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STOP HATE CRIMES! Sunday Marks One Year Anniversary of Marcelo Lucero's Murder!

The FBI has reported Hate Crimes against Latinos have increased by over 40 percent. It is critical we hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable. My blog's mission in 2009 is to bring attention to these hate crimes so we can stop them from occurring. There are several Hate Crimes that occurred over the last year that I am focusing on until the perpetrators are held accountable.
These Hate crimes are:
1. Kick in the Head Murder of Luis Ramirez - Shenandoah, PA
2. Beaner Jumping of Marcelo Lucero - Patchogue, NY
3. Student Murderers of Chilean Students by Dannie Baker - NW Florida
4. Murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad by MM Leader Shawna Forde -Arivaca, AZ

Sunday, November 8, marks the one year anniversary of the brutal murder of Marcelo Lucero, a 37-year-old Ecuadorean immigrant, who was stabbed to death after he and a friend were attacked by seven Patchogue-Medford High School students. Police said the suspects admitted they regularly sought out and attacked Hispanic immigrants. They targetted Hispanics during weekly attacks they termed "Beaner Jumping." During these attacks, the frequently took souveners to show off at school. Yesterday, the first defendant was in court and pled guilty for his role in Marcelo Lucero's death.
Newsday reports:
In a barely audible voice, a Medford teenager stood before a Suffolk judge and recounted the events that culminated in the death of Marcelo Lucero last year as he pleaded guilty Thursday in connection with the case. Nicholas Hausch, 18, his slight frame appearing hunched in a dark suit and blue tie, told Judge Robert W. Doyle and prosecutors how he and six other teens had set out the night of Nov. 8 determined to attack Latinos, or "beaner hopping," as the defendant called it.

In the Lucero case, Hausch pleaded guilty to first-degree gang assault and fourth-degree conspiracy. He also pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree assault as a hate crime and second-degree attempted assault as a hate crime in connection with two other attacks earlier that day. Responding to questions from Assistant District Attorney Megan O'Donnell, Hausch detailed the confrontation with Lucero.

Hausch said the group spotted two Latino men and called them ethnic slurs. "Surround him," Kevin Shea, one defendant, yelled after punching Lucero, Hausch said. Hausch said he was in the outer circle and began to walk away when another defendant,
Jeffrey Conroy, passed him. "He told me we had to get out of here," Hausch said. "Jeff told us he stabbed the guy," Hausch said. At that point he said the other defendants called Conroy "an idiot," and told him to "throw away the knife." "He said no, 'I washed it off in a puddle,' " Hausch said.
Recounting an event earlier that night, Hausch detailed chasing a Latino man and taking his hat to show off to his friends later. Asked O'Donnell, "Now did you and Jordan Dasch or Anthony Harford take any property from that male Hispanic?" Hausch answered, "Yes. I took his hat." O'Donnell: "Why?" Hausch: "I guess because, just to show my friends . . . " O'Donnell: "Is it fair to say you took that hat as a trophy?" Hausch: "Yes."

Prosecutors did not recommend a sentence, and Hausch - who has been out on bail for most of the year - won't be sentenced until prosecution of the other six defendants is complete. Hausch faces 5 to 25 years in prison on the top charge. As part of his plea, Hausch agreed to continue to cooperate with authorities, including possibly testifying at the trials of his co-defendants.

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Vicente Duque said...

Thanks for beautiful post, Dee !

There was another horrible multiple murder in Brockton, Mass.

A madman called Keith Luke wanted to Kill all Minorities and Non Whites to save the White Race from "Extinction". That happened at the beginning of this year 2009.

In Pasadena, Texas, Joe Horn killed two Black Guys by shooting in their backs, scott free.

Plainfield, New Jersey - Boiling Town with Hate - Murder of Several Latinos : Lazaro Tista and Samuel Aguilar Jimenez

The Killing of Guatemalan Immigrant Rene Perez

Brutal Murder of a sick Man, Ecuadorian Immigrant Manuel Aucaquizhpi

2007 : he killing of Guatemalan immigrant Lazaro Tista - Plainfield cops charge 3 with bias attack in Plainfield, New Jersey

2009 : George W. Bush pardons the Coward Murder of a Defenseless Unarmed Mexican in the Border - Story of a Most Brutal Racist Execution - Prize to Cowardice

Photo Album and Videos of Taneka Talley 24 - Black Mother of small Child -Killed by White Man only for being a Black Woman

Video : Dragging death of Brandon McClelland-2008 - Two White "friends" They then hit him with the car and dismembered his body

James Byrd Jr in Jasper Texas, June 1998 - Beaten, Chained and Dragged from a Pick-up Truck by two White Racists

Best Information of William McCay, a Pedestrian in Kansas City, Brutally and Cowardly Murdered in 2005, only because he was Black

Bias Murder -- The Death Of Michael Sandy In Context - Brutality against Gays and Blacks in New York City - History of Complacency and Indifference

Skinhead Nazis kill a Black Man Mulugeta Seraw, 27, father of a child, Ethiopian Immigrant in Portland Oregon, November 13, 1988

The Photo of Michael Donald 19, hanging from a tree and the Story - Lynched by Ku Klux Klan, 1981, Mobile Alabama

The Murders of Two Black Men : Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama - Mulugeta Seraw in Portland, Oregon - Southern Poverty Law Center

The White Supremacist Church that killed a Black Gulf War Veteran called Harold Mansfield in Florida 1991 - A History of Criminals

Teen Girl to Be Tried as Adult in Sadistic Beating and Murder of a Homeless Black Man Milton Walker, 43 in Lancaster, California, November 1995

Skinhead Nazis - Killing Blacks with Baseball Bats - Videos - The Killing of a an Ethiopian Black Man for being Black - Real Time - History Channel

Lynching Black People - Hanging Black Men from trees without Trial - Family Picnics to see Hangings - Photos and Videos

James Von Brunn, a criminal mind - - Racist and White Supremacist Idiot - Murder at Holocaust Museum

Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Joe Horn commited murder on the two Black Men, and there is no Self Defense because he shot them in their backs

Harris County Grand Jury: Kill An Immigrant, Go Scot Free - He shot two defenseless detained Latinos on their backs. In Texas

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Thanks for Reporting on Marcelo Lucero and helping us, the scatterbrains and the forgetfuls

I reported about you and your fight against aggression and brutality in

Here is a page about you and your bravery, courage, valor :

One year of Racial Murder of Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, Long Island, New York, my friend Dee from Texas remembers

I benefit greatly from all your informations, the day is too short to look for valuable sites, and we have other tasks, works and occupations.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Hispanics Are Changing America - The increase of Hispanics in America is dramatic

This is an article written by friend Leo Lemmer in Leo has published some beautiful articles on Immigraion. He is a Voice of Reason in the debate of Immigration :

Some excerpts :

"I live in San Antonio as a minority Anglo white, or whatever the term is. I notice little prejudice. People are accustomed to being with others and accepting whoever they are. I taught for years in a multi-cultural school in Houston, and young people are very accepting. They don't hate blacks or Asians or Hispanics, etc., even if their parents do. These are their friends. Once I was asked about a student, "Is she black?" I had to stop and think. I was totally accustomed to people just being people. Strangely, when I am in a large group of all whites, I feel uneasy. "This doesn't' seem right to me. What's wrong here?" Once at a Grape Festival in a tony area of Dallas, I was so uncomfortable among all those rich whites that I left."

Vicente Duque

MMPete said...

So Vicente you are thrilled that the Hispanic popualation is increasing dramatically through illegal immigration? And truthfully that is where most of their growth is coming from. Doesn't that make you a racist against the white majority then? Would you also be thrilled if Mexico's demographics and culture would dramatically change through an illegal invasion by anglo's? Somehow I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

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