Friday, July 31, 2009

Loser Limbaugh Jealous of the President's and Congress's Successes!

Poor Loser Limbaugh. Poor Loser Dobbs. Though they dreamed of Failure for our President and for our Country, their dreams are shattering. The economy is improving. The nation's gross domestic product declined 1% in the second quarter, less than expected and better than the first quarter's drop. The S&P 500 Index has risen 12 percent during earnings season. Many aspects of our President's Stimulus package are extremely popular.

Of course the republican faux news sites are either changing the subject or attempting to spin the good news negatively. They do not fool the every day American public.

I saw an interesting poll today. Our President Obama's popularity numbers are rising in the North, in the East and in the West. Over 90% believe he is a citizen and think the Birther's are nutcases. His numbers are rising among young people and educated people.

There is only one group where the numbers are declining and the Birthers range between 40 and 50%:
1. Republican Base
2. Southern Red States
How embarrassing for the Republican Party. They are becoming totally irrelevant!


Dee said...

The Naysayers deny the success of our President. They support the whacked out birther movement.

They advocate Failure for America and failure for our President.

The core republican base is loaded with White Nationalists and racists.

They want to deny millions of every day Americans from Healthcare Reform.

The demented far right wing right should seek mental help!!

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

Thanks for Beautiful Wonderful Information on the Economy. I am exultant.

I had forgotten the Economy today only to think of TV fools, Media idiots and criminals killing Latinos until I read your posts and became recharged and energized.

I just posted beautiful articles from Reuters and other agencies than underline the Importance of the Good Economic News and the Reports of Optimism about Recovery.

Wall Street Markets are calmed, while Investors pick up earnings of the recent rallies.

Here the Economy :

I am sure that Obama will be a Great President, as I have always said even before the Election.

I don't worry about the Economy or Health Care....

The only little possibility of Great Trouble is Foreign Policy...

If Obama follows the same Policies of George W. Bush for Fear of the Republican Idiots, then the American Empire is going to be in trouble.

I have been following the lectures of Professor of History Chalmers A. Johnson ( University of California at Berkeley and San Diego )....

They are talking of "The Last Days of the American Empire".

Even if this seems exaggerated, this Professor is Super Entertaining, Intelligent and Erudite.

This has been like a Catharsis or Intellectual Epiphany to find this Professor and his Theories.

This has been a moment of great or sudden revelation. I love History and Mythology and I love people that refer to those events or "Fantasies" ...

Here you find Videos and Writings of the Professor :

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

I wonder what Obama would think if he contemplated Prof. Johnson's thesis. If he is right, maybe the road ahead for Obama is not going to be as smooth as some think.

In keeping with Prof Johnson's remarks regarding the following may be instructive:

As a measure of the government’s ability to finance and manage the programs it enacts, the following facts about Social Security and Medicare are revealing and prophetic. The nation’s capital stock would have to be $106.4 trillion larger today to generate enough income to pay all of the Social Security and Medicare benefits that have been promised, over and above future payroll taxes. But according to the Federal Reserve, the nation’s total private net worth is only $51.5 trillion. An 81% increase in income taxes would be needed to cover this problem.
Now a new trillion dollar health care program is being rushed through Congress without adequate study. The 1000 page House version, on p. 16, would prohibit any new purchases of private insurance and any changes from one carrier to another. Sections 242, 1702 and 1714 would allow illegal aliens to participate at taxpayer expense. Congress needs to eliminate these provisions, reduce the scope of the program, and s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.
Everyone who applies for any new health care program should be required provide foolproof evidence that they are in this country legally. We could use E-verify for this purpose if Congress and the Administration would get off the dime and require its use across the board in both public and private applications. Now there is a real potential for cost reductions in Medicaid if that were done.
As in the earlier Social Security and Medicare estimates, neither the revenue nor the cost estimates for health care reform are credible. The government will ultimately find out that the rich can’t finance health care reform all by themselves. Guess whose turn it will be then. The promised cost savings have already turned out to be ephemeral. The CBO has said that the proposed program will actually increase the cost of health care. Now that statement is credible! How can you add 30 million uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions and expect the cost to go down? And make no mistake about it: co-op = public option = single payer (gov’t.) -- goodbye private plans. Enjoy your private plan now when you get sick because you won’t have it for long.
Isn't it time we figured out how to pay for the programs already on the books before we indulge in a rush to enact another underfunded entitlement program? If Obama wants to tax the rich, why not begin by removing the cap on taxable earnings for social security purposes while freezing the maximum benefit at the present level as adjusted for inflation? Why not take a more modest approach to health care reform and ask doctors, insurance companies and drug companies to voluntarily reduce costs by some prescribed amount or percentage and ask them to give assurances that costs will not be allowed to increase at a rate greater than the overall inflation rate for the next ten years. Many already have pro bono programs for those who cannot afford their medications. Wal-Mart has introduced prescriptions for as little as $4. Maybe we need more pro bono volunteers to help the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions but with the requirement that they have to demonstrate what they are doing to improve their own diets, exercise routine, and general health. Insurance companies most nefarious practices could be made illegal. For example, a bill submitted by doctor should be paid promptly whenever it is submitted, not denied because it was not received in final form within some arbitrary prescribed period.
Already mortgaged to the hilt, America’s future is headed toward another underfunded program we cannot afford. Good cost estimates get overruled by political appointees if they don’t support their favorite programs. I know. I was a government cost analyst.

ultima said...

El Duque wrote, "I love ... Mythology."

That much is clear.

ultima said...

El Duque wrote, "I love ... Mythology."

That much is clear.

ultima said...

If you are interested in the most authoritative ans professionally written discussion of Obama's birth certificate and related matters, here is long article that needs to be read from beginning to end.

ultima said...

It looks like there may be some possibility of getting out of Iraq because of the earlier policies of the Bush Administration. The quagmire of Afghanistan is now whole-owned by Obama so it will be interesting to see how he does.

Islam leaders say, "Our way of thinking will prove more powerful than yours." And it already is in Europe where demographics are working against Western Civilization and for Muslims. In a few short years, all of Europe will be under the sway of Islam. They don't have to have the majority in the parliaments to be able to excercise substantial control.

An Arab proverb says, "A falling camel attracts many knives." In supine Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Britain, Islam senses the camel is falling and this as no time to stop knifing him.

I have railed about the Hispanic invasion of the U.S. that is setting us up for the destabilizing aspects of bicultural and bilingual societies.

But there is another truck coming down the pike, even here in the U.S. and the complacency about the Hispanicization will be nothing compared to monolithic Islamist world that awaits us unless we shake off our somnolence and do something. Don't expect to change the Koran. Don't expect to change the imams who regularly preach jihad in U.S. mosques. And don't expect to change Sharia. The penalty for apostasy is death.

The youth of the world are attracted to Islam because Muslims know what they want to do and they don't plan to turn the other cheek. Obama is playing into their hands with his outreach to the Muslim world. They are laughing up their sleeves.

In the meantime we are paying jizya, a sort of poll tax on (Djimmi)Jews, Christians, and Majians living in a Muslim society. We pay it through our "humanitarian" aid to the Palestinians, the billions we sent to Egypt without noticeable results, and we pay tribute to the Saudis whenever we fill up our gas tank.

We are the Djimmi and we are suffering from Djimmitude. A brief study of the situation in Europe will demonstrate its downward spiral, much as we are in our first downward spiral from Hispanicization headed toward a second one as Muslims become the force in American politics that Hispanics dream of.

Dee said...

OMG Ultima,
You too are a Birther?!? LOL LOL LOL

Here is your sign:

Birther Sign

ultima said...

No I am not a birther or a myther. I let the facts speak for themselves but, of course, that doesn't help much if you have a closed mind a closed mind like most Obama supporters. I thought the article provided some very useful information. I suggest that Congress specify all the documents a presidential candidate must provide before he or she can enter the primaries: things like all those documents requested from Obama but not disclosed. In particular the original birth document signed by the attending physician should be made available for careful examination by forgery experts with supoena power for vital statistics staff and newspapers that prints birth announcements. All this would assure no future birther phenomenon.

Just for the hell of it, I would like to see if the CIA by hook or by crook could create an original birth certificate, properly signed by an excellent forger, and inserted into the files in the dead of night or with the collusion of a vital stat clerk using blackmail, money, or whatever is necessary. Actually the CIA could do the whole job without any help. The second part of the test would be to show that bogus birth announcements could be inserted in three different newspapers without difficulty. This, of course, would not alter Obama's situation but it would tend to quiet those who have made it a fetish to ridicule those who have had legitimate concerns about such things.

I take note of the fact that you did not comment on any of the detailed info in the article. I thought it was well-done and brought up a number of interesting points I had not read elsewhere, especially those relating to the different types of birth certificates.

You should use your investigative powers to determine how much money Obama spent to suppress records he didn't want the voters to see.

Vicente Duque said...

While Enemies of Obama are in Circus of Fools, Friends of Obama count the Money earned in the 48% Rally in Stock Market since March 9, 2009

Enemies of President Obama are clowns in a Circus of Fools, For example : the Birther Movement, those that say that Obama was not born in Hawaii and that Obama is not an American Citizen.

The Friends of Obama are surfing the big wave of earnings since March 9 in Wall Street .... This is a Real Hawaiian Wave, like those of Hawaiian Surfing.

Their Hawaiian Surf Boards of brand "Obama" have produced Great Earningns of 48%

Weep Republicans, Weep for your Foolishness !!

And what about the Great Economic Obama Catastrophe ??? ... Are they waiting for it ??

There are people that deny the roudness of the earth. There are people that say that there was no trip to the Moon. Many people believe that Elvis is alive. Lots of people say that they were abducted by the extraterrestrials and UFOs ....

And you can read several articles on the Prosperity and Recovery here :

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

LOL See Dee at the border here

ultima said...

Most so-called birthers are not nut cases. Obama's many failures to come clean and produce all of his documents and allow experts to review his original birth certificate are serious reasons for doubting his veracity. With the stroke of a pen he could clear all this up then the remaining birthers would indeed be nut cases but until then his lack of disclosure and lack of transparency speaks volumes about a potential conspiracy of momumental proportions. Maybe he should have few serious birthers in for a beer so he can clear up the reasons for his reticence.

We have a case here where Obams's supporters will accept anything he says as gospel as though it was delivered in a speech on Mt Sinai and he had the tablets with the ten commandments in his arms. Must be nice to have that kind of muddle-headed, uncritical support.

Dee said...

I see I touched a nerve with you again Ultima.

The FACTS are, Birthers ARE Nutcases!! Everyone knows that!!

I feel sorry for them.

I will send biscuits and gravy and do all I can to cover up their (butt)cracks. So sad. I feel sad for them!!
All we can do is ask them to walk to the light. Perhaps they will all see it this time!

Dee said...

Limbaugh, Beck and Dobbs PREACH the following:

Birthers and the Bleaching of America!

So misunderstood!!

pcorn54 said...

Somebody tell me where the hell this section gives healthcare to illegals! Only in the minds of the loons.

""SEC. 202 (1)

EXCHANGE-ELIGIBLE INDIVIDUAL- The term `Exchange-eligible individual' means an individual who is eligible under this section to be enrolled through the Health Insurance Exchange in an Exchange-participating health benefits plan and, with respect to family coverage, includes dependents of such individual.

Birth Certificates? More loony toon madness.

I just looked at my birth certificate, and across the top, "OKLAHOMA CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH"

Most states put their records on microfiche in the 70's and when someone requests a certified copy of their birth certificate, they get a Certificate of live birth, the microfiche record xeroxed on an security paper with the State seal. Most people, such as myself, couldn't tell you where the original BC is!

People need to put this shit to bed and forget about it

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "The FACTS are, Birthers ARE Nutcases!! Everyone knows that!!"

No one knows that! This is just some more of the ridicule that is a stock in trade for the Obama crowd. I note that you took no issue with the facts contained in the excellent article I posted. If you, as an Obama acolyte, are convinced that he has released all the documents that would clear up this and other matters, you ought to deal with each of those documents and why you think he has not released them. There is something fishy about his reticence in that regard. It's too bad that Obama's supporters are so entralled that he could do something really dastardly and you would simply shrug it off.

Tunnel vision is a terrible thing.

ultima said...

I note, by the way, that your other idol, Michael Jackson, was not only a creep but a drug addict. He clearly outdid Limbaugh in getting many doctors to write prescription for him. They say he had a regular pharmacy of drugs in his house. I guess he thought he wanted to go out the same way Elvis did.

ultima said...

Perhaps it would be well to delay the canonization of Obama for just a little while longer. The loyal opposition does have some ideas if he would only listen. As long as he has non-thinking supporters, he will be able to do whatever he wants whether it is good for the country or not. It would be better to study the various proposals and offer some constructive criticism rather than feeling faint every time he opens his mouth.

ultima said...

Before getting too excited about the economic recovery it might be useful for all concerned to do a study of length of past recessions. There is an ebb and flow in the business cycle that largely dictates when recovery will occur. I note that since inventories have been drawn down companies are now back in business producing more to build back those inventories. The prudence of managers in first reducing inventories and now building them back up may turn out to be the most important factor in the recovery. So little of the stimulus money has been spent, one can hardly attribute the recovery to that quarter at this point.

ultima said...

The Bleaching of America by Dee Perez-Scott can be seen here.

Vicente Duque said...

Bush, Bushites and Republicans in Love with Racist British Historian, He defends Apartheid and Worst Massacres of Britain - Club to Invade Africa for Whites again

Racist British Historian Andrew Roberts advised George W Bush, at a White House dinner to celebrate his histories, to adopt "the whole idea of mass internment", saying: "I think it is the way the administration of Iraq should go. He cited Ireland as a model of how internment can work to appease rebels .....

There is a Club in London that celebrates the Amritsar Massacre of India and the Proclamation of White Rhodesia - Club wants to invade Africa to establish Colonialism and Apartheid once again. It is a Racist Colonialist Club and British Historian Andrew Roberts is of course a prominent member at its dinners and celebrations.

The British Historian is the favorite of the Most Racist Republicans, the men that you know very capable of Hate and Aggression against American Minorities.

Huffington Post
The Terrible Truth About the Republicans' Favourite Historian
Johann Hari
Columnist, London Independent
August 2, 2009

The Terrible Truth About the Republicans' Favourite Historian

Some excerpts :

What does it say about Britain that today we merrily laud a historian who celebrates the most murderous acts of the British Empire - and even says women and children who died in our concentration camps were killed by their own stupidity? What does it say about the Republican Party that their most senior leaders - from George W. Bush to Dick Cheney to Karl Rove to Fred Thompson - fawn over this man?

Andrew Roberts is routinely described in the British press, and the likes of National Review, as a talented historian with a penchant for partying. They affectionately describe how the 46-year-old millionaire-inheritee sucks up to the English aristocracy. He brags: "To [the] charge of snobbery I plead guilty, with pride," saying he has "an exaggerated sense of - and tak[es] an unapologetic delight in - class distinctions." But all this Evelyn Waugh tomfoolery masks the toxic values that infuse Roberts's works of "history".

Roberts, who has a new book out this week, describes himself as "extremely right-wing". To understand him, you need to look at a small, sinister group of British-based South African and Zimbabwean exiles he has associated with. In 2001, Roberts spoke to a dinner of the Springbok Club, a group that regards itself as the shadow white government of South Africa. Its founder, a former member of the neo-fascist National Front, says: "In a nutshell our policy can be summed up in one sentence: we want our countries back, and believe this can now only come about by the re-establishment of civilised European rule throughout the African continent."

The club, according to its website, flies the flag of apartheid South Africa at every meeting. The British High Commission has accused the club of spreading "hate literature

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

I know no one here is interested in anything that takes a little bloom off the Obama rose but here's a little info regarding the average length of recessions.

Dee said...

Your birther theories are illogical.

Do me a favor, order your own birth certificate. I recently did. Most states now provide you a copy similar to the one shown by our President. Does that make YOUR birth certificate invalid? No.

I ordered a copy of my birth certificate 40 yours ago. It was the old white on black detailed copy. That version does not make the new version invalid. The new one is what the states provide.

Most logical Americans know that the President is a citizen and has a proper birth certificate.

You Birthers continue to look ridiculous. Even if he produces the old version which the state(s) say they no longer provide, you would find some silly reason to question it.

Why is it every time a minority succeeds in life you have to figure some way to attempt to disqualify their success? You SAY we are Post Racism. I say NO. Racism is thriving in certain areas of America, particularly in backrooms of White Supremists who say they are not racists yet they think they are superior to others and start all of this NONSENSE.

To name a few: Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Dobbs, Malkin... RACISM LIVES AND BREATHES IN AMERICA!

Dee said...

I see another RAW Nerve I've touched of yours!



(Dickie Cheney took credit for no domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11. Why didn't he take credit for the only major terrorist attack - 9/11 occurring on HIS watch?? -- He should also take credit for wrecking our economy ON HIS WATCH!! -- Obama and the Democrats should and will take credit for our Economic Recovery!! God Bless America! God Bless President Obama!)

ultima said...


Probably true. Otherwise he would be out of office in 2012 and would lose some Congressional seats in 2010. However, the recovery is behind schedule and some are even predicting it will be next year before it happens. If so that will be one of the longer ones in post WW II history. As I say nothing to crow about! But then Obamanites crow whether there is an occasion for it or not. Incredible!

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Your birther theories are illogical."

I have no birther theories. I ran across an article which I thought was professionally written and well-supported with facts from the Hawaii statutes. But there is no room in a closed mind for facts is there.

In what way is that article illogical? Tough question to answer -- perhaps beyond your ability

Dee said...

Here is where you are missing it.
The Bush Administration totally wrecked the economy in the last 8 years. The worst in history. Our current President has only been in office since January, a mere 6 months. Surely even right wing extremists must realize this.
Of course with all the spin from the radicals like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity, it may be difficult for your side to consider logic.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Even if he produces the old version which the state(s) say they no longer provide, you would find some silly reason to question it."

If it were examined and attested to by experts on forgeries, and if he produced all of the other documents that have been requested, then and only then should and would anyone accept the results. What is he afraid of? What are you afraid Of? Clearly there is a need for a new standard of disclosure by presidential candidates before the primaries.

Have you had time to look into how much money Obama has spent to suppress those documents? Did he spend any? Reference? Why?

ultima said...

It might surprise you to know that I do not watch Hannity,

Yes, there may be light at the end of the tunnel and it may have been longer in coming than the average because of its depth

I want the stock market to go up and up and up. I want America to be put back to work and I want something done about the deficts that are undermining our solvency.

Dee said...

I never saw George Bush's birth certificate. Nor did I see Bill Clinton's, Bush Sr, Reagan's, etc. Nor have I seen them for any Congressman or Senator or Governor or Mayor. Had I asked, and the state provided it, the Governor sanctioned it, reviewed it, I would have said, woah, way over the top, you didn't need to provide all that validation. However, to appease these idiotic birthers, ALL OF THE ABOVE was done.

Why is it the first Black President in our country's history and now your Birther wackos are suddenly clammoring for this stuff.

The Birthers are all Nutcases.

Dee said...

Birther madness: ONLY ASK THE BLACK GUY FOR THIS -- "If it were examined and attested to by experts on forgeries, and if he produced all of the other documents that have been requested"

Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy skit.


Dee said...

This reminds me of the swiftboating of John Kerry, a true American War hero. The coward swiftboaters voted for a coward President warmonger Bush who never truly served our country yet they demonized a true hero like Kerry.

The Birthers are nutcases as are the swiftboaters and all the extreme republican right wingers.

By the way, Bill Maher just said we will show the birthers the birth certificate when sarah palin shows her actual high school and college diplomas. Not a copy, not a reprint, the actual certificates. Names and hours and classes must be certified by examined and attested to by our experts on forgeries, and if she produced all of the other documents that have been requested, then and only then should and would anyone accept the results.

Additionally, I want to see the actual military history of george w. bush. They must be examined and attested to by experts on forgeries, and if he produced all of the other military documents which he CLAIMS are missing, that have been previously requested, then and only then should and would anyone accept the results.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "By the way, Bill Maher just said we will show the birthers the birth certificate when sarah palin shows her actual high school and college diplomas."

OMG! I didn't know he worked in the White House but considering his extreme left wing rhetoric, the counterpart to Hannity, et. al, I'm not surprised. I think this can be done as soon as Obama approves and agrees.

Check with Dan Rather re: Bush's military record. He got fired because he failed in his reportorial responsibilities. Let see Kerry was the guy who lied about his service in Cambodia and threw his medals over the White House fence. Sounds like he got exactly what he deserved. And his bid for the presidency wasn't even close.

I know the essence of Bush's service or the lack thereof. At least he did wear the uniform at one time in the National Guard that's more than we can say for Bill Clinton, whose lack of service is tantamount to draft dodging had there been a draft at that time -- I don't recall. And of course, Obama never served a day either so Bush has nothing to apologize for in comparison with that duo.

Dee said...

Ultima said: "I know the essence of Bush's service"

So you KNOW, just KNOW the essence of W.s service. Hmmmm. Funny how you "just know" and that is good enough for you.

Very Predictable! Just like the Birthers.

ultima said...

Bush's records should be in the hands of the National Guard and should be accessible from that source. If the Guard lost those records, it's not his fault. In fact, some official mililtary and census records were destroyed in a fire.

Neither Bush nor Palin nor Cheney are in the White House now. There is a difference. They are now private citizens. Perhaps you should disclose your transcripts, pay stubs, citizenship papers, birth records, etc. for your parents, grandparents, brother-in-law, et. al.. At least that would explain a portion of your biases.

ultima said...

There is a difference between a president and a private citizenk,especially if there is some doubt in some people's mind about the former's legitimacy. Palin and Bush have nothing to prove. Obama does and he knows it.

Dee said...

It's funny how you "just know" about Kerry and Clinton and all those you hate and have poor judgement about. You "just know" and your "just knowing" is true to you and good enough for you.

. John Kerry was a War Hero
. President Obama is a Citizen
. We had the best economic times in history thanks to Bill Clinton.

ultima said...


No, let's ask it of all future presidential candidates too. No sense in going thru this birther nonsense again.

Dee said...

Why is it the Birthers, the ANTIs, and the extreme right wing of the Republican party are the same people? Why do they hate our President? Hate Latinos? Are full of Hate and Violence? Beck, Dobbs, Limbaugh, Malkin..their leaders! All NUTCASES!!!

The everyday American People are wise to you guys! You are all destroying the Republican party. Unless the Republican party stops allowing these kooks to run the party, no republican will ever be elected again!

John McCain said in an article today that the Republicans need the Latino Vote if they are ever to gain office again. As I've always said, McCain is the only Republican that makes any sense.

Why is it the Right Wing Extremists have the WRONG OPINIONS ON EVERYTHING?!?

Dee said...

Ultima said:
"Bush's records should be in the hands of the National Guard and should be accessible from that source. If the Guard lost those records, it's not his fault. In fact, some official mililtary and census records were destroyed in a fire."

Funny how you take the WORD of some unknown officials that the Guard "LOST" the military files.

How convenient. And you just take the "word" of who knows who.

YET you do not take the word of the Governor of Hawaii, the officials from Hawaii or the word of

How duplicitous of you and the Birther Loonies!!

Dee said...

So in order to close this discussion, one thing is clear.

The President has provided the sanctioned and very legal BC. The Governor of Hawaii has sanctioned it as have all of the hospital and government officials.

The UnPatriotic Birther Loonies can just go SUCK EGGS!!! The Terrorists LOVE THEM for their anti-American rhetoric in time of War.


Anonymous said...

When birthers say Obama was born in Kenya, what proof do they have, can they provide a copy of Obamas birth certificate form Kenya?

Obama and the state of Hawaii have provided a certificate of his live birth in the USA.

The Arizonian said...

I guess I'm curious on how you judge 'success' in a modern society. Does give the banks $23 TRILLION, thats not a typo- $23 Trillion- mean success?
Does a ever creeping unemployment after you say "if we pass this stimulus package, unemployment won't exceed 8%" then unemployment climbs to 10% say 'success'?
Does creating a government program giving as much as $4500 to buy a 'more fuel efficient car', putting people more in debt in the process 'success'?

I guess these would be successes if you were looking out for your baker buddies and amassing more control....

pcorn54 said...

Ultima, you lose credibility for your position when you reference the poison put out by the John Tanton mouthpiece "Social Contract".

Dee, Think what you just said about the swifboating of John Kerry. Who was behind that? Who took full credit and wrote the book? And who also wrote the book of lies "Obamanation" in the hopes of derailing his run for the White House? Who is behind the "push" on the birth certificate issue? Who allegedly went to "Kenya" on a fact finding mission and was allegedly detained?

Dr Jerome Corsi! A plagerizing lowlife from

Read the site. They can't write a paragraph without interjecting a sale pitch for some of their garbage.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "The UnPatriotic Birther Loonies can just go SUCK EGGS!!! The Terrorists LOVE THEM for their anti-American rhetoric in time of War."

This has a hollow ring given all the anti-American rhetoric from the neolibs and uber leftists during the Bush Administration in time of war.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, " lose credibility for your position when you reference the poison put out by the John Tanton mouthpiece "Social Contract".

I made no such reference. My remarks refer to reports in the mainstream media. Admittedly they are not the best source either but about the only one available.

Dee said...

The Birthers are the unpatriotic.
Regarding Bush and his wrongful turn to Iraq vs capturing Bin Laden when he had the chance: Bush was admittedly wrong and we were right to protest. There is a marked difference in protesting justly vs this bogus and racist birther nonsense. I posted the youtube of Orly Taitz-- the nutcase that leads the birther movement. Look at the video. How embarrassing for the birthers to have her for a leader. Then she puts out a fake Kenyan birth certificate. People are laughing at her for her illogical and insane antics. How embarrassing.

ultima said...

Dee wrote,"The Birthers are the unpatriotic."

What does that make the anti-America, pro-foreigner movement?

Some of the birthers may be completely bonkers but others, as I demonstrated in the article I posted,have taken a dispassionate, professional approach raising some important issues and generally unknown aspects of this problem.

ultima said...

Dee wrote,"John McCain said in an article today that the Republicans need the Latino Vote if they are ever to gain office again."

Yes, but as noted in the NYT article I posted, Obama is not exactly in good graces with Latinos now either. And some day the problem will be that neither party can elect a president without catering to Muslims. Latinos won't be so happy then.

Latinos make the mistake of interpreting anti-illegal sentiment as racism. If they were to put the national interest first they would vote Republican. If they realized that ignoring the rule of law is not in their best interests, they would vote Republican. (They don't like it when something looks like ethnic profiling but they look the other way when the rule of law is otherwise violated. Sorry it doesn't work that way. You can't pick and choose which laws you want enforced.) Latinos should see the Republicans as their saviour if they are citizens. We are trying to save them from themselves as they overtly or inadvertently seek to re-make America in the image of the countries they have abandoned. How intelligent is that kind of a re-make? We want to find a way to continued economic success for all of us without having to double our population. We want to avoid having to live in ant hills and continue to enjoy whatever open space and natural resources we still have. They are not limitless. Notice none of these are race-related objectives. So why is it Latinos cannot see the light? Is it there own ethnocentricity that blinds them to what is best for all of us, including the 50 million Latinos in the U.S.. Our objectives should be the same: secure borders, a stable population, a preservation of our natural resources,standard of living,and quality of life. Nothing racial about that! That is something all thinking Latinos should support instead of the objectives of La Raza and immigration advocates.

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