Sunday, September 18, 2011

SOS America! Save Our Seniors! Vote Democratic in 2012!

I worry about our country, especially if we elect a Republican President in 2012. We are becoming a Nation of the "Haves" and "Have Nots." The richest 10% own 90% of the wealth. The bottom 90% hold 73% of the debt. The Gap between the Rich and the Poor is growing wider and wider, and now the Tea Party Republicans have taken up the Cause of the Rich! Extend Tax Cuts for the Rich! End Regulations. End "Entitlement Programs!"

Republicans have vowed to End Social Security and Medicare. During their last Presidential Debate, Ron Paul and his supporters cheered at the thought of letting a 30 year old DIE if he was ill and didn't have Health Insurance. Years ago, Ron Paul would have been booed off the stage. Nowadays, he is CHEERED by Tea Party Republican supporters.

I have a close friend who works in Medicare Enrollments. Today, Hundreds of Thousands of Seniors live on their monthly Social Security checks. They have NO OTHER INCOME! NO OTHER SAVINGS! They save their pennies. Their stories are heart breaking. They live month to month waiting by the mailbox for their monthly checks.

As a Consultant in the Financial arena, I see what is happening to those with private Retirement Accounts. The vast majority do not maintain substantial savings, and many borrow from their accounts. As long as they have access to the money, they take it - by any means necessary.

What does this tell me? We as a Nation should NEVER, EVER consider privatizing Social Security. We Can NOT do this to our Seniors, now or in the Future. We will ALWAYS need a Social Security system in place. We need a system that people CANNOT touch in their youths. We need a system that CANNOT be accessed or borrowed from. We need a system with guaranteed monthly payments for our seniors. We need this system - Social Security.

When you are a Senior, you often become ill. Sometimes you cannot take care of yourself. What will happen to our Seniors if we take away their only guaranteed source of income? Prior to Social Security, Seniors starved to death or were shipped off to an asylum or to the Poor House. They were left to DIE and many did DIE prematurely.

Do we want to revert to Pre-Depression (pre 1930s) America? Do we want our Seniors left to starve in the streets? America. We cannot afford to let any of these extreme right wing Tea Party Republican Candidates become President!

For your sake! For your Grandmother's sake! For your kids' sake! Register to Vote and Vote Democratic in 2012!

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Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee

For important and opportune information of your excellent blog.

I know that your political views owe a lot to many experiences of your beautiful family through several generations and relatives and that gives more value to your opinions.

Experiences of working hard, striving for the "American Dream", education, military service, etc ...

I know that because I have been your reader for years and continue reading your articles and opinions every day. That way I have obtained exclusive information that is hard to get by in other sources.

Thanks again


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