Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Texas Ted Cruz HATES Latinos. Loves sb1070, Mass Deportation, Big Wall on the Border

Texas Republicans have just elected a Texas Candidate for Senator that HATES Latinos. He is a HINO = Hispanic In Name Only. His name is Ted Cruz. Cruz wants to END the Dream Act, is in favor of Mass Deportation, a Huge Wall and Conspiracy Theories. He loves Glenn Beck, Sheriff Arpaio and is a HINO (Hispanic in Name Only).
In other words, Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz is a racist, tea-party NUT!
From Cruz's own website he says:
"We need leaders who will get serious about enforcing the border: triple the border patrol; use walls, fences, and technology; end sanctuary cities; repeal Obama’s newly ordered amnesty; and end benefits like in-state tuition for illegal aliens."
Nutcase Cruz is good friends with the INSANE Hate Monger Glenn Beck and, together with Beck, advocates an insane conspiracy theory "Agenda 21." (see video at end of this article.)
Plus, according to this article, he wants to END Healthcare, believes in Michelle Bachmann's ANTI Muslim tactics, is ANTI Gay. Plus he is very PROUD of all the executions in Texas.  
Ted Cruz is CRAZY Dangerous.
Latinos in Texas: WE CANNOT allow him to be Elected for Senate in Texas!

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Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Mike Papantonio : Republican Hate Peddlers Divide America - Murderer Dannie Baker killed Immigrants moved by Right Wing Hate Machine ( Television and Radio ), Joshua Cartwright murdered two sheriffs because a Black was President - Racist Xenophobes

Taxphobe and Racist Madmen in the Media demonizing targets to influence Simpletons and Fools into criminal action :

Two Florida Right Wing murderers that lived close to Mike Papantonio and that listen to Radio of Hatred, Bigotry, Racism. The same for Television Racist Bigots.

Published on Aug 2, 2012 by golefttv

Mike Papantonio talks about how the hate coming from right wing talking heads, and now even fringe CEOs, is helping to divide the country and spread violence across America.

Papantonio: Republican Hate Peddlers Divide America


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