Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tea Party Republicans Using Herman Cain as a "Sargeant Waters" Stooge as they did Michael Steele!

It is a crying shame - what is happening to Herman Cain. He foolishly believes he is a viable candidate, not a token "Sargeant Waters" puppet. We all know the Republican Teapartiers have no intention of supporting Herman Cain. The Tea Partiers are using him as a puppet, a token, their "one black best friend" so they can say, "Some of my best friends are Black." He is like HINO Marco Rubio, with less of a chance.

Republicans and especially Tea Partiers are cheering Cain for one reason: He is their token black person. They are doing this on the same basis as Republicans selected Michael Steele as the head of the Republican National Committee (RNC). They kept him in this role for a scant 2 years. Republicans and Teaparties ridiculed and criticized him for the entire time! They USED Steele as a TOKEN! He was their "One Black Friend!" Look where Steele is now. He is a pundit on the very liberal - MSNBC. The Republican Teapartiers needed another TOKEN! They have chosen Cain.

Cain is hardly the man Michael Steele is. Steele was an accomplished man. He started out his career as an Attorney. He specialized in Financial Investments for Wall Street. As a businessman, he founded his own law group and legal consulting firm. He was Chairman of the Republican Leadership Counsel. He chaired the Minority Business Enterprise taskforce. He served as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Then he was named head of the RNC. Even with ALL of these accomplishments, Republican Teapartiers treated Steele with disrespect and finally kicked Steele to the curb.

The TeaParty Republicans mistreated their ONE BLACK FRIEND, so they had to find another ONE.. but this time, they needed to find a "Sargeant Waters" type of Black Man, one that thought like they did, just like "Sargent Waters." The TeaParty Republicans found him in Herman Cain. This time, instead of picking a brilliant, prestigious, Republican politician and businessman who had the ability to think on his own, they picked the head of Godfather's Pizza and a far right wing radio host. They needed someone who criticized his own peer group. He's never held public office, has NO Foreign Policy experience, and has only been involved in Big Business (with some scandalous activities). They also like his far right wing views including: Anti Women's Choice, Anti-Muslim, ANTI Gay, ANTI Immigration Reform/ANTI Latino, PRO Tax Cuts for the Rich, ENDING Social Security and ENDING Medicare as we know it!

But alas, even with all his extreme right wing views, the bigots on the Far Right will NEVER Vote for him (as they NEVER really, truly supported Michael Steele). Cain will soon find out (as Sargeant Waters found out) he is just their Token!
Kinda Sad when you think about it!


Anonymous said...

You need to get your head out of believing that all or even most Republicans are teapartiers or that they are interchangeable. What kills you is that regular Republicans do support Cain and therefore nullifies your race card. Cain is a very viable candidate and is getting stronger in the polls with every debate.

What you gonna do when he either gets the nomination or is selected as VP? Be careful what you say about him as you will be accused of being a racist just as you have accused Republicans of that for being opposed to Obama. It isn't about his race. That simply wasn't or isn't the truth. It is strictly his policies and the fact that he is a Democrat that most righties object to him.

Don't you dare attack Cain after all of your race card pulling about Obama!!!!

Dee said...

Hahaha Anon. Tea party/ Republicans will never, ever select Cain as their candidate. They are just using him as a token.

I feel sorry for Cain. However, he has not studied the recent past of the Republican party and what they did to Michael Steele.

The facts are, the vast majority of the extreme right wing Tea Party are racists. That's why they carry their signs. That's why they are Birthers. That's why they hate our President so much. Ask anyone at VDARE, or WorldNet Daily or Alipac, or even Arpaio and his Team Party Volunteers who are chasing down President Obamas birth certificate. They are racists and they hate our President. I doubt ANY of them would Vote for Herman Cain as President!

Vicente Duque said...

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Anonymous said...

I can speak to this as a teaparty member, conservative republican.

It would had been different if GOP has picked someone like Allen West. But Herman Cain???? Cain's whole body language & way he conducts himself is pure black tokenish. He's loud, brash & literally uncouth. The man cant even speak proper english.

But the GOP is not driving this knee jerk. Its the teaparty. I can assure you that theirs disarray. So please dont get the 2 confused.

What this is all about is that the teaparty literaly hates Obama's gut. The obsession is vitriol. I admit that I dont like Obama, but there's a point that I dont cross.

The teaparty will do anything to get Obama out. Even if they got to put Cain on front line as a shield to attack Obama. Rest assured they are not doing this for black people's interest. Im wont say that this is racist. But I will say that it does give the appearance of being racist.

I forgot to say, I am black, just in cause somebody decides to accuse me of being a liberal elitist. And if this gets any worst Im going to have to step away from the teapary. But still keep my Republican affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dee.

Also I want to say that its not that the teaparty republicans are using Cain as a token (per se). They are using him as their choice of weapon when they go up against Obama or democrat / liberal constituency.

The republican teaparty feels that they needed something to deflect the "racist" name calling that have been fired at them since Obama got in office. So they decided to use Cain as the shield. So the next time the teaparty goes after Obama, white liberals or even black democrats; the teaparty can easily say "well we are not racist because we support this black man Cain".

My concern is not the token aspect of Cain which is a mute point. It's my fear that the teaparty republicans may use the presence of Cain against the rank & file black republicans. And that's a scary thought.

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