Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marco Rubio Vows to END Social Security! Kicking Granny to the Curb!

Republicans, like Marco Rubio, want to END Social Security and Medicare. I worry for our country. What will happen IF a Republican gets elected in 2012? We will see the end of programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if the Republicans get their way. What will happen to our Old People?
Sen. Rubio doesn't know what he is talking about! He said that programs such as Social Security and Medicare have “weakened us as a people.” Sen. Rubio yearns for the time when Americans, not the government, took care of Americans. He is truly insane! Before Social Security was put in place, 30 - 50% of seniors (65+) lived in Poverty. 50% had NO Health Insurance and 25% of the sick and elderly did WITHOUT medical care because they had no insurance. Today, because of insurance programs such as Social Security, only 10% of seniors live in Poverty! SOCIAL SECURITY INSURANCE WORKS!!

Social Security IS INSURANCE. We pay into it ALL OF OUR WORKING LIVES! It is NOT an "Entitlement" as the Repubicans keep telling us. It is INSURANCE. We pay for this insurance our whole lives so we have it in our senior years! Social Security is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It is our INSURANCE for our Golden Years!
Right now, we have a 2.5 Trillion dollar SURPLUS in Social Security. That is the real issue. The Republicans, especially the Tea Party Republicans like the conniving Rubio, want to get their grubby little hands on OUR (WE THE PEOPLE)'s Insurance money!

Rubio, i
n trying to cast himself as the latter-day Reagan, overlooks the fact that government got bigger during the Reagan presidency, adding the Department of Veterans Affairs. And Mr. Reagan signed legislation bolstering Social Security.
(see video)

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