Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Right Wing Extremist Teacher Fired for Domestic Terrorism - Brainwashing Children to Draw Pictures of Our President's Assassination!

NOLA.com reports: Robert Duncan was fired Aug. 6 by St. Tammany Parish Public Schools Superintendent Trey Folse after serving six months of PAID administrative leave, in part, for posting "violent" depictions in hallways outside his classroom in late January. One of the depictions was a picture of President Barack Obama, in which some interpreted a bullet hole drawn on his head.
Now the COWARD Duncan is denying his crimes and wants to be reinstated. His appeals trial is on temporary hold due to Hurricane Isaac.
Duncan, like so many Republican Extremists caught displaying their Racial demagoguery, attempts to LAUGH off his crimes saying it was a "joke" or "it wasn't there before" or "you're just imagining the facts in front of your face."
Here are the demographics of Slidell, LA, where the school is located: The racial makeup of the city was 83.13% White, 13.56% African American, 0.49% Native American, 0.72% Asian, 2.05% Hungarian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 0.62% from other races, and 1.43% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.67% of the population.  No wonder they condone these acts of Domestic Terrorism.

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Vicente Duque said...

Another information about Children learning to murder Obama in School :

VIDEO Keith Olbermann : Obama assassination math taught in Alabama school

Uploaded by redarrowguy on May 20, 2010

For teaching how to assassinate the president in a high school geometry class, you may not get punished if the school is in Alabama, but you are sure to get a visit from the Secret Service and make world news.

More from the Guardian (U.K.): An Alabama teacher has been suspended after a national outcry for using an assassination attempt against President Obama to illustrate a maths problem to his class.

Gregory Harrison, the teacher at Corner High School in Jefferson County, Alabama, was to receive a slap on the wrist in the form of a "long conversation" with the local school authorities, after sparking a Secret Service investigation when he discussed possible angles to use in shooting at the president.

But officials only later decided they needed to take tougher action against Harrison following a flood of calls from people outraged at the lenient treatment. Harrison's deadly lesson was revealed this week by the local newspaper, Birmingham News, which reported:

The teacher was appar¬ently teaching his geometry students about parallel lines and angles, officials said. He used the example of where to stand and aim if shooting Obama.

"He was talking about angles and said, 'If you're in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president,'" said Joseph Brown, a senior in the geometry class.

Another student said: "We were going over a test and getting reviewed for our finals and were going over tangency. A student walked in and said, 'Well, if you shoot the president...' and the teacher picked up on it and said, 'OK, if you shoot off his ear, that is a point of tangency.'"

District schools superintendent Phil Hammonds said Harrison had shown a lack of judgment and was now suspended pending further investigation. "As a district, we are embarrassed by his actions and what he said. There is nothing that can be said to rationalise what was said. We take this very seriously. There is no place in our society for a person to make these comments," Hammonds said.

Before the flood of complaints, however, Birmingham News reported that Hammonds's initial response was: "We are going to have a long conversation with him about what's appropriate."
The Secret Service confirmed that it investigated Harrison before the story was made public, saying: "We did not find a credible threat."

Malia Drummond, a student in Harrison's class during the lesson, defended him as an conscientious teacher who didn't deserve to be fired. She told Birmingham News: "Yeah, the comment was probably inappropriate, but who in America hasn't make a joke about Obama? They make it sound like he was plotting an assassination, but it wasn't like that."

Featured video segment from MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Obama assassination math taught in Alabama school



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