Thursday, July 2, 2009

Minutemen & ANTI Groups Raising Level of Attacks and Accusing Each Other of Involvement in Brisenia Flores Family Murders!

There are a frenzy of attacks going on between the ANTI Immigration Reform groups right now due to the murder of Brisenia Flores by minuteman Shawna Forde.
From William Gheen at Alipac:
ALIPAC Issues Advisory on Glenn Spencer and American Patrol -
July 2, 2009
We regret to inform everyone that the home offices of Glenn Spencer of American Patrol have been raided by a swat team with a search warrant due to his involvement with Shawna Forde. ALIPAC issued several national advisories about Shawna Forde earlier this year, when it became clear she was a risk to our movement, dishonest, and potentially violent. All known groups and leaders in the immigration enforcement movement heeded our advice earlier this year and did not post or distribute Shawna Forde's bogus rape, assault story and photos, which were clearly an attempt to deflect suspicion away from herself and her involvement in the attempted murder of her husband. There were a few exceptions. Jim Gilchrist and Steve Eichler of Minuteman Project, Chuck Stonex of New Mexico, and Glenn Spencer and an employee known as "Melissa" of American Patrol who continued to aid, support, defend, or encourage Shawna Forde after our advisory, as well as, before and after the murders.

William Gheen and Melisa Jamarmillo exchanged verbal attacks this week on the alipac discussion board. Subsequently, Melisa sent this open letter to William Gheen, which she also forwarded to Long Island Wins: (key portion of letter follows)
To: William Gheen
....I find there is something wrong with you. You lack character and integrity. You are not trustworthy and I think you are a bit psychotic. There must be something wrong with you, as your vicious and continued attacks against others fighting for the same cause is nothing but destructive for the movement and they make you look obsessed. That's it, you're obsessed with the destruction of anyone who does not bend to your will. God, I
hope you don't have a wife or children - especially teenagers because they have a mind of their own. I believe it is your actions and the actions of those like you who helped to drive Shawna over the edge. Go after her family - they knew of her plans. Go after the MM in Colorado - they knew of her plans. None of them tried to talk her out of it or stop her. You did nothing to stop her either. Hell, not even you thought she would end up doing something so atrocious. Furthermore, it is not aiding and abetting to have a brief chit chat
with somebody who came by out of the blue. Believe you me, had I known about the incident in Arivaca and the Shawna was wanted for questioning, I would have shut the door in her face and contacted the authorities. Stop your lies and retract your libel for your own good...

Meanwhile, reports:
..Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Orange County, Calif.-based Minutemen Project, wrote today that he finds it "alarming how some persons in the Minuteman movement have used the recent Arizona double homicide involving Shawna Forde as a glorious opportunity to allocate blame to those with whom they have targeted for abusive propaganda."
According to Gilchrist, Gheen's group and other anti-illegal immigration organizations "pointing the finger of blame are the same ones into which Shawna Forde had intermittent interaction, or in which she attempted to insert herself. Failing that, she created her own organization and operated independently."..
In an e-mail to The Herald this morning calling attention to his post, Gilchrist said Forde bears responsibility for her alleged criminal conduct. However, he also suggested that public criticism of Forde by ALIPAC and two other border-watch groups may have driven her over the edge and toward violence."Relentless attacks by these three groups via the internet upon her character may very well have fueled her anger to the point of no return," Gilchrist wrote.
Note: On Jim Gilchrist's MMP website, he lists the names of all of the anti-illegal immigration groups he blames. They include: 1. William Gheen/Alipac; Jeff Schwilk; Chelene Nightengale; 2. Patriots Border Alliance (PBA); 3. Ken Dreger (Camp Vigilance) - who allowed her to train in camp; 4. Robert Crooks - who trained Shawna; Mountain MM; 5. CCIR; 6. Save our State; 7. Jeff Schwilk/San Diego MMs; 8. Campo MM; 9. MMP (his own group) 10. Deborah Courtney; 11. Border Patrol Aux (BPAUX); 12. MM Civil Defense Corp/Chris Simcox; 13. American Border Patrol; 14. Alipa, SDMM, CCIR, SOS (again); 15. Uncounted MMs and Metger family.

All of their actions prove how unstable and violent these ANTI Immigration Reform groups are. How are they allowed to continue to patrol the border armed with attack weapons? How are they allowed to patrol worksites and day labor sites knowing their true agendas?
How can any sane politician continue to associate themselves with them without themselves becoming suspect of the same venomous and outrageous behaviors? How can Fox News continue to support their violent actions and in-fighting? Why has Fox News stopped reporting ANY News about the minutemen, Good or Bad??

America has had ENOUGH of these violent, angry, hate-filled Minutemen and ANTI Immigration Reform groups. The only good news is, they are finally outing themselves displaying their true nature. Perhaps now they will take their hate filled rhetoric and go home!

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Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

Thanks for Informations on these Racists, thanks for your presence and your Kindness and Humanity -

As you said before we have to blog relentlessly against this Racism and Hate, to take them to courts.


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