Friday, August 7, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: FBI Says Murder Investigation of Border Patrol Agent Rosas is Wide Open! Something Very Fishy is Going On Here!!

Something very fishy is happening with the investigation of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas. Remember the five "illeegals" that were arrested in the investigation? The FBI does not believe they are the perps and is asking for the public's help in finding the true murderer(s).

FBI special agent Darrell Foxworth said, “As a result of some of the media attention and as a byproduct of the investigation, we are following up on a number of leads here in the U.S. and in Mexico. This is one of the highest priority investigations that we are conducting here in the Southern California law enforcement community.” The FBI previously announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of the killers, plus a $10,000 reward for information leading to recovery of Rosas’ stolen .40 caliber service pistol, a Heckler-Koch P2000. The U.S. Border Patrol has added a $250,000 reward.

As I previously reported, Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas was fatally Shot on July 23, very close to Minuteman Camp Vigilance. Latino BP Agent Rosas was following a group that had crossed the border, then, when he went off into the darkness near Camp Vigilance he was fatally shot -- murdered. Camp Vigilance is the Minuteman Camp where murderer/minuteman Shawna Forde was trained.

The FBI investigators say those arrested early in the investigation did NOT commit the murder and said, “In the U.S., we have not arrested or charged anyone specifically in the killing of Agent Rosas. This is an active investigation and we still need the public’s help to provide any and all information.The smallest piece could be the missing piece of the puzzle,” he said. “It could be just observing some suspicious activity on that date, or prior to that date, which could assist investigators.”

No eyewitnesses have come forward to speak to the media about the murder of Rosas. However Minuteman Leader
Britt Craig, leader of the Campo Minutemen said he was monitoring the border area at about 9 p.m. on July 23 when he heard several shots and notified the Border Patrol. Craig said, “I heard four spaced shots like bang, bang, bang, bang. Then there was a shooting fairly rapidly—three or four bangs, just as fast as you could shoot.” Craig, who has spent at least 96 hours a week at Campo since 2005, said he couldn't see anything because of the rolling hills. Still, he said he called the Border Patrol, reporting what he'd heard. About three minutes after the call, a caravan of Border Patrol vehicles drove toward the area. Border Patrol agents said they could not confirm Craig's story because the FBI is investigating the fatal shooting.

As I read these comments from Craig, I recalled a June 4 article about Shawna Forde. Britt Craig's wife, Deborah Craig, said in regard to the Brisenia Flores (and her father's) murders, that Shawna Forde and Craig's husband, Campo Minutemen leader Britt Craig went to Camp Vigilance in separate vehicles “where she (Forde) was given full access by the caretaker. Forde purchased a bullet proof vest from the caretaker and indicated she planned to spend the night. She indicated that she primarily did her border watching in AZ , that she had her own group, Minutemen American Defense, and we did not hear [from] her directly again.”

I also remembered a note about Deborah and Britt Craig on the SDMM website where extremist Minuteman Jeff Schwilk maintains an "enemies list." Both of the Craigs are on his list with the following comments: "Deborah Craig & Campo Minutemen - MMP Operative / Campo Minutemen. Works for Gilchrist to spread lies and propaganda to the media and public. Wife of Britt Craig (aka Kingfish). Avoid all contact with Campo Minutemen members. Rogue, dangerous."

There seems to be so many coincidences here:
. Craig said he has been patrolling the border with guns and night goggles since 2005, including the night of the murder.
. Craig said he was so close to the shooting he heard all the shots
. Though he has been on the border for 4 years with night goggles and though he was close enough to hear each individual gun shot, he claimes he did not see the shooting.
. He was so close to the shooting, he says he called 911 to report and within 3 minutes the BPs were on the scene. If he was that close, how can he claim he did not see the crime?
. Craig carries a handgun and wears a cap emblazoned with the word "Hunter."
. Craig knew Shawna Forde. He brought her to the Minuteman Camp to receive Border Watch Training. The FBI says there are still suspects they are investigating in the Flores murders.
. Even the most extreme Minutemen (Schwilk and SDMM) say Craig is "Rogue" and "Dangerous."

One thing is clear. The FBI says those previously arrested are not the perpetrators and the investigation is still wide open.
. O.C. witness speaks about killing of border agent


Vicente Duque said...

Dee, You are a truly Jeffersonian Democrat !

"The price of democracy is eternal vigilance," ---- founding father Thomas Jefferson

That "vigilance" is not killing poor tribal villagers in pajamas in some poor backward country....

That "eternal vigilance" is not blaming some poor Mexican laborers for a crime that they did not commit. ....... Now that the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas is so unclear and the press is confused with so many suspects, and nothing is firm in the investigation.

If the true criminals are going to be found, then forensics and criminalistics should prove the guilty guys with science and reliable witnesses ...

This Murder needs "Eternal Vigilance" so that the true culprits are found, and innocents not condemned.

"Eternal Vigilance" wasn't meant to be Eternal Cruelty, Sadism, Racism, Hate .... Or shooting at "Illegal Immigrants" like fair game .... Remember the Minutemen, terrorist scoundrels killing little girl Brisenia Flores, age 9, and her father !! .... A crime that is ignored by the biased media and big TV Networks ....

Thomas Jefferson was very tender and loving with his slaves. In fact, he even had "Mixed Race" children, or Multiracial offspring ...

I wonder how many "Black" People are the descendants of the Founding Fathers ....

I wonder how many "White" People are the descendants of those Black Slaves ....

I wonder how many Racists have "Black blood" ...

50% of bigger than that ???

Add American Indian "blood" or "Lower Race blood" inside the Racists....

The Number of Fools is Infinite - the Bible says !

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Charles Manson has a big swastika tattooed in his forehead !

Charles Manson, Squeaky Fromme, Sandra Good and other Harem Girls - The Racism inside the Manson Family - My Acid Trip with Squeaky Fromme

Huffington Post
My Acid Trip with Squeaky Fromme
Paul Krassner --- Author
Paul Krassner's next book is Who's to Say What's Obscene: Politics, Culture and Comedy in America Today, with an introduction by Arianna Huffington and a foreword by Wavy Gravy, to be published by City Lights in July 2009.
His latest book is One Hand Jerking: Reports From an Investigative Satirist, with a foreword by Harry Shearer and an introduction by Lewis Black.
August 6, 2009

My Acid Trip with Squeaky Fromme

Some excerpts :

This month, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a member of the Charles Manson family, is scheduled to be released on parole from a federal prison in Texas after serving 34 years behind bars for the attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford in 1975. Squeaky did not participate in the Tate/LaBianca killings, which I began investigating in 1971.

Squeaky resembled a typical redheaded, freckle-faced waitress who sneaks a few tokes of pot in the lavatory, a regular girl-next-door except perhaps for the unusually challenging nature of her personality, plus the scar of an X that she had gouged and burned into her forehead as a visual reminder of her commitment to Charlie. That same symbol also covered the third eyes of her roommates, Manson family members Sandra Good and Brenda McCann.

With his sardonic rap, mixed with psychedelic drugs and real-life theater games such as "creepy-crawling" and stealing, he had deprogrammed his family from the values of mainstream society, but reprogrammed them with his own perverted philosophy, a cosmic version of the racism perpetuated by the prison system that had served as his family.

Manson had stepped on Sandy's eyeglasses, thrown away her birth control pills, and inculcated her with racist insensibility. Although she had once been a civil rights activist, she was now asking me to tell John Lennon that he should get rid of Yoko Ono and stay with "his own kind."

"But," I said, "they really love each other."

"If Yoko really loved the Japanese people," Sandy replied, "she would not want to mix their blood."

Vicente Duque

Mike said...

I cannot believe how many lives are lost every year due to POLICY! If only the US would ease its restrictions on the green card visa, then more people could get them and less would have to die in their search for prosperity!

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