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The Faces of Hate: Wade Michael Page - Sikh Serial Murderer!

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American is starting a new series called: "The Faces of Hate." As we are evolving into our beautiful multi-cultural society in America, there are so many "Faces of Hate" that are trying to prevent our future.
Yesterday, a FACE OF HATE perpetrated a crime against peaceful church-going Americans. The EVIL right wing extremist - Wade Michael Page - a White Nationalist and Neo-Nazi, walked into a peaceful, family-focused church, opening fire with an NRA sponsored assault weapon, and murdered six innocent people and injuring over 20 others, including a Police Officer.
The FACES OF HATE across America are attempting to demonize a Multi-Cultural America. They, like so many hate-mongers from the past, are idealizing one segment of our culture as the "elite" and "priveleged" culture.
Page's vision was that of a White Nationalist, envisioning a "Whites Only - Mayberrian Society." Page perpetrated a VICIOUS HATE CRIME advocating a Whites Only Supremacy and demanded to STOP our future Multi Cultural Society. He went to a Sikh Church and viciously MURDERED and Shot women, children and families who were preparing a religious celebration. A Heinous Crime!
The Mission of this blog is to publicize these types of heinous crimes and their perpetrators so that the perpetrators will be punished and these crimes will be stopped in the future: reports: Law enforcement officials in Wisconsin say that Wade Michael Page's tattoos tipped them off to the possibility that his shooting spree in a Sikh temple was domestic terrorism. But what exactly did those tattoos tell them? Using photos of Wade from his white-power band's Myspace page, it's possible to see what concerned police: Much of his body reads like a poster text for white nationalism.

In particular, a tattoo on Page's left shoulder suggests he was a committed devotee of white-power ideology. The tattoo consists of a large "14" in Gothic lettering superimposed on a black cross in a circle. The cross, known elsewhere as "Odin's Cross," is "one of the most popular symbols for neo-Nazis and white supremacists," according to the Anti-Defamation League. It's also used as a logo by, one of the world's most-visited racist web forums.
Wade Michael Page, with a white-power tattoo visible on his shoulder. Myspace
The "14" itself is particularly telling: It's a reference to "the 14 words," a racist credo first set down by David Lane, the cofounder of a white nationalist terror group known as The Order. (The Order—whose name was inspired by a similar group immortalized in William Luther Pierce's racist novel, The Turner Diaries, a favorite of Timothy McVeigh's—has been active for nearly 30 years and was implicated in the 1984 murder of Alan Berg, a liberal Jewish radio host.)
As formulated by Lane, the 14 words are reportedly inspired by a longer passage from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and form the basis for Lane's "88 Precepts" (PDF), in which he lays out The Order's founding philosophy—including its condemnation of homosexuality, abortion, and "mixing and destruction of the founding race." (88, too, has special significance for neo-Nazis and other white hate groups.)
In their entirety, the 14 words—commemorated on Page's skin—read: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
Mother Jones has also obtained a copy of a 2010 interview with Page, courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center, conducted by his band's white-power record distributor, Label 56—you can read the full text below.
In the interview, Page describes how he traveled to Southern California to play bass for a series of skinhead bands called Youngland, Celtic Warrior, Radikahl, Max Resist, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, and Blue Eyed Devils. He also spoke openly about the frustrations with society that led him to start his own racist band, End Apathy, in 2005. "A lot of what I realized at the time was that if we could figure out how to end peoples apathetic ways it would be the start towards moving forward," he said. "Of course after that it requires discipline, strict discipline to stay the course in our sick society."


Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

Forgive me for repeating this Video that I posted in your site, several weeks ego and before this Massacre in Wisconsin in the Sikh Temple happened :


VIDEO : Mike Papantonio : Republican Hate Peddlers Divide America - Murderer Dannie Baker killed Immigrants moved by Right Wing Hate Machine ( Television and Radio ), Joshua Cartwright murdered two sheriffs because a Black was President - Racist Xenophobes

Taxphobes and Racist Madmen in the Media demonizing targets to influence Simpletons and Fools into criminal action :

Two Florida Right Wing murderers that lived close to Mike Papantonio and that listen to Radio of Hatred, Bigotry, Racism. The same for Television Racist Bigots.

Ridiculous Punks Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, ....... They are racist merchants of Hate. !!!

Published on Aug 2, 2012 by golefttv

Mike Papantonio talks about how the hate coming from right wing talking heads, and now even fringe CEOs, is helping to divide the country and spread violence across America.

Papantonio: Republican Hate Peddlers Divide America


Anonymous said...

I heard about that the other day and it made me so sad. I feel like our nation is still recovering from the Aurora massacre... its sad to think that there are many more people out there like that. immigration

Felix Jaure said...

Dee, The first amendment right of the constitution is the freedom of speech, and grants the Nazi's the right to assemble, and to freely preach their doctrine of hate and supremacy in the United States. In the other hand, we have the second amendment right, that arms them with the fire power to deprive others of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, those who would be best qualified to judge if we should deprive certain individuals in our nation of those rights, are lying in Arlington National Cemetery and aren't capable of voicing their opinion on the matter.

Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Cenk Uygur : Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent an American Citizen Woman to jail for four months and a half - The Sheriff and Prosecutor did not believe that she was born in the USA, and the state of Arizona forbids Bail... The Judge was finally furious with Sheriff and Prosecutor

Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Prosecutor sent to jail for almost 5 monts a Woman born in the United States, because "she looked foreign" .... This is the Result of the Racists and Haters of Arizona and their bigotry that create laws to harass people and keep them in a Gulag without a fair and fast trial.

This is the topmost in Segregation, Apartheid, Racism and Bigotry of Haters.

These Tea Party cretins are dressed up like in 1776 but they deny freedom to others because "This can not happen to me .... so I am safe" ...

Woman In Jail Because Authorities Thought She Was Illegal


Felix Jaure said...

The Neo Nazi's around the country should hold a seance, and inquire of Michael Page, and T.J. Ready, if there is a special place in the after life, reserved exclusively for the superior race,

Anonymous said...

Love won. Love saved so many lives that day, thanks to five heroes: Satwant Singh Kaleka (gave his life saving others and stopping the gunman), Abhay Singh and Amanat Kaur Singh (children saved lives by warning them to hide), Officer Brian James Murphy (Semper Fi and he saved many lives), and Officer Savan Nick “Sam” Lenda (brought the gunman down and he is due to retire in less than 2 years). Up to 100 years from now, one of the last survivors of the Sikh Temple shooting would have said, “I saved a life when I was a young boy,” or “I saved a life when I was a young girl” or “I was saved by children!” After all the Sikh Temple shooting survivors have passed on, the hole will remain in the temple forever and please remember, “We are one!”

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