Thursday, September 15, 2011

Asking for Arpayaso's Endorsement: How LOW Can the TeaParty Republican Candidates Go???

What more proof do we need? IF one of these Tea Party Republicans is elected in 2012, we will be DOOMED with a President who supports the RACIAL PROFILING Suppression Sweeps conducted by Arpaio's volunteer masked goon squad! Is this what you want Latino Americans, Democrats and Humanitarians? WE CANNOT AFFORD TO STAY AWAY FROM THE POLLS! ALL OF US... EACH OF US... MUST REGISTER TO VOTE! AND VOTE in the 2012 Election! Become aware of the Voting Rules in your State! The Republican Governors are quickly changing them! Make sure you have a proper Picture ID and your Voter Registration! VOTE IN 2012! For ALL of our Sakes!

NYTimes reports: Republican Hopefuls Court Sheriff Joe
It is presidential campaign season in Arizona, and that means the phone of Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been ringing a lot lately. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County says he has not decided whom to endorse in the Republican presidential contest. Arpaio, who conducts raids of immigrant neighborhoods and keeps his suspects in open-air tents (in 100+ weather), may be a symbol of intolerance to his critics, but he remains so influential in conservative circles that his endorsement is considered a prize.
That is why Gov. Rick Perry of Texas called him up last week to chit chat. And why former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts did the same before an Arizona trip this week. Then there was Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who stopped by Mr. Arpaio’s office in downtown Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon to heap praise on the man. “It is very important to be here in Arizona to talk about the issue of immigration, and of course, Sheriff Joe is the nation’s sheriff,” Ms. Bachmann said during a brief photo opportunity. “He (Arpayaso) is one of my (Bachmann's) heroes, but he is also a hero all across the nation. I look forward to being with him today. We’re going to be talking a little bit more about the problems on our southern border.”

Arpaio keeps those who are interested about the jockeying for his endorsement up to date on his Twitter account. Although he supported Mr. Romney in the last Republican presidential primary, Arpaio has yet to endorse anybody this time around. His influence, although weighty in Arizona, clearly has its limits in actually propelling candidates to the White House. He supported Bob Dole just before he was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1996. Four years later, he endorsed George W. Bush, who went on to become president. In the lead up to the 2008 election, Mr. Arpaio backed Mr. Romney over Senator John McCain, who was the eventual Republican nominee and with whom Mr. Arpaio appears to have a grudge.

On Wednesday, Mr. Romney, who spoke in Sun Lakes, a retirement community south of Phoenix at the very moment that Mrs. Bachmann was having her photograph taking with the sheriff, surely wished he had Mr. Arpaio at his side. But with Mr. Arpaio still uncommitted, Mr. Romney had to make do with the next best thing — another tough-talking Arizona sheriff, Paul Babeu of Pinal County.

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Vicente Duque said...

Stephen Lemons : "Arizona remains the most racist state in the nation, with nativism a tapeworm-like force, gnawing at the innards of its body politic. That's why I've always thought Arizona deserving of an economic cordon sanitaire"

In Phoenix New Times Stephen Lemons ( Feathered Bastard ) and Sal Reza rebel against National Council La Raza that wants to end the Arizona Boycott.

"The boycott was done by the people themselves, when they began avoiding Arizona," said Reza ."The only ones that can call off the boycott are the people themselves."

Phoenix New Times
Feathered Bastard
SB 1070 Boycott Over? NCLR Says, "Yes," Sal Reza Says, "Hell, No!"
By Stephen Lemons
Saturday September 10, 2011

Some excerpts :

Friday evening, I received the letter below signed by Janet Murguria of the National Council of La Raza, essentially declaring that the boycott of Arizona over Senate Bill 1070 is finito.

Granted, the letter does point out that the boycott that developed in response to state Senate President Russell Pearce's nativist legislation, most of which has been enjoined by the federal court, has had a potent effect.

But, the NCLR, along with a couple of other groups, concludes that it's time for the economic sanctions to end.

Responding to the letter's release, Sal Reza, leader of the Phoenix-based human rights group Puente, noted that the boycott of Arizona has always been a spontaneous thing. No one group started it, and no one group can end it.

"The boycott was done by the people themselves, when they began avoiding Arizona," said Reza ."The only ones that can call off the boycott are the people themselves."

He scoffed at the letter, vowing that the economic pressure on Arizona would continue from the ground up.

"We don't recognize their authority, period," Reza said of the NCLR. "They have no authority over us."

Additionally, he blasted the letter as a cowardly "corporate move," one motivated by money.

Likewise, Javier Gonzalez, spokesman for the Sound Strike, the musicians' boycott of the Grand Canyon State, was dismissive of the announcement.

"It's a little bit arrogant," he told me. "We take our lead from more grass-roots organizations. We don't take our cue from the NCLR."

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