Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breaking News: Racist Right-wing Militias (Domestic Terrorists) on the rise in US

Reports are confirming what we knew all along. Since the election of President Obama, Racist Militias are on the rise. We see this in the TeaParties. We see this at Town Hall Meetings. We see this at Hate Sites across the web. Militias and Racist Groups - Domestic Terrorists, are on the rise and Guess What! They HATE our President and all minorities!
AP Reports:
WASHINGTON — Incensed by the election of the first black US president, right-wing militia groups in the United States are rising again after a decade of decline, according to new research on extremist groups released on Wednesday. Ideologically driven by racism and a virulent anti-government, anti-taxation and anti-immigrant agenda, the homegrown groups that thrived in the 1990s and spurred numerous deadly terrorist attacks are expanding, said the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

"This is the most significant growth we've seen in 10 to 12 years," said a law enforcement official quoted by the SPLC in its special report "The Second Wave: Return of the Militias." "All it's lacking is a spark," said the official, adding it is "only a matter of time before you see threats and violence." Attacks continued in the last decade after the 1995 bombing of a government building in Oklahoma, killing 168 people -- the deadliest domestic terrorist attack on US soil. Such violent movements mostly subsided in the 2000s, however, following prosecutions and the election of the highly conservative George W. Bush as president, said the SPLC's Mark Potok.

A key difference today, the Center said, is that "the federal government -- the entity that almost the entire radical right views as its primary enemy -- is headed by a black man," tapping into the latent rage of white supremacist culture. According to SPLC research in February, there has been a 54-percent rise in race-based hate groups in the United States since 2000, from 602 then to 926 in 2008. Their study Wednesday also draws direct correlations between Barack Obama's presidency and numerous murders of law-enforcement officials this year.

"One man 'very upset' with the election of America's first black president was building a radioactive 'dirty bomb'... Another angry at the election and said to be interested in joining a militia killed two sheriff's deputies in Florida," said Larry Keller at the SPLC. A key component for the rise of militias is a vibrant world of unsubstantiated yet widely publicized conspiracies.

"The current political environment is awash with seemingly absurd but nonetheless influential conspiracy theories, hyperbolic claims and demonized targets... This creates a milieu where violence is a likely outcome," said the Center, citing longtime analyst of radical right-wing movements Chip Merlet. The other major factor for militia recruitment and acceptance is their ideology being aped and championed by mainstream media commentators and politicians, the report said. Commentators on cable news were singled out for airing and promoting conspiracy theories -- notably Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, who has described Obama alternatively as a "fascist," a "Nazi" and a "Marxist."

Beck, who has a regular audience of some 2.5 million viewers on his nightly show, has even "re-floated militia conspiracy theories of the 1990s alleging a secret network of government-run concentration camps," said the SPLC. Earlier this year Texas Governor Perry raised the prospect of his state's secession; US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said she feared Obama was planning "reeducation camps for young people."

In April, an internal government report also warned of right-wing extremists exploiting worries spawned by the economic downturn and Obama's election as recruiting tools, which could lead "to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violence attacks." Greater Internet access has also boosted access to bomb-making know-how and the ability to reach a vast audience of like-minded people, said the Department of Homeland Security -- later criticized by conservatives and veterans groups for singling out returning soldiers.


Vicente Duque said...

How many Americans died fighting against those Nazi Bastards during the Second World War ???

What was the purpose of fighting the Nazis if you want to establish the Same Racist Ideology here ??

And now their Grandons are so Imbecile and Stupid as to wear Swastikas on their clothing ???

Is this a Wave of Imbecility or a Virus that attacks the Neurons of the Brain ??

Very despicable indeed !! ... These are failed lives, losers and losers, the sons and daughters of dysfunctional families.

Nothing is so destructive as the Inferiority Complex !! . ...

By believing that they are the superior Race they find an objective and goals in their miserable existence of losers and fools ...

Like the guy George Sodini that killed several beautiful Young Women because he was a failure with Women !!

Failure turns people into monsters !!

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

George Sodini : The gadgetized and gadgeted man, a Man living in things and for things - Was he a Racist ?? - Why Violence ??

This is an essay on George Sodini. A deranged man that killed 3 White Women and injured 9 others with his guns .... This happened in a Popular Elegant Gym in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Looking at his Self Taken Videos, I can perceive that this man lived in a world of objects and things. He suffered from obsession with gadgets, widgets, gizmos, appliances ... In this site RACIALITY.COM you can see the self videos and the gadget narcissism of this unfortunate man.

See the Videos here :

Self-Videos of Narcissistic Killer George Sodini - Killed 4 White Women at Gym - Frustration with not getting Women - Not having Sex, Loser, etc ..
Self-Videos of Narcissistic Killer George Sodini - Killed 4 White Women at Gym - Frustration with not getting Women - Not having Sex, Loser, etc ..

He was gadgetized in the extreme. He defined himself by having things, being the owner of gadgets, houses, cars ... Being gadgetized with several computers, Big Flat Screens, etc ...

He was a computer programmer, and he was manipulative in the extreme. For him Women were objects to be manipulated according to instructions in a book, written by an expert manipulator of Women.

According to his diaries and writings in the Web, he felt lonely and he knew that there was something very grave with him ... in his Mind and Psychology.

The Violence was an expression of those horrible forces of mental disturbance, of perturbation, of instability.

His Expressed Racism was a manifestation of those horrible inferiority complexes and inadequacies.

I don't share the Hypotheses of those bloggers writing that George Sodini was not a Racist .... Probably they feel threatened by this story, looking perhaps at their own problems. We are all threatened by this story, even if we deny it ....

George Sodini lived in a world of Fantay, and some of these fantasies were populated by Black Competitors. Those Black Youngsters that he believed to be easy seducers of the most pretty White Women, and threatened by a "Black" president, as his diaries and web writings express.

There is a parallel with Charles Manson. Manson considered Black People as inferior apes, but he considered them so powerful as to win in a Race War against Whites. And he would dominate Blacks by his superior Intelligence, Racial Power, Divine Powers, Magic of Relation, and by the added Force and Power of LSD.

George Sodini had such unendurable psychological pain that he had to live in a world of things and objects .... He was probably very intelligent as a programmer, engineer, manipulator of devices, gizmos and widgets.

But his emotional intelligence was breaking down .... He could have commited suicide without harming others .... But he wanted to express himself to the Entire World ... He needed narcissistic self expression.

The two adolescent killers at Columbine High School were also mentally deranged, grave inferiority complexes, and also left videos and diaries to express their anger and pain.

Racism in all cases : Sodini, Columbine, Manson ..... is useful as an outlet of Anger and Hate .... Once others are Inferior then you are Superior, the Top Echelon of Evolution.

Vicente Duque

Asmin Guryal said...

Is the ohio militia racist?

I'm not American but this is the snagat chilling. I already know the hatred is directed not only to the black and Hispanic but also to the arab people where they are considered as terrorists. And they also asia muslim people involved bombardment that killed many white. I think they suck too much Marijuana or drugs and too much read conspiracy books/movies and read aryan race superior books. They certainly hate the Chinese because the United States economic crashed because of China.

If one of the people in Asia( non U.S citizen) injured or killed by them, our people from Asia will come on them and kill them in one cuff at once in the heart of their own oganization.

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