s perhaps the most promising way to reconnect his campaign, so far lacking in any sense of grand aspiration, with its natural demographic base

IdeaMan said...

You know, I try to be sensitive to other people's religious views, and to ignore views I find bizarre rather than confronting them. I used to chalk up anti-choice efforts to "bizarre religious behavior best ignored" but now I think its patriarchal anti-women's rights and its serious and we can't ignore them anymore. Now I'm taking it personally.

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