Monday, August 10, 2009

Coward Minuteman Gunny Bush Crying Crocodile Tears, Fearing he will receive the Death Penalty for the Murders of Brisenia Flores and her Dad

Minuteman Gunny Bush is a Coward. He is crying crocodile tears right now. He is crying like a little baby, in fear of the Death Penalty for the murders he has committed.
That is how cowards are. He LIED about his military service. He puffed his chest out in bravura as he walked the streets, guns on hips, chasing the innocents on the border. Now the big Coward is crying Crocodile Tears, in fear of the punishment he will receive for the crimes he has committed. Read what he says as this big, 6'4" Coward faces Justice for his miserable life of crime. reports:
Arivaca suspect denies links to killings, Aryans
Minuteman Jason Bush is accused of killing a homeless man, a white supremacist, a suspected drug dealer and a 9-year-old girl. He has longtime ties to the Aryan Nations, faked a military career and joined forces with the leader of a radical militia movement who wanted to take on illegal immigrants and drug cartels.

According to Bush, however, he has never been a member of the Minutemen American Defense or the military. Bush said he is in favor of opening the border and has only received some "unconventional" military training, the details of which he declined to disclose. Anything about him on the Minutemen American Defense Web site was Forde's doing, Bush said. "I think she was trying to lend some sort of legitimacy to her so-called movement," he said.
Asked if he was at the Flores home the night of the murder or if he had an alibi, Bush said, "I can't talk about anything that night. I'm going to have to leave that to a defense attorney. That's really touchy stuff." As for the gunshot wound to his leg, which authorities said he got during the home invasion, Bush replied, "I can't really talk about that; that's part of my defense."
When asked if he truly believes drug traffickers and illegal immigrants are "terrorists," Bush initially laughed and then began to choke up. "No. I believe terrorists are people who invade people's homes in the middle of the night and shoot families," Bush said. "I believe terrorists are people that have the ability and the knowledge to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions and choose not to and let someone else sit and rot in prison for their inaction."
Officials in two Washington state counties say Bush's racist views led him to kill two men in that state in 1997.
Bush is charged in the July 1997 stabbing death of Hector Lopez-Partida, a homeless man who died in Wenatchee, and the September 1997 death of Jon Bumstead, an 18-year-old white supremacist from East Wenatchee. Bush was tied to Lopez-Partida's death after his arrest in the Flores deaths; his DNA was found in the armpit of a shirt found at the murder scene. According to Douglas County court records obtained by the Star this week, an informant told detectives he, Bush, Bumstead and another friend were camping together when Bush shot Bumstead in the back and the head.
He hadn't come forward until now because Bush had threatened to kill him and his family, the man told police. He was 17 at the time of the slaying.
Death penalty possible
The Pima County Attorney's Office has until the end of the month to decide if prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty. It's a possibility Bush says weighs heavy on his mind. "I have a very defendable position, but even a very defendable position requires more resources than what we have available," Bush said.
"The prosecuting attorney has limitless resources, thousands of police officers to investigate for them and forensics, labs and technicians. ... I have a county-funded attorney and a private investigator. Those are my resources. Facing what I'm facing, it's kind of scary. I'm praying for a miracle. You've got to understand, I'm fighting for my life."
But in a teary jailhouse interview, Bush cries, "I didn't do it. I'm not guilty of what they've charged me with."


Vicente Duque said...

Yes, a Terrorist, Coward and Bastard, like the six Youngsters that killed Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennsylvania on July 2008, and the other coward bastards that killed Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, Long Island, New York ....

This last crime was greatly helped by the Racism, and complicit complacency with perpetrators of Steve Levy, authority in that county and area, and a Friend of Racism that tried to install the Minutemen in Long Island .

More Info :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe the California Minutemen, Border Patrol Auxiliary, or neo-nazis cowars or whatever they call themselves are still in operation after this. These people trained with them at their camp vigilante! They atill train at the border with machine guns.

pcorn54 said...

Let me see if I've got this right.

We reported after his arrest, that he confessed to his role in the crime as being the shooter.

He's bragged to others about the murders he committed in Washington State, and now, reading between the lines, he is going to blame Forde for everything? She certainly deserves the blame, but what's his point?

This is going to be interesting. And remember folks, one week from today, they're back in court. August 18.

pcorn54 said...

Anonymous, don't be surprised if one of them is charged in the murder of BP Agent Rosas either!

Anonymous said...

Pcorn, I wonder if they are being investigated now. I've posted links to a site that shows these dangerous morons with machine guns at the border. Here it is. Chilling.

pcorn54 said...

I don't know but the cowardly bastards, aka Ken Dreger couldn't find anything more important to do than to erect a mirror site to mine in order to push their racist, xenophobic propaganda. That's what you do when you're running scared.

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