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Extreme Right Wing Racists Like Beck, Dobbs and Others Are Having Difficulty Controlling Their Core Racist Beliefs!

Extreme Right Wing Racists in America are having a difficult time controlling their racism. This fact has become abundantly clear since the election of our President Barack Obama who is black, and particularly since the Racial Profiling incident of Harvard Professor Gates. If anyone doubted that racism was alive and well need only study the following examples:

Racist Crybaby Glenn Beck called our great President Obama a racist. Beck, who has a long history of racist and stupid comments should NEVER call anyone else a racist. However the worst part of this is our terrorist enemies are rejoicing in people like Beck calling our President a racist. Beck is the terrorists' dream come true. Fox News DOES NOT support Beck in his racist rants against our President. Bill Shine, SVP of Programming said, "During Fox & Friends, Glenn Beck expressed a personal opinion which represented his own views, not those of the Fox News Channel." Racist Tom Tancredo defended Beck citing his first ammendment rights to LIE and call our esteemed President a racist. Tancredo, as I have frequently reported, has a history of racist remarks. He has called Miami a 3rd world country. He told residents of El Paso if they didn't like a fence cutting through their land then they should move their homes to the Mexico side of the fence. In defining "assimilation" he said minorities and new immigrants need to adopt the speaking and cultural characteristics of white, northern Europeans. Tancredo - King of the Racists!
Racist Lou Dobbs, king of false accusations (e.g. made up leprosy scare and his relentless attacks against the Hispanic Caucus and Hispanics in general) rants on and on about his support of the Obama Haters, the Birthers. Even though the lunatic fringe birthers' theories have been debunked, good ole Lou continues to support them. Now the American Public has decided to boycott good ole Lou, writing to the CNN President asking why CNN is supporting the lunatic right wing paranoid conspiracy theories.

The Boston Globe reports a Boston police officer Justin Barrett was suspended Wednesday for sending a broadcast email from his work email calling Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. a "jungle monkey." He sent this racist broadcast email to fellow officers and to the Boston Globe from his work computer. The e-mail was in response to a Globe article about Gates' arrest. In the e-mail, Barrett wrote, "(Gates') first priority should be to get off the phone and comply with police, for if I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC deserving of his belligerent non-compliance." Barrett used the "jungle monkey" phrase four times.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer accepted the resignation of Lee Landor, his deputy press secretary, after she called Gates a racist and referred to President Barack Obama as “O-dumb-a.”
I agree with our President Obama. It is time we sat down and talked about Race in America. The first step to redemption is acknowledging we have a problem, particularly in the ranks of the right wing extremists. Will the extreme right ever understand that we are evolving to a beautiful, multi cultural, multi racial society and we ALL need to accept each other and treat each other as EQUALS, just as our forefathers planned?


Vicente Duque said...

These Racist are extreme Hypocrites, vey despicable in Lies and Deceptions for Village Idiots that follow them ...

That is why I am inaugurating a Series of Cartoons of Racists :

The Best Racist Cartoons
The Best Cartoons about Racists

Racist Rush Limbaugh
By Great Artists

The Best Cartoons of those that hate Minorities and are always trying to diminish the "Lower Races" or are always in the activity of despising them...

After Rush Limbaugh, I will search for the best Cartoons of other Idiots like Pat Buchanam, Tom Tancredo, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, etc ...

It is very sad that the best way for an Idiot to get Rich is to be a Right Wing Media Racist in Radio or TV.... .... or to be a Politician agitating the lowest passions !

See Rush Limbaugh here :

Nice Cartoons of Sonia Sotomayor here :

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

"It is very sad that the best way for an Idiot to get Rich is to be a Right Wing Media Racist in Radio or TV.... .... or to be a Politician agitating the lowest passions !"

Or just run for Congress.......
Congress seems to have no shortage of idiots, and they seem to be going well financially.

Vicente Duque said...

Ed Schultz, Fine Gentleman of TV and his Intelligent viewers and commentators about his show - Intelligent America speaks out against Imbecility :

I extract some of the best comments of Ed's Viewers on Glenn Beck and Fox News, very intelligent Comments, a great pleasure to read them !

Ed says blog : The OpEd: Should Glenn Beck apologize for calling President Obama a racist?

Some excerpts from Ed's Viewers and their wonderful ( not always ) comments :

Posted by Rex, Moorhead :

"Glenn Beck is one of those brave Fox News commentators that wraps himself up in the flag but never spent a day on active duty much less in a combat zone where real enemies shoot back with real guns and bombs. His bravery to his country is on par with Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity having the distinction of having never served a day on active duty yet acting like they are the friends of the military wrapping themselves up in the flag."

"Funny none of them have left their multi-million dollar jobs so they could join the military. They also bravely took those Bush tax cuts during a time of war such is their notion of sacrifice."

Posted by Ron, Indianapolis, In :

"Glenn Beck as are most of his friends at Fox flag wavers. they ralley around the flag until it is time to defend it. Then they pull out their check books and give donations that they get back at the end of the year. yes this is a great Nation. what other country would you be able to dodge the draft, snort drugs, traffic drugs, and trash the President a racist on television in front of maybe millions of viewers and continue to make a living and a damm good one at that. Only Sean, Glenn, and Rush could pull that off. One more thing, in what other country could you get 5 draft deferals and later as vice president send others children off to fight and die ?"

Posted by Esther R. Pinkston Camden, NJ :

"Have people forgotten that President Obama is one half White? How is it that in our national language and definitions related to race we fail to acknowledge that?

In our thoughts and national language if a person is one half Black and one half White, we almost uniformly categorize that person as being Black or bi-racial but never, not in our wildest dreams, do we say that person is White. Why is that Ed?"

"Pres. Obama is equally White as Black. What is in our thinking, our concepts and dialogues about race that we seemingly, cannot even conceive of the idea that Pres. Obama is a White man? Is it because we, as a people, still believe in the tenets of White superiority that dictate maintaining the "purity of White race/blood" such that one drop of Black makes the person Black? Isn't that racist thinking?"

"Please help me understand why we persist in subscribing to the "one drop rule". Isn't that subscribing to racist thinking at a core and fundamental level? Not until we, starting with thinkers in the media and academia, begin a national discourse that de-constructs the myths, and meanings about race, will we ever move past the potential and probability of continued misunderstandings and inflammatory race speech."

Collection of Videos of Great TV Ladies and Gentlemen against the Racist Idiots and Fox News :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The Greatest Threat for USA in the Western Hemisphere is not Mexico or Cuba - Lurking Danger esewhere !

The "Mexican" Invasion is a Fantasy like UFO Body Snatchers, in fact the "Illegal Alien" invasion is decreasing, some are returning, a few others may be deported, others legalized or their cases studied for a good solution, probably without too much conflict with Mexico and others...

English is not going to be replaced by Spanish or HotDogs by Tortillas.

Rock and Blue Grass are not going to be replaced by Mariachis ...

Rodeo is not going to be replaced by bull fighting .....

Or Budweiser by Double XX --- Relax ...

There may be an Immigration Reform in these eight years....

Cuba is an ailing Gerontocracy with many Internal Problems.

Enter the Three Madmen of Latin America : Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega.

They rant and threaten everyday against the USA, Colombia and Israel.

These three guys surround Colombia ( their enemy ) and the Panama Canal ....

They are furious now for a few American Airplanes ( some of them DRONES or Robot Airplanes, Surveillance airplanes, Radar airplanes, ... etc ... Radar Antennas, Satellite Reception or Interpretation ) ... this is technology ...

It is very difficult to picture the USA in trouble in the future .... But one day things may be tough in the International Theater .... and these three guys or their successors, filled with Envy, Inferiority Complexes, Hatred, Despotism, Populism and Demagogery ....

The Big Prize is the Panama Canal, next door to Colombia, where the American Airplanes fly without much opposition from the Public or from the parties in the Colombian Congress.

What can happen to the USA ???

An aerolite, a comet, a Yellowstone Volcano, a Tsunami in Los Angeles, a devastating series of Tornados in the Tornado Corridor .... Big problems with Muslims or another Power ..... or a Virus running madly in American Veins ...

The USA would be interested to have the Panama Canal secure and with friends in the neighboring lands of Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica.

This is food for thought ... I realize that I am going to be called a fool for mentioning this problem or threat ... ... But those that call me a fool, know nothing about these deranged minds : Chavez, Correa and Ortega.

The American Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan do not defend the Panama Canal, if they are in Texas, Alabama, Missisipi or Florida, then they are better located for trouble.

More Information here :

Vicente Duque

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