Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan for No. 2 Spot! If Elected, Kiss Social Security & Medicare Good-Bye!

Romney selected Ryan for No. 2.
If elected, we can kiss Social Security and Medicare (as we know them) GOOD-BYE!
And, MORE TAX CUTS for the Rich One Percenters!
It always amazes me how Brainwashed the Teapartiers who support Ryan are.
It is very clear that this election will provide us Life Changing differences for ALL Americans.

With Romney, we will see an elitist structure, favoring the Rich 1 percent while the poor and middle class are left in despair.
With Obama, we will see a beautifull, multi cultural society for ALL Americans.
This year's vote is so important.
Please Register and Vote!!


Felix Jaure said...

"The eligibility age would gradually rise to 67" Good plan, only a few seniors with a good source of income could afford private health care, and have the prevlidge to live long enough to collect on thier Gov benifits. The Republicans have the solution, the cost $ 255.00. and that's to help the familys of senior citizens pay for the cremation of their loved ones.

Vicente Duque said...

Focus Groups Research : "President Obama’s lead against Romney more than doubles when the election is framed as a choice between the two candidates’ positions on the Ryan budget, particularly its impact on the most vulnerable"

New York Magazine : The Presidential Contest is going to be "Ryan Centric", that is the lesson after extensive Research on Focus Groups by the "Chicago Boys" that manage the Obama Campaign.

New York Magazine
The Ryan Pick: Why Romney Changed to Obama’s Game
By John Heilemann
Saturday, August 11, 2012


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