Thursday, August 6, 2009

America Psycho Glenn Beck LIES - says Nazi and Eugenics References are in Healthcare Bill!

American Psycho and extreme right wingnut Glenn Beck has gone beyond the pale, even for him. He is now comparing the current Healthcare bill with Nazi eugenics which ultimately culminated in the holocaust. Beck is a LIAR when he claims the bill contains verbiage which says the government will decide who will live or who will die. He is attempting to scare only the most gullible when he spews his insanity saying the bill will kill old people, the insane and those deemed "not worthy of living." There is NO LANGUAGE like that in the bill. Beck is just making it up in his sick, demented, racist mind.
Beck also doesn't tell you anything about how broken the current healthcare system is. He doesn't say it is going bankrupt. He doesn't say for those who are currently insured today, the cost of co-pay is rising by leaps and bounds while the coverages are diminishing to nearly nothing. If he truly cared about people, why doesn't he talk about this? Why doesn't he talk about how many people are NOT covered by any type of health insurance coverage? Why doesn't he talk about how many people are dying due to limited or no healthcare coverage? The truth is, he DOES NOT CARE about people. He only cares about his RATINGS. I wonder how much the Pharmaceutical and Insurance lobbies are paying him to spit out this JUNK!

Beck is the demented woosy of a perverted goon. He is scaring the weak minded with his junk. He is motivating them to anger and violence. The worst part - that the weak minded actually believe this goon! It is all very sad!
I ask all readers to support our President, the Admininstration and Congress in passing the Universal Healthcare bill. Our current Healthcare system is in crisis. Today we have a monopoly by Private Insurance. We have the costliest healthcare in the World, yet the World Healthcare Organization rates the USA number 37 on the list. I ask all readers to check into their own healthcare, look at your own co-pays, look at your own coverages. Do you pray for no serious illness because you don't know what your insurance will cover in case of a major illness? It should not be this way! We need Universal Healthcare Reform this year!!!!
In this video, Beck jokes about poisoning Nancy Pelosi.
Richard Poplawski, the policemen murderer in PA, was a big fan of Beck.
Doesn't Beck understand that his audience is loaded with the weak minded and they are receptive to his calls for violence and murders?? Shameful!!


The Arizonian said...

Have you read the bill? The whole bill?

If not, then how can you say it isn't in there?

I'm on page 734 and have had 3 minor heart attacks already.....

Vicente Duque said...

I kneel and ask forgivance of all "Drag Queens" for comparing them to Glenn Beck ...

Dee :

According to the "Free Dictionary"
Brutality means this :

brutality :

noun - cruelty, atrocity, ferocity, savagery, ruthlessness, barbarism, inhumanity, barbarity, viciousness, brutishness, bloodthirstiness, savageness


Lacking or showing a lack of reason or intelligence: a brute impulse.

That is why you added a chainsaw to the figure of Glenn Beck ...

Chainsaws are instruments of sadistic murderers ...

Semantics of brutality in Spanish

I was talking with our common friend Dave from "The Fake Mexican" about Cenk Uygur and I wrote this :

I admire Cenk Uygur.

Because of his courage and bravery .... This man speaks as he thinks ! ....

This man really speaks up and speaks out against fools in power.

Kindness instead of Racism and Brutality.

Brutality in Spanish has the same meanings as in English ( "brutalidad" ) but also has a stronger added meaning of Imbecility.

If you are brutal then you are an idiot !! ( for the Spanish Language )..

The English dictionaries that I consult usually don't add this meaning to the English World, or do not emphasize the lack of intelligence.

Probably "brutality" also means imbecility in English, but in Spanish the Semantics of lacking intelligence is much stronger.

When I see Glenn Beck on my TV set, I think in Spanish therefore I associate his Atrociousness and Barbarism to his Incurable Imbecility and Lack of Intelligence.

He is also a "Drag Queen" of Exaggerated Histrionism, Smirks, Gesticulating, winks, shrugs, smiles, frowns, exaggerated motions and postures, grins and facial expressions.

He would have been very successful as a "Drag Queen"...

And I kneel and ask forgivance of all "Drag Queens" for comparing them to Glenn Beck ...

My site is called

Raciality and Brutality, because I always associate Racism to Brutality and Brutality to Imbecility

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

El Duque wrote, "The English dictionaries that I consult usually don't add this meaning to the English World..."

Okay, that's what I told you so since you are writing almost exclusively in English here, perhaps you could curb your penchant for associating imbecility with brutality.

As a reality check, consider the large numbers of Germans who were involved in the persecution and extermination of Jews. Surely you see that it is not possible for all of them or even a significant percentage of them to be imbeciles, persons of defective or low mentality but above the level of an idiot.

The term imbecile is inaccurate and therefore inappropriate. Brutes and imbeciles are two different kinds of people. I think of a brute more as a bully, one who is entertained by inflicting pain on others. A brute also is often thought of as being ugly or unattractive as well as physically cruel.

Mental cruelty does not convey the same image to me.

ultima said...

What bill are we talking about here? Is it HR3200? I could find any page numbers on the Thomas version of that bill. Is there another source? I would like to read the whole thing.

ultima said...

I think the most amazing thing about health care reform is that so many Obama acolytes accept it uncritically just because they believe in some form of reform and think that Obama can do no wrong, that the Congress is omniscient.

This is a chance for all Americans to be heard on health care reform but first one has to read the bill and think carefully about alternative approaches.

Dee said...

actually ultima,
the reality is you have been retired and on medicare for so long that you forgot what it is like in the workforce.

anyone who is working knows. those that are provided insurance through their employer have seen significant increases in their co-pays as coverages continue to decrease.

Union members know that with each new contract, employers ask for more and more cuts in benefits.

If you have NOT experienced a serious illness, with all of this diminished coverage, you have no idea if you will be covered, how much or how long you will be covered.

Meanwhile the cost for many drugs continue to rise.

Healthcare companies face no real competition.

Why is it the Republicans support the terribly broken status quo? The answer: They are being pandered to by the Insurance and Pharmaceutical lobbies.

The truth is, you could give a rip about the people in America. All republicans want to do is pander to big business!!

Dee said...

Here is the Senate bill. I doubt you read it except to look for gotchas. It is not final but close.
I've noticed that Republicans, the party of NO, would prefer to stay in the current broken process run by the Insurance and Pharmaceuticals with less and less coverage for more and more.

All your side is look for gotchas.

If we kept Republicans in office, we would never have Medicare/Social Security. We would never have Civil Rights and the end of Jim Crowe Laws.
We would still have Segregated Education and White Hoods. We would still have ICE Raids and Growing GEO Group Heinous Private Prisons.

The 2 reporters would never have been released from North Korea and we would probably be at war with them after McCain bomb bomb bombed them. And Palin would be a heartbeat away from the WhiteHouse, although she may have quit already.

Anyway, here is the Bill:
The Affordable Health Choices Act

615 pages

Here is the summary:
The Affordable Health Choices Act includes the following five major elements:

CHOICE: An important foundation of The Affordable Health Choices Act is the following principle: If you like the coverage you have now, you keep it. But if you don't have health insurance or don't like the insurance you have, our bill will give you new, more affordable options.

COST REDUCTION: The Affordable Health Choices Act will reduce health care costs through stronger prevention, better quality of care and use of information technology. It will also root out fraud and abuse and reduce unnecessary procedures.

PREVENTION: The best way to treat a disease is to prevent it from ever striking, which is exactly why The Affordable Health Choices Act will give citizens the information they need to take charge of their own health. The bill will make information widely available in medical settings, schools and communities. It will also promote early screening for heart disease, cancer and depression and give citizens more information on healthy nutrition and the dangers of smoking.

HEALTH SYSTEM MODERNIZATION: The Affordable Health Choices Act will take strong steps to see that America has a 21st-century workforce for a modern and responsive healthcare system. America must make sound investments in training the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals who will serve the needs of patients in the years to come. It will make sure that patients' care is better coordinated so they see the right doctors, nurses and other health practitioners to address their individual health needs.

LONG TERM CARE AND SERVICES: The Affordable Health Choices Act will also make it possible for the elderly and disabled to live at home and function independently. It will help them afford to put ramps in their homes, pay someone to check in on them regularly, or any of an array of supports that will enable them to stay in their communities instead of in nursing homes.

The Arizonian said...

Dee, while I and many others have no quams with 'Universal Healthcare', there are some SERIOUS flaws with the bill as it stands now.

E.G.: Sec.163:
(D) enable the real-time (or near real-time) determination of an individual’s financial responsibility at the point of service and, to the extent possible, prior to service, including whether the individual is eligible for a specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility, which may include utilization of a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card;

So.... they want real-time access to my bank account, AND determine wether or not I get to be seen (live).

The Arizonian said...

Dee Blasphemed:
"We would never have Civil Rights and the end of Jim Crowe Laws.
We would still have Segregated Education and White Hoods. We would still have ICE Raids and Growing GEO Group Heinous Private Prisons."

That's a bit of a stretch considering the Republican party was founded by anti-slavery advocates.

Not to mention that De-Segregation was opposed by 'Dixie-crats' in the south. Take George Wallace (, a Democrat Governor of Alabama (1963-67, 1971-79, 1983-87) that was VERY pro-segregation.

I always see you citing 'private prison' and yet the current Administration has done nothing to abolish them, just like Gitmo.

Nor have they reversed the Patriot Act, John C. Warner Defense Authorization Act, PD51, Etc. that all have eroded civil right and Constitutional Liberties.

Democrats or Republicans, both sides of the same coin.

Wake up already.

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