Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Right Wing Racist Shock Jocks Attack Judge Sotomayor


Vicente Duque said...

These Radio Idiots are going to run the same fate that the Nazi Priest.

Father Charles Edward Coughlin was very violent, cruel and sadistic asking for violence against Jews in America, during the 1930s.

After Pearl Harbor he became irrelevant but he was already losing audience before December 7 of 1941.

These bastards are scorpions injecting themselves with their own poisonous tail.


Videos : Bill Maher and Chris Matthews - Bill is surrounded by Rednecks in the Deep South and makes jokes about Sonia Sotomayor and Hispanics
Bill Maher is in the Deep South making liberal jokes about Racism among Rednecks and telling nice jokes about Hispanics in the Fatherland of the Ku Klux Klan..

He defends Mark Sanford because he is in "Deep Love" with a Wonderful Nice and Decent Woman in Argentina ( not an Evita ), and Bill has a big concept of Love.

The possibilities of marriage for Bill Maher, who is single and available for Ladies, right now !!

I won't tell Bill's Hispanic Jokes.

Here is the best Comedian, Ladies and Gentlemen !!

Bill Maher on "Hardball With Chris Matthews" (7.14.09)

See many videos of Bill Maher and Sonia Sotomayor songs and jokes :


Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Sonia Sotomayor Hearings

Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican from Alabama and Big Racist, makes very funny and laughable misspellings and mispronunciation mistakes in Spanish talking about "Cabrones" that is "Big Fuckers" in Spanish ...( He was extremely confused or Alzheimer-like with Spanish Names )

Of course, he is a good Racist from Alabama, low culture, an ignorant in many topics and has zero knowledge of Spanish.

Jeff Sessions quotes an important Judge against Sonia Sotomayor, but the quoted Judge was present in the room and immediately declared to the Wall Street Journal that Judge Sotomayor is very qualified and that he supports her as a Great Friend.

And Sonia Sotomayor told Senator Jeff Sessions, here is my friend, the Judge, that is sitting behind me, and he is my friend and we coincide in ......

More Videos and Big Big Laughs here :


Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...
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Vicente Duque said...

Shawna Forde did "Blowjobs" for Mexicans when adolescent of age 17 - Police Records and Seattle Weekly Newspaper
Shawna Forde did "Blowjobs" for Mexicans when adolescent of age 17
Police Records and Seattle Weekly Newspaper

Cover Story: Lethally Blonde
How a former teen prostitute and beautician from Everett became an influential anti-immigrant crusader—and alleged murderer.
By Rick Anderson
July 14, 2009

Cover Story: Lethally Blonde

Some Excerpts :

Pima County Sheriff's Dept.
Forde’s swift evolution from beauty-school protester to aspiring militia leader startled her half-brother. Long before she was accused of robbing and murdering a Mexican man and his 9-year-old daughter in the Arizona desert, exposing the modern American Minuteman movement to accusations of racial warfare; and long before she told her followers that, as a white woman, she saw brown-skinned immigrants as filthy, lowly lawbreakers, Shawna Forde was climbing into a car in Seattle to allegedly have illegal sex with a man named Rodriguez.

Then known as Shawna Breitgham, the 17-year-old future border vigilante had worked the city's strolls for at least two years, long enough to know that if a customer introduces himself by groping you, he's probably not a cop (undercover officers are generally bound by no-touch rules). So on that October evening in 1985, after getting into a car on Pike Street and riding to an unlit spot, the shapely blonde teen prostitute picked up the driver's hand and rubbed it against her breasts. Then she reached over and fondled his crotch.

After agreeing to a $50 blow job, a reassured Shawna said: "Take off your pants." She began undoing the driver's fly.

That's when he took it out. His badge, that is.

"Seattle Police!" said vice officer Rodriguez, whose first name, due to old and incomplete records, is lost to history.

More Information on Shawna and the Minutemen Criminals here :


Vicente Duque

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