Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tea Party Republican Right Wing Extremists Desperate! Making Up FAKE Latino Groups Proclaiming Reconquista Race War!

The Tea Party Right Wing Groups are getting DESPERATE!
They MADE UP a FAKE Reconquista Group -- "Chicanos Unidos Arizona"
The Extremist Right Wing Websites (aka: the Examiner) has posted an article by their MADE UP Reconquista Group, proclaiming there will be a RECONQUISTA WAR in 5 Years. They CLAIM FAKE Associations with NCLR and MECHA.
Of course this doesn't surprise me given the amount of trickery being conducted by Karl Rove's legions of Watergate Type paid hackers.

I CHALLENGE their FAKE Group's Leader: Miguel Perez to reply to me or to NCLR (who he claims membership) or to MECHA (who he ALSO proclaims membership) and PROVE his Membership.

Sadly, HE CANNOT! Why? Because he is NOT a member. HE is a FABRICATION!
A Right Wing Conspiracy!
His LIE: He writes that Latinos in America will start a "Reconquista War" in America. (LIES!)

The FAKE Group "Chicanos Unidos Arizona" has NO Website! No Facebook page!
If you doubt what I am saying, I ask that you to Google these words "Latino group claims Aztlán war in next five years" and VIEW all of the EXTREMIST RIGHT WING Tea Party Groups that are proclaiming this story. Also note: There are NO supportive articles for this group from NCLR or MECHA. NONE!

I also ask you to google: "examiner illegal immigration" and view ALL of the ANTI Latino articles that appear from this heinous, right wing RAG!

BEWARE THESE RIGHT WING HATE WEBSITES! THEY LIE! The Examiner and ANTI Latino HATE Websites should be ASHAMED of themselves! They are stirring up their ugly, ugly Agenda of HATE and WAR and VIOLENCE! How typical of these extremists!!

Latino Friends: Please REPOST this to as many Websites as possible. Let's see if we can OUT this FAKE website once and for all! Let's get them to write me!
or write to: NCLR or MECHA

Let's see if they have the GUTS to Out Themselves!!! THE LIARS!


Dee said...

Looks like Hate Sites like Alipac are falling for this Rovian Right Wing Watergate tactic, hook, line and sinker! All of their racists are commenting:
. OMG!!! now they are comparing themselves to APES?? Proof positve they are not only crazy but 100 percent delusional!!!

. Do these cowards actually think they can get away with their "war?" I don't think so. I guess they are not accounting for police and military.

. ive heard all this aztec warrior BS before, its what sealed the deal with me to start out with, becoming aware that tens of millions of hispanics in the USA legal or not adhere to a la-ratza ideal. that was over 20 years ago, and i had many friends (or so i thought) that were latino. let them hate the gringo, and cobble together some kind of feeble war. just get on with it.

. oh, and after the criminals are identified, send the army tearing after their hostile loud mouth asses and toss them all in FEMA camps on charges of terrorisim, treason, and violation of RICO laws.`it would be just too good to be true

. Just supposed this all pans out for miguelito, hmm? What the heck are they going to do with aztlan? They couldn't even win their first war and then SOLD that land to the US. It wasn't "taken" moron, it was BOUGHT. Teach your children that little fact, eh?

In addition, I find it hilarious that this pendejo talks about "war" while he's living in the US and not his beloved mexico. Whatchu gonna do with more land when you can't even take care of the land you already have?

Absolutely clueless.

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time these wackadoodles make stuff up. Remember this?
Los Zetas drug cartel seizes 2 U.S. ranches in Texas

Continue reading on Los Zetas drug cartel seizes 2 U.S. ranches in Texas - San Diego County Political Buzz |

pcorn54 said...

Hook, Line and Sinker, Willy and his gang of societal misfits fell for this.

This is a good catch Dee. I cannot find anything about these organizations other than what has been written on the faux news site, I'll keep looking though.

However, the writing style is not pofessional as one would expect, the photo of the "president" of this organization looks like some street punk cholo.

Vicente Duque said...

Mission Accomplised ! --- Dee !

I am making your page and information viral by posting here :

and here :

and I link to your page, I also add this message :

Dee from Texas : Right Wing Conspiracy Theory against Latinos with Fake Group "Chicanos Unidos Arizona" that announces "Race War in Five Years" to reconquer lost territories in the United States. This is all Fabrication, Fake and Slander

Racists make a Concoction in order to deceive fools : falsehood, untruth, falsity - Arizona Racists ( Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce et al ) have been discredited. Now, their friends are fabricating Conspiracy Theories.

This is not new, there have been many conspiracy theories like these in the past, many false letters, or letters by drunkards, drug addicts, wife beaters, etc ... proclaiming falsehoods, like the letter that was read by a Republican Senator Lady in the Arizona Senate, filled with racism, hate and slander.


J.P. said...

This guy seems a lot like another Examiner "reporter" that I exposed as a fraud last year. One of his stories about Lady Gaga seems awfully familiar to what Fernando Palazzo used to write. Check it out.

Dee said...

I agree with you. Your fake guy does sound like Perez.

I think the Examiner is a right wing tool used to instigate and agitate.

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