Monday, August 20, 2012

Republican Tea Party Nut, Missouri Republican Akin, Says Women DO NOT get pregnant during "Legitimate Rape!"

Can you believe it? Republican Tea Party Nut, Missouri Republican Akin Says Women DO NOT get pregnant during "Legitimate Rape!" Apparently he never went to Health Class in Junior High School. What kind of neanderthal are these Republican Teabaggers? He thinks the body has ways of averting pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape." What is a "legitimate rape" anyway? Is he saying women are to blame for rape? Is that what these Teaparty Republicans think? Does he think if a woman wears make-up or a dress she is somehow to blame for a rape and therefore it is NOT a legitimate rape? These Republican TeaPartiers are COO-COO!
When these Teapartiers say they want America back, it is clear they want some kind of 1800's style America where WOMEN SERVED MEN, catered, and bowed down to them as concubines.

Paul Ryan is closely linked with Akin and co-sponsored a bill with Akin denying abortions except for "forcible rape." What is a "forcible rape vs a non-forcible rape?" Does that mean a woman has to take a man's knife or gun out of his hands? If she is drugged or she is a child, does that mean it's NOT a forcible rape? Ryan also co-sponsored a bill to force vaginal probes if a women seeks an abortion. Ryan & Romney also sponsored a person-hood amendment meaning THEY believe life starts at conception -- that means for those sperm fertilized for invitro fertilization, if any of those sperm are thrown out, then that is a "Personhood."

These comb-over Republican Teabaggers are ALL Fruit Loops and HATE WOMEN!

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Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, "Papantonio: The Republican Rape Defenders" - A Lady was drugged and raped by fellow KBR employees in Iraq - 30 brutal Republican senators including John McCain and Mitch McConnell voted against this Lady in Congress

Jamie Leigh Jones (born 1985) was an employee of KBR, an American engineering, construction and private military contracting company. She is notable for accusing then fellow KBR employees of drugging and gang-raping her on July 28, 2005, at Camp Hope, Baghdad, Iraq. A federal grand jury investigated her claims but issued no indictments.

Jones filed a civil suit against KBR and one of its former employees for over $114 million in damages. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendants, finding that the sex between Jones and the employee was consensual, and therefore no rape had occurred, and that KBR did not defraud her.

Jones is the founder of the Jamie Leigh Foundation, an advocacy agency for victims of sexual assault.

The Victims are doubly victimized by Republicans - Cries of Terror of a Victim of a Defense Contractor - The Bastards were defended by republican Senators from accusations of Rape.

KBR and the horrendous rape of a Girl,

Published on Aug 22, 2012 by golefttv

Mike Papantonio discusses the long history of Republicans defending rape, while demonizing victims.

Papantonio: The Republican Rape Defenders


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