Thursday, September 29, 2011

The President Acknowledges the DOJ Investigation Against Arpaio! How Many Days Before Arpaio is Indicted!

Message to my readers: Yesterday, our President, Barack Obama, hosted a meeting for Latino Voters. I asked a question re: the Arpaio "Abuse of Power" investigation and his Racial Profiling tactics in Maricopa County. I asked when will we hear the results of this DOJ Investigation. It was reported in Huffington Post as follows: "Senior Editor Gabriel Lerner asks a question from a HuffPost LatinoVoices reader concerning Sheriff Arpaio, Obama says he won’t speak to specific cases, but that he is concerned by Arizona’s laws in regards to racial profiling." Now, USA Today News is reporting further on the President's response to my question:
USA Today reports: President Obama and Arizona-based Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- noted for his roundups of illegal immigrants -- are mixing it up. In a roundtable on Hispanic issues Wednesday, Obama said his Justice Department challenged the Arizona immigration law backed by Arpaio because "we thought that there was a great danger that naturalized citizens -- individuals with Latino surnames -- potentially could be vulnerable to questioning." "The laws could be potentially abused in ways that were not fair to Latino citizens in Arizona," Obama said.

Arpaio, interviewed on Arizona television (see link), said he resented the president's suggestion that he engages in racial profiling. "I'm an equal-opportunity guy," Arpaio said. "I enforce all the laws."

During the Hispanic roundtable, Obama was asked to comment on a reported civil rights investigation of Arpaio's office. "Well, I have to be careful about commenting on individual cases," Obama said. "That's handled typically by the Department of Justice or these other agencies. What I will say is this: that the approach that's been taken to immigration in Arizona, I think, has not always been as productive as it's been."

Arpaio said:
"He's a lawyer; he is pretty sharp to avoid direct questions. ... He made some comments talking about people being stopped because of their name. He didn't like the 1070 law, he connects me with 1070. And my answer is: I am just doing my job, and I arrest everyone that violates the law, and I am not going to stop."
My response to Arpayaso and his masked volunteer goons: WE THE PEOPLE are very aware of your Abuse of Power and your Racial Profiling. The Mayors and Officials of Arizona demanded that the DOJ investigate your abuse. The DOJ has been investigating your abuse. It is only a matter of time before You and Your Masked Goons are indicted for your Abuse of Power. WE THE PEOPLE are counting the days before your indictment is announced! God Bless America! God Bless Our President Barack Obama!

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