Sunday, August 26, 2012

TeaParty Republicans...Who Can Figure Them?

TeaParty Republicans! Who can figure them? Fueled by an insane RACIST HATRED of our Black President and against Minorities and Women & Gays, yet pretending they are following the "Path of Jesus." Their reasoning is just unbelievable!
What is so amazing to me is that most of these TeaParty Republicans who are on (or have parents on) Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid, are voting for Republicans who want to immediately end Medicaid and in the near future, end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Why are they Tea Partiers? Because of their OWN RACISM. They are so ENRAGED that a Black Man is serving as Our President, they will do ALL IN THEIR POWER to Oust Him, even if it means ending their own (or their parents') benefits.

The Powerful Rich know this. They are feeding upon the racist frenzy of these TeaParty Republicans by funding the racist TeaParty movement. They are funding insane pundits like Glenn Beck and insane, racist politicians like Rep Steve King and Rep Michelle Bachmann and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in order to spread their message.
The powerful rich, including the Koch Brothers have reasons for funding the Tea Party racism. They want to reduce their own taxes. They want to end OSHA (safety & FDAA) regulations. They want to continue to expand tax shelters, offshoring and end Unions (minimum wage & child labor laws).
Rep Steve King is obvious about his views. King is a Birther. He also discourages Multiculturalism and insists minorites adapt to the Northern European culture.
Rep Michelle Bachmann is obvious about her views. Bachmann is a Birther. She also encourages the racial profiling of Muslims and other minorities.
We ALL know Arpaio is a Birther. We also know he has racially profiled and abused his power in Maricopa county.
It is clear that the motivations of the Teaparty Republicans and all that support them are based on RACISM!!

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