Sunday, November 22, 2009

Justice Denied for Another Hate Crime Against Latinos:Judge Says Dannie Baker Incompetent to Proceed in Chilean Student Murders & Released from Prison

First, the murderers of Luis Ramirez got off with a handslap of only six months in county jail (released next month), now the murderer of the innocent Chilean Students has been deemed to be incompetent to stand trial and is being released from prison. He is being sent to the historic mansion of the Florida State Mental Hospital in Chatahoochee. In these plush surroundings, he will receive competency training for up to five years, at which point his charges may be commuted or dropped.

On February 27, 2009, this vicious murderer, Dannie Roy Baker, began his murderous rampage a little before 2:00 am at the units of the Summer Lake Townhomes in Miramar Beach, Florida. Investigators said Baker left his townhouse, armed with a rifle, walked across the complex to the victims' unit's window, peaked inside, and opened fire. Baker, was an avid listener of Glenn Beck and other right wing shock jocks, and a volunteer for the Republican National Committee during previous presidential elections. After the shooting, his neighbor, Crystal Lynn said, "he did come up to me one time and ask me if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrants in my house to get them out."

On March 19, 2009, Walton County Grand Jury returned an indictment against Dannie Roy Baker before Circuit Judge Kelvin Wells for two counts of First Degree Premeditated Murder with a Firearm; three counts Attempted First Degree Premeditated Murder with a Firearm and one count Shooting at, into or within a Building. Count one of the Indictment was for the death of Racine Libia Balbontin Argandona, count two was for the death of Nicholas Pablo Corp Torres. The other three counts were also for Chilean nationals shot in their apartment. The State’s Attorney’s Office decided to seek the death penalty on the two counts of First Degree Premeditated Murder.

On November 19, 2009, Walton County Circuit Judge Kelvin C. Wells addressed him, saying, “At this time, the court is finding that … you’re incompetent to proceed and I’m going to have the sheriff transport (you) to Florida State Hospital and (you) will remain there until further order of the court.” Baker, looking slimmer than his previous photos, appeared calm and attentive, obviously prepared for the happy news of leaving prison to go to the historic mansions.

Roberto Rivera, who attended Thursday’s hearing on behalf of Cofre-Fernandez and his family, said he believes the shootings are a “politically motivated hate crime.” “Nobody’s mentioned it, but that’s what it was,” he said. Baker thought he was “protecting America from the hoards of illegal aliens,” Rivera said. He added that “the level of hatred toward liberals, Obama and migrant workers is getting out of hand.” Baker was “driven by hate and racism and a simpleton mind who’s been listening to hate radio,” he said.


Vicente Duque said...

I copied this page of yours here in :

Murders : "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American" tells us about a Racist Justice System that is very perverted. Injustice Served. Horrified and Dumbounded

This is so horrible that I can't write, but I only copy your information and place links to your site.

There are more cases for "Justice" now, where a small man is beaten or stabbed to death by several cowards and terrorists. I hope that "Justice" doesn't continue like this.

Vicente Duque

Proletariat Defender said...

Rivera is a family friend of one of the victims, not an expert, lawyer, judge, etc.

What he said would be his opinion, not a matter of expertise or testimony. In short, the statement makes as much impact as Joe Schmoe's.

Baker was basically deemed crazy. This happens more often than one might think. I agree with the evaluation.

After all, do mentally healthy people chase "phantoms", whether they be demons, illegal aliens, or laughing dogs?

Dee said...

In response to your question, I would qualify it by saying "Do legally mentally healthy people chase those they believe are illegal aliens?" : YES. All the time. It happens at every Minuteman Border Watch event.

Proletariat Defender said..
"After all, do mentally healthy people chase "phantoms", whether they be demons, illegal aliens, or laughing dogs?"

Dee said...

Additionally, I question the sanity of anyone who commits murder, especially such a heinous HATE CRIME such as Dannie Baker committed against those innocent Chilean students!

Just because they're crazy doesn't mean they should go unpunished. I am sure BTK, Gacy, Bundy, seriel killers and all murderers were all criminally insane. However they need to be imprisoned and punished to the fullest extent of the law. In Baker's case, that means the death penalty. They sure did not shed any crocodile tears for female serial killer aileen wuornos. She was crazy as a loon, driven to insanity by her upbringing (or lack of it), yet FL happily executed her for murdering all the johns that beat her up.

Where is the Justice for the INNOCENT Chilean Students!! WHERE???

ultima said...

Did your miss this story? "After a lengthy investigation, the Denver Police Department has arrested 32 suspects alleged to be responsible for a string of violent, racially motivated attacks that terrorized downtown Denver over a four-month period.
According to Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman, the dozens of attacks all occurred in the same manner. A group of four or five young black men would approach white and Latino men, shout racial insults, and then physically assault their victims, punching and kicking them."

Proletariat Defender said...

I never said he would (or should) go unpunished.

This is just a legal hurdle the state must jump to avoid a mis-trial or a civil suit later by his family.

Don't worry, he'll fry.

Advocate54 said...

This is outrageous but not surprising. I think I predicted this when we were first discussing the crime.

The photo is of the admin building or the home of the head honcho, I forget which.

I've been by this place many times, and away from the landscaped eye candy, is a typical institution with varying levels of security.

Baker won't be in a Shangri-La chasing butterflies. He will be in a high security cell with the other criminally insane.

And eventually, one can hope, he will be found fit to stand trial.

Chatahootchee has a long and checkered past, like many institutions in the south, that used to be known as insane asylums

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

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