Friday, July 31, 2009

Police Say Minuteman Murderer Gunny Bush, Partner to Shawna Forde, is Chief Suspect in 4th Murder

Seattle Weekly reports:
Minuteman Suspected of 4th Slaying
The accusations continue to pile up against Jason Bush (left), the Wenatchee white supremacist accused of accompanying Everett Minutemen leader Shawna Forde in the Arizona desert robbery and shootout that left a Mexican man and his 9-year-old daughter dead last month. Authorities now count four people as Bush homicide victims over a 12-year period. Beside the two June murders, Bush is suspected in the 1997 slaying of Hector Manuel Lopez Partida, 29, a homeless Wenatchee man stabbed seven times while sleeping. This week, at a press conference, Chelan County authorities said they now suspect Bush, a onetime Aryan Nations soldier, of another 1997 murder, that of Jonathan Bumstead, 18, of East Wenatchee, who was shot in the back and head. The Wenatchee World, quoting a detective, reports that an informant (who said he was at both of the Chelan murders) recalled Bush saying Bumstead was killed "because he was a traitor to the race." While the three other victims were Mexican, Bumstead was white. The indication was that he and Bush, who were acquaintances, had a falling out before the shooting. Charges are pending while, in Arizona, prosecutors are still considering seeking the death penalty against Bush, Forde and a third accomplice.


The Arizonian said...

Sorry, what's your point? Just curious.....

Vicente Duque said...

Had Shawna Forde a Mexican Lover ?? -- Besides her Blowjobs to Mexicans for $50 dollars a piece ??

The Lady Shawna Forde killed a nine year old beautiful Girl, Brisenia Flores and her father Raul Flores.

It has been widely reported in the Internet that Shawna Forde performed "Blowjobs" to Latinos, $50 dollars a piece. That is in police files and serious newspapers of the State of Washington have given that important information.

Shawna Forde did "Blowjobs" for Mexicans when adolescent of age 17 - Police Records and Seattle Weekly Newspaper

But now another serious Newspaper reports that Shawna had a "Latino" Lover.

"As those following the story know, Shawna Forde, head of the group Minuteman American Defense, and her alleged cohorts, fellow Minuteman Jason "Gunny" Bush and Forde's reputed lover, Albert Robert Gaxiola, were taken into custody June 11 and 12 for the deadly home invasion."

Phoenix New Times - Arizona Newspaper
Stephen Lemons
July 14, 2009

Connecting the Dots Between Shawna Forde and Her Ideological Confederates

It is very difficult to understand Shawna. She said that Mexicans were a disgusting and filthy Race ... But she performed Naked Gymnastics with Mexicans. ( And exchanged international Viruses and Bacterias - Both Ways, South to North and North to South )

She also said that she was saving the USA from "Third World" ...

Perhaps Shawna was improving her Self-Defenses, She was testing her White Globules, T cells and T4 of the autoimmune system ( those are the Minutemen inside your blood stream ) , to survive in Third World Conditions. Filth that doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

For those that want to research the Intellectual Qualitis of Bush and Cheney :

Racist British Historian Andrew Roberts : grafting George W. Bush's head onto Winston Churchill's body :
George Bush's Favorite Historian
The strange views of Andrew Roberts.
By Jacob Weisberg
March 28, 2007

The strange views of Andrew Roberts.

President Bush is sometimes a boastful anti-intellectual, but in the past year he has been touting his reading lists and engaging in who-can-read-more contests with his chief political adviser, Karl Rove. (Bush claimed to have read 60 books in just the first seven and a half months of last year, the pace of a full-time reviewer.) There even seems to be a White House book club.

As a historian, Roberts is present-minded in the extreme, returning at every stage of his narrative to justifications for Bush's actions in Iraq. The neoconservatives who want to spread democracy in the Middle East are the heirs to compassionate Victorians who sought to civilize India, China, and Africa. While the reader is still choking on the casting of Richard Perle as Lord Macaulay, Roberts is hard at work grafting Bush's head onto Winston Churchill's body. The president's prosecution of the war on terror is "vigorous" and "absolutely unwavering." His and Tony Blair's Iraq war has provided "excellent value for money" to the taxpayer. That Bush has brought "full democracy" to Iraq is stated as unequivocal fact.

But Roberts seldom bothers to hide his biases, raining open hostility on the French and Irish Catholics. In one of the book's loopier passages, he rants about how a supposed Irish mafia in Hollywood has conspired to portray Englishmen as villains. Hannibal Lecter, as played by Anthony Hopkins, stands in for perfidious Albion.

With this book, Andrew Roberts takes his place as the fawning court historian of the Bush administration. He claims this role not just by singing the Bush administration's achievements but by producing a version of the past that conforms to and confirms its prefabricated view of the world. A History of the English-Speaking Peoples feeds Bush's growing preference for the unknowable future to a problematic present, by assuring him that history will vindicate him, as it did Churchill and Truman, if only he continues to hold firm.

Other recent favorites Bush has cited fall into this same, self-justifying category, including Natan Sharansky's The Case for Democracy and Mark Steyn's America Alone. Are we sure we want a president who spends so much time reading? The leader who loves books that tell him he is great and right may be worse than the leader who does not love books at all.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The “literary luncheon” in the White House to honor the Racist British Historian Andrew Roberts and the Sycophants of George W. Bush

This invitation of George W. Buh ( February 28, 2009 )to the British Racist Historian has been a GOLD MINE for me to find websites that talk of the lack of Intellect and Personal Qualities of George W.

Doing searches about this topic I find sites that reveal the Hidden Side of George W.

What a narcissistic fool is George W. Bush !

How a fool surrounded by sycophants, profiteers and just plain idiots !!

How the most important post in the world was filled by such incompetent guy. ... Manipulated by Praise, Sycophancy and Religion.

George W. is the definition of "the Narcissistic Incompetent"

He tried to be the Cowboy, the Dirty Harry, the John Wayne, the Rambo, the Winston Churchill, the Mucho Macho.

Look for more information on George W. and his lack of Intellect here :

And how narcissism and sycophants pushed him to Cruel Wars ( that he does not fight or experiment ) :

Vicente Duque

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