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Guest Voz - Maegan 'La Mamita Mala': Hate Crime Survivors Victimized Again by Racist Immigration System

Guest Voz - Maegan 'La Mamita Mala': Hate Crime Survivors Victimized Again by Racist Immigration System
When an immigrant, or two in this case, don’t fit into the the “good” immigrant narrative because of a criminal (in)justice system based, since its inception, on oppression, does the community turn it’s back? That is the question that the pro-migrant movement needs to ask itself in the face of the case of cousins Denis Calderon & Julio Maldonado who were victims of a hate crime yet find themselves behind bars, awaiting deportation.
The story of primos Denis and Julio, as told to me by their prima Maria, follows the accepted “American Dream” narrative. They are lawful permanent residents with American citizens as partners and American citizen children. Pero as two Latino immigrants in a changing neighborhood in Philly, they became targets for assault which made it easier for them to be doubly victimized, first by a racist gang and now by the Department of Homeland Security.

In 1996, Julio was visiting Denis at his home in Philadelphia when
the two were victims of a racially-motivated attack by a group of white
youths who insulted them with a racial slur. When the cousins responded to
the slur, the youths began throwing beer bottles at them. The two cousins
tried to escape, and then attempted to defend themselves.
Latinos attempting to defend themselves during a racial attack is never seen as self defense. That is a right not afforded to “our” kind. There is a silent expectation that we are supposed to take what comes our way, but when the tables are turned, Latinos and other people of color are criminalized. Not to speak ill of the dead, but 18-year-old Christian Saladino, who was stabbing Denis, had a history of violence that went unchecked and he and his friends were given the benefit of the doubt never afforded to the brown victims.

When the police arrived, they arrested Denis and Julio. They recovered two
knives at the scene but did not test them for blood or fingerprints since no
witness testified that Denis or Julio had used a knife. Denis and Julio were
charged with aggravated assault. None of the white youths were ever charged with
any crime. Tragically, Christian Saladino died in 1998. Williams brought
murder charges against Denis and Julio. The case went before a jury and the
defendants hired a forensic pathologist who testified that the victim had a
pre-existing blood condition and had not died from injuries sustained in an
attack. Inconsistencies arose in the accounts of the witnesses and the jury
acquitted both defendants.

Judge Smith, the original convicting judge, in his remanded evidentiary hearing decided the new evidence was material and ruled in favor of the defendants, vacating the guilty verdicts and calling for a new trial on the aggravated assault charges. In a reasonable system, that would
have been the end of the story and you would not be reading about it today. But Seth Williams appealed the decision and the appellate court reversed Judge Smith because the cousins had failed to present the exculpatory evidence within the time prescribed by the statute of limitations. The cousins’ criminal attorneys appealed the criminal case up to the U.S. Supreme Court and lost on technical grounds.

Several years ago, DHS got involved and put the cousins into removal proceedings on the basis of the conviction which was then being appealed. Julio and Denis appealed their immigration case up to the Third Circuit and lost. In 2005, Julio and Denis were charged and convicted with failing to cooperate in their own removal because they would not sign the papers necessary to request travel documents from Peru so they could be deported. They have been in federal prison on those charges since 2005. Julio’s release date was moved up a year due to good behavior. DHS has expressed its intent to deport him once he is released on September 12, 2009.
There isn’t much time left. The story of Julio and Denis doesn’t fit into a nice easy sellable package that will push major orgs to line up and spend money on campaigns, which is why the comunidad is important. Julio and Denis could easily have been Marcelo Lucero or Luis Ramirez. The fact that they didn’t die meant that they had to be taken care of in one way or another. There will be some on the ground actions soon and ways that peeps can help. So please stay alert for more info.

Para mas informacion read and the familia’s site on the case, FAITH, which includes extensive details.


Vicente Duque said...

Latino Evangelicals and Pastor "Butch" Montoya are protesting against Racism and the Racist Justice System - Latino Evangelicals wake up to a Harsh Reality

Pastor Fidel “Butch” Montoya writes an intelligent and learned article against the Racism that kills Blacks, Jews, Asians and Latinos. And against a Racist Justice System. He writes in ( a most beautiful website )

He quotes other Evangelical Latino Pastors that protest against this most unChristian attitude and behaviour of many Americans.

I am glad that the Latino Evangelicals are beginning to realize and acknowledge the Brutality and Sadism of the Right Wing.

He makes a recount of the Brutality and Sadism of Homophobia like the killing of Matthew Shepherd and the Racism and Brutality of hanging thousands of Blacks from trees, only because of Hate, Hatred, Sadism, Brutality.

"Butch" Montoya recounts the brutality of the Hate Crime against Luis Ramirez and how the perpetrators were acquitted, absolved, exonerated. Also the killing of little girl Brisenia Flores and her Father by Minutemen Racists.

I hope that more and more Latino Evangelicals see the Perversion, Sadism and Bastardy of many Bigots and Racists inside the Republican Party. Unfortunately the White Evangelicals are the "base" for the Republican Party.
By Fidel "Butch" Montoya

The American stripes and “patriotic” vigilantes: Red, white and blue in the face

Some excerpts :

When Matthew Shepherd was brutally attacked and left to die on some fence on a lonely prairie road in Wyoming, there seemed to be universal shock and disbelief. Wyoming always reflected the Old West and the values of the past encouraged by Manifest Destiny – white entitlement at all cost. So there in the middle of nowhere, Shepherd hung on that old fence as if he were a scarecrow, which is what his rescuers initially thought he was when discovering him.

After being coerced by two bar acquaintances to drink and then leave with the two men, they violently turned on the young man for being gay and murdered him for his wallet and money. Shepherd's brutal murder became one of the most famous hate crime deaths leading to movies, marches, protests, and a new effort by the gay community to make more people aware of hate crimes against gays.

We have heard the stories of how innocent blacks had to face hate, disrespect and death when many were hung from trees like common criminals just because whites hated black people. There is no question; this brutal and hateful period of history in this country is something we must constantly be vigilant. And we must rally against the violent hate crimes committed against black men and women in our country.

At the turn of the century, Bishop Henry M. Turner was able to express the uncertainty, the fear,and determination felt by many Blacks. "We were born here, raised here, bled and died here, and have a thousand times more right here than hundred of thousands of those who help to snub, proscribe, and persecute us, and that is one of the reasons I almost despise the land of my birth."

In his book, "Faces at the Bottom of the Well," Professor Derrick Bell writes about the history of persecution endured by blacks. Professor Bell's book has shaken the very foundation of our beliefs. He observes, "Many people will find it difficult to embrace my assumption that racism is a permanent component of American life."

Vicente Duque

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Video : Marissa Brown, teacher, declares against Policemen - They murdered a Black Man, in Classroom of Church Daycare Center before preschool Children

Shooting Strikes Rockford Preschool, Illinois
Watch the Video in the linked site of WIFR.COM television

Shooting Strikes Rockford Preschool

Some excerpts :

Police say the suspect who died put up a fight and was shot in the process. But preschool staff and the victim's family aren't buying that.

"A bullet could have ricocheted anywhere. I was like, Oh my Gosh," Marissa Brown said.

Marissa Brown is still shaken up over a police chase Monday, landing inside her classroom at the House of Grace Day Care and Preschool.

"The first reaction from anybody working here was get the kids safe," Brown said.

While the kids were OK, they were still an ear shot away from a fatal shooting that killed the 23-year-old male suspect police were after.

Brown says the suspect first hid in boiler room attached to the classroom, then surrendered peacefully to police.

"There was never any tussle. There was never any word exchange, not anything like that," Brown said.

I am linking several pages about this sad event in Rockford. It probably was an execution of a Black Youngster by the two policemen.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Cindy Sheehan lost a son in the Absurd Iraq War - She has been a tough protester and wants to challenge Nancy Pelosi for a House Seat

According to Wikipedia on Cindy Sheehan :

"Protest at President Obama's holiday location
Sheehan has recently announced plans to protest at Martha's Vineyard during President Barack Obama's forthcoming stay there, according to the Washington Examiner.

According to ABC News: "Sheehan invoked Sen. Ted Kennedy's passing as part of her message, noting that he was firmly anti-war and how he said his proudest vote as a senator was his 2002 vote against the Iraq war.""

I take off my hat before this lady !!

I can't understand why people are so blind that they think that killing extremely poor people, illiterate peasants, starving people, the poorest "colored or brown third worlders" is a Great Need or Heroic Action.

These people that die in Afghanistan or Iraq have absolutely nothing to do with the Security of the USA. Internal domestic terrorists are one million times more dangerous.

And they kill people everyday : Killing Doctors, Museum Guards, Women in Gyms, Brisenia Flores, beautiful 9 year old girl and her father ( killed by Minutemen in Arizona, June 2009 )

"While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures.

Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull"

Luis Ramirez killed in Shenandoah Pennsylvania on July 2008. .... The Coward Terrorists are now totally free !!

Those are the real enemies of America !

My report on the War :

Vicente Duque

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