Monday, August 27, 2012

Romney is a LIAR and a RACIST! Blatantly Panders to White Nationalist TeaPartiers with "Welfare Ads"

Romney is a despicable LIAR and a RACIST! His ads continue to promote RACISM at it's basist level. He LAUGHS with his White Nationalist Tea Party followers who LAUGHED with him as he LAUGHED about "No One Has Asked Me for My Birth Certificate!!" because he happened to be born to a Wealthy White Man.
Despicable LIAR Romney continues to support his RACIST ADS LYING and CLAIMING that Our President is "pandering to his base" by "removing the work requirements from Welfare." ROMNEY IS LYING! HE IS A LIAR!
He is a Racist. Racist. Racist. And he is Pandering to his base. He is utilizing GUTTER POLITICS.
To illustrate Romney's LIES, I am going to do a deep dive on the US Welfare policy to explain to all viewers just how DESPICABLE Romney's LIES are.

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Vicente Duque said...

I have been following Romney very closely on TV and through the Internet.

And I agree 100% with your view of Romney as a racist.

The same for Paul Ryan, just look at his Videos, Declarations and Voting Record in the House.


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