Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Debate Review: So Glad the TeaPartiers like Tricky Ricky Perry and NOT Huntsman!

I watched the Republican debates last night. Only one person stood head and shoulders above the rest. He was intelligent, so eloquent, put the American people first and was truly Presidential. This person: Jon Huntsman. He has served as a successful Governor of Utah, worked for Reagan and Bush Sr. as Dep Asst Secretary of Commerce and as US Ambassador to Singapore and to China.
The Tea Party doesn't like him.
They like the extremist, wildman Rick Perry.
I'm glad for that. I do not want a Republican as President.
With Perry saying crazy, wacky things like "Social Security is a Ponzy Scheme, oh yes it is brotha!" (shaking his head like Tricky Dicky saying "I am not a crook") all he needed was -- holding up two fingers in each hand with the Peace sign.
Perry was an embarrassment last night. He practically tried to spit in Romney's eye. Good thing Romney was quick on his feet. Romney, old flip-flopper that he is, will never win. Good.

It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. Who will be the Republican nominee. Many people say the 2012 Election is theirs to lose. With the Tea Party leading the charge for them, it looks like they are heading down that losing road, especially if they pick Tricky Ricky.

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Superdestroyer said...

The reason you like Huntsman is becuase he is an open border, unlimited immigraiton supporter who would pander to ethnic and racial groups.

How is open borders and racial pandering good for all Americans?

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