Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birther Republican Teapartier Benjamin Smith is featured on the LYING Navy Seal Video Attacking President Obama!

The guy behind the very LYING video attacking our President regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden is a Birther, Teaparty Republican and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Based on his facebook page, Benjamin Smith is demented and very ill. Perhaps he has PTSD.
His Facebook page rails on and on about various conspiracy theories. In the video, Smith is red faced, angry, spewing lies and distortions.
All of his allegations have been proven FALSE by Snopes, Politifact, New American Foundation and other independent agencies. He retired from the Navy Seals several years ago and wasn't even in service during the Osama Bin Laden raid, yet, in the Conspiracy video, he acts as if he was there. (shameful!)
Many active and current members of the Navy Seals and those ACTUALLY THERE have denounced Smith's actions saying the Navy Seals DO NOT talk negatively about OUR PRESIDENT! They said: "Some special operations officers say the activist veterans are breaking a sacred military creed: respect for the commander in chief. "This is an unprofessional, shameful action on the part of the operators that appear in the video, period," U.S. Army Special Forces Maj. Fernando Lujan wrote on his Facebook page, to a chorus of approval from colleagues.
A Green Beret who returned last year from Afghanistan, Lujan says that attaching the title of special operator with any political campaign is "in violation of everything we've been taught, and the opposite of what we should be doing, which is being quiet professionals."
As one reporter noted about Smith: "To be blunt, these are not the words of a calm-minded nonpartisan military professional offering his expert judgment to the American people. They are the unhinged rantings of a racist zealot enlisted to serve as a frontman for the real money and brains behind the effort, whom OPSEC refuses to disclose."

Smith was a friend of another conspiracy theorist and agitator, Andrew Breitbart.


Vicente Duque said...

Southern Veterans should prepare and be armed for the Second Confederate Army - He does not want rookies in the trenches and manning the cannons
President Obama is going to equip the Union Army with United Nations Troops to fight against the Freedom Fighters of the Confederacy.

My Question : Will Blacks be reenslaved again ?? - What to do with Hispanics and Native American Indians ?? - Enslave them or kick them out to Mexico ??


Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

This was going to be published in your article about Judge Tom Head of Texas.

I made a mistake and published it here.

Nevertheless the Judge is an idiot. Some people are defending him saying that he is going to protect president Obama from the rebellion.

No way ! .... that is not what he said !


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